Quantum Compliance Systems Q EHS Dashboard
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Quantum Compliance Systems Q EHS Dashboard

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Quantum Compliance's BI Dashboard is a fully integrated Business Intelligence reporting system that tracks real time EH&S compliance and performance statuses for each site (and the corporation as a......

Quantum Compliance's BI Dashboard is a fully integrated Business Intelligence reporting system that tracks real time EH&S compliance and performance statuses for each site (and the corporation as a whole). Accessible on mobile devices, including Smartphones and tablets, it gives you immediate access to critical EH&S business information in a format that simplifies decision making processes and generates sustainability metrics.

What makes BI Dashboard unique is that it draws data from Q EHS as well as other databases, providing unlimited flexibility to develop meaningful Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) for operators in the field, EHS coordinators, plant managers, and boardroom directors. This dynamic tool also lets you drill down through hierarchical reports to the source data sets for highly detailed information analysis.

BI Dashboard provides all the charts you’ll ever need, and allows you to quickly spot outliers and uncover problem areas, while understanding your business from new perspectives. Users can customize the dashboard’s layout to reflect information most relevant to their individual needs.

Visit www.usequantum.com to learn more.

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  • 1. QuantumCompliancewww.UseQuantum.comEnvironmental Health and Safety BI Has Never BeenSo Quick And EasyQuantum’s EHS Dashboard - Rapid-fire developmentException reporting Align action with strategyWith Quantum’s interface , you’ll find the most advanced BIfeatures, in the most logical places, all with point and clicksimplicity. You don’t have to learn a single line of SQL – now that’smaking it easy.
  • 2. QuantumCompliancewww.UseQuantum.comHow will EHS Dashboard help you?Quick and easy query & analysis• You want insightful reports, but can’t wait weeksto have them created, if you have a businessquestion, you don’t have to wait to get theanswer. Create interactive reports in minutes.
  • 3. QuantumCompliancewww.UseQuantum.comFlexible formatting• When developing a set of reports ordashboards, you need the flexibility to presentyour data in a way that relates to you and yourorganization. Formatting and conditional formatshelp you draw attention to what’s important.
  • 4. QuantumCompliancewww.UseQuantum.comSchedule alerts• Emailing reports out to people is a great way toget data into the hands of those who need it. But,too many reports in your inbox, and they start toget ignored. Make every scheduled report countwith exception reporting and alerts
  • 5. QuantumCompliancewww.UseQuantum.comQuery faster with In-memory analysis• Speed is important - you can’t wait minutes everytime you run a query. Conduct speed-of-thoughtanalysis with Your EHS Dashboard’s In-Memorydatabase and answer your critical businessquestions fast.
  • 6. QuantumCompliancewww.UseQuantum.comConnect to many data sources• You probably have data stored in many different systems and databases. WithYour EHS Dashboard (Powered by Yellowfin), you can query many differentdatabases, from OLAP cubes, to CSV files - even combine multiple datasources to create a single report or dashboard without the pain of having tobuild a data warehouse.• Currently supported data sources• Generic JDBC Data Source - Generic ODBC Data Source - Microsoft Access - Cache DB• Columnar DB - DB2 FoxPro – H2 - HSQLDB Server – Ingres - Ingres Vectorwise – MySQL• Lotus Notes - Progress OpenEdge - Oracle – Pervasive – PostgreSQL – Progress – SQLite• Microsoft SQL Server - Sybase ASA – Sybase ASE – Sybase IQ
  • 7. QuantumCompliancewww.UseQuantum.comInteractive dashboards• You can go from data to dashboards in justhours; not days, weeks or months.Combine all the data you need, frommultiple data sources, into personalizedreal-time dashboards
  • 8. QuantumCompliancewww.UseQuantum.comInteractive dashboards• Your interactive dashboards let you filter, drill todetail, and analyze right in a browser.• Imagine connecting the data, people, andcreativity of your organization to help everyonemake better business decisions.