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Quantum Compliance SDS Solution Presentation
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Quantum Compliance SDS Solution Presentation


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Many companies handle Safety Data Sheet (SDS) authoring and generation with basic tools like Microsoft Word and Excel. These processes are not scalable, especially given the increasingly complex …

Many companies handle Safety Data Sheet (SDS) authoring and generation with basic tools like Microsoft Word and Excel. These processes are not scalable, especially given the increasingly complex regulations matrix, and often result in overextension of your resources.

Quantum’s SDS Authoring and Generation solution standardizes your SDS data entry, streamlines authoring and generation processes, and ensures automatic compliance with regulatory requirements.

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  • 1. SDS Authoring and Generation
  • 2. Discussion Outline• SDS authoring and generation: new regulatory requirements and common software challenges• Impact of streamlined SDS authoring and generation processes to your organization• Benefits of Quantum SDS Authoring and Generation software• Software features• Quantum’s experience and customers SDS Authoring and Generation
  • 3. New regulatory requirementsOSHA has modified its regulations to conform tothe United Nations’ Globally Harmonized Systemof Classification and Labeling of Chemicals(GHS). • By June 2015 all Safety Data Sheets (SDS) must be GHS compliant. • By December 2, 2015 labels for all shipment of chemical containers must be GHS compliant. SDS Authoring and Generation
  • 4. Common Software Challenges • Word and Excel are inadequate to manage the regulations matrix • Achieving effective response time requires additional resources or staff overtime SDS Authoring and Generation
  • 5. Impact: R&D • Determination of all regulatory implications • Hazard and toxicity review based on algorithms, not animal testing. SDS Authoring and Generation
  • 6. Impact: Sales and Marketing• Product branding and upsell• One data set, multiple presentations• Differentiating from the competition SDS Authoring and Generation
  • 7. Impact: Production and Manufacturing • Full multi-national support including site-specific formulation variations. • Seamless integration with internal ERP systems SDS Authoring and Generation
  • 8. Benefits of Quantum SDSAuthoring and Generation • Easy process • Masked complexity (with access to full detail) • Trade secret protection • Automatic flagging and documentation of first shipments • Cost savings SDS Authoring and Generation
  • 9. Rapid Generation : Simple Workflow • “Enter once” mentalityEnter Raw Run Generate Choose Output Author SDS Data SDS Utility Requirements Document SDS Authoring and Generation
  • 10. Cross Referencing of BusinessOperating Languages • Translations held separately. You only need to change the master data set in one place. SDS Authoring and Generation
  • 11. Protection of Trade Secrets • User defined percent ranges • Ability to hide proprietary chemical information. SDS Authoring and Generation
  • 12. Automatic Flagging andDocumentation of First Shipments • SDS Authoring and Generation can be integrated with sales order system to determine documents needed for each shipment. • Also addresses • revised SDS • no SDS within 1 year • format and language pertinent to locale SDS Authoring and Generation
  • 13. Cost Savings • Unique database structure scales with regulation changes • Update multiple SDS simultaneously • Streamlined process that integrates with existing business systems Lower,Scalable Efficient StableDatabase Process Costs SDS Authoring and Generation
  • 14. General Features • Rules for GHS “Purple Book 3” and EU CLP (version 4, when adopted) • Support for legacy EU DPD rules SDS Authoring and Generation
  • 15. General Features • Interfacing with ERP systems at multiple stages in the cycle • Generate SDS based on site-specific formulas SDS Authoring and Generation
  • 16. General FeaturesCreate, standardize, and store a master set of datafor each formula • Store product-specific data independent of translations • Update multiple sheets simultaneously • Multi-language SDS generation SDS Authoring and Generation
  • 17. General Features • Multi-language/ format SDS generation • Routing for SDS approval and signoff SDS Authoring and Generation
  • 18. SDS Algorithm Features• Supports the UN’s Global Harmonized System (GHS), Labeling and Packaging of Chemicals (CLP), and classifications• Region-specific rules and overrides SDS Authoring and Generation
  • 19. SDS Algorithm Features• Create and populate SDS from ingredient, characteristic, or list membership rules• Determination of product classification for each of the 28 GHS and CLP categories Flash point 23 / Xylene @ Boil Point 32%/ 1- 110 butanol 40% Chemical on Prop65 Carc. List SDS Authoring and Generation
  • 20. SDS Algorithm Features• Calculate human and aquatic toxicity with chemical level toxicity data (ATE) (it appears that the other system requires you to do this my hand) SDS Authoring and Generation
  • 21. SDS Algorithm Features• Create combination rules to simplify output• Assign priority to standard phrases when one or more is applicable to an SDS SDS Authoring and Generation
  • 22. SDS Document Delivery FeaturesAutomatic flagging and documentation of: • First shipments • revised SDS • no SDS within 1 year • Audit trail of all SDS distributed SDS Authoring and Generation
  • 23. SDS Template FeaturesGeneration and delivery of SDS and labels in multipleformats (tailor output based on regulatory, marketing,and/or customer requirements): • GHS • EU • ANSI • Country/Company/Region-Specific • Full Disclosure• Interfacing with labeling systems SDS Authoring and Generation
  • 24. SDS Template Features• Total control of output format (logos, style, branding)• One set of data supports multiple regulatory formats(GHS, ANSII) and multiple languages• Easy addition of non-regulatory customer data SDS Authoring and Generation
  • 25. Since 1986 Quantum Compliance hasspecialized in EHS compliancemanagement, increasing productivityand profits for corporations, and usinginformation technology to comply withEHS regulations.By merging with technology partnerLogic Solutions in 2012, Quantum’scustomers receive products and servicemade with a combined 43 years ofexperience.Our high-impact, innovative solutionswill soon include a mobile app for taskmanagement. SDS Authoring and Generation
  • 26. Our valued clients include: SDS Authoring and Generation
  • 27. Quantum Compliance developssoftware that integratessustainable Environmental Healthand Safety (EHS) practices into acompanys daily operations:• Safety data sheet authoring and generation• EHS activity management• Environmental reporting• Health and safety SDS Authoring and Generation
  • 28. EHS Management Suite:• Catalogs commitment• Manages and tracks one time events• Documents issues• Identifies & tracks corrective actions• Generates Aging and Trending reports• Generates KPIs and metrics• Supports performance assessments• Provides checklists and forms to document completion• Attaches guidelines, procedures, or training videos• Issues alerts of outstanding and upcoming tasks SDS Authoring and Generation
  • 29. Recap• Today’s regulations matrix is too complex to manage with rudimentary tools• Streamlined SDS authoring and generation processes impact multiple individuals and departments of your organization• Quantum SDS Authoring and Generation has: • Simple, “enter-once” workflow • Trade secret protection • Automatic flagging and documentation of first shipments • Cost savings features• Quantum has specialized in EHS compliance and IT since 1986 SDS Authoring and Generation
  • 30. Contact• Terry Collins –• Program Manager – Q EH&S Information Management Solution• 734 930 0009 – 213• 734 223 4566 - Mobile• Steve Russie –• Project Manager – SDS – Authoring, Delivery, & Inbound Management• 734 930 0009 SDS Authoring and Generation