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Youngs - artist english version

  1. 1. f r e s h a r t f o r f r e s h s o u ls
  2. 2. Online art shop Affordable art scene, joining artists, public and art lovers.Illustration, prints, graffiti fine art, comics Launch in March/2012
  3. 3. YoungsIn a abstract way, we say that we breathe art.To sum it up in a better way: we really breathe it.It breathes in a sense of living for that only. We foucus and help those who love art in order to have access to itwhenever you want (and even become a collector, why not). We’d like to reach a point of helping young artistsenter people’s homes.Our goal is: accessible art destined to young contemporary artists who enjoy the art of actually approaching theseartists to a wider audience. Affordable Art, democratic, as the young art is in it’s essence. So our focus is on youngartists (old or spirit), new approaches, new vents and steps that the art world is taking. We want to help thismovement and the ones who are part of it to settle, be recognized and truly appreciated.We love so much art that we hate it to see it being trivialized, so we will only work with limited edition prints andserigraphs (numbered) or original, printed on paper suitable for artwork and printing digital high definition (in caseof prints) preserving quality and durability work.Youngs, fresh art for fresh souls.
  4. 4. Focusing on CuratorshipThe works of our shop will be based on the selection process of artists and curated works, as we believe this willmake a difference in our market.The store will invite artists for each edition and only 25 artists will be able to have their works for sale. For the first edition of the store there was aproximatley more than 5 months of research looking for brazilian andforeign artists to exhibit and sell their work at the Youngs.There will be a space for people to indicate new artists to compose the Youngs, so we can meet new and differentartists, but these will only make part of the store work and evaluation of the official invitation of the curators.
  5. 5. What will be selled at the YoungsInitially we’ll work with the following :+ Prints: limited edition hand-numbered to 50 with authentication, fingerprint printed high definition (up to 1200dpi, preserving the maximum sharpness of the work and it’s quality) on textured paper porous material (we won’thave any work printed in couche). The artist’s signature will be printed as well (as long as it’s in the original file).Sizes available for sale: A2, A3, A4 (the customer will choose which size they’d like to buy). Optional: glicée printand frame.+ Serigraphs: up to 5 colors, the whole process happens manually (from the screens making up to printing), 50 andlimited edition hand-numbered and authentication. The artist’s signature is printed (as long as it’s in the originalfile).Sizes available for sale: A3, A2, A1 (size of each work will be set by the store along with the artist). Optional: frame+ Original: store opens space for artists to exhibit and sell their original pieces.+ Original ordered: shop customers who want an original piece of the artists on display. The Youngs will contact theartist to see if there is interest in his work, building a bridge between the artist and the person interested.
  6. 6. A r t is t +Yo u n g s
  7. 7. The Artist with Youngs If the artist accepts the store’s invitation, Youngs will ask for the artist’s work, leaving the choice to send the artist’sexclusive pieces or not (in case of unpublished works, the store needs to know the previous edition of the work). Wewill work with limited series, avoiding works that were already printed more than 50 times). Artists may submit upto 3 works per edition to which is invited.The store will be in charge of the curatorship of the works submitted.At the present time we focus on the increasing exposure of new artists to bring their work to more people. Initiallywe will not have representation or licensing of artists.The only request of the Youngs is one year of exclusivity on the sale (s) of work (s) sent (s) and if the work has notsold its 50 units in this period, store opens up the exclusivity of the work.In case the work has it’s 50 unit sold, we ask the artist not to make a new edition of the work neither with theYoungs or with any other shops, but we leave this decision for the artist.
  8. 8. Commissioning - Prints and SerigraphInitially the artist will earn 35% of net income of the store.The store will review these commissions for our second year, making it better for the artist. A3 A4 A2 Serigraph a2 Serigraph a3 Serigraph a1estimated R$70.00 R$50.00 R$100.00 R$160.00 R$140.00 R$190.00selling price R$estimated U$38.00 U$27.00 U$54.15 U$87.00 U$75.80 U$103.00selling price U$
  9. 9. Original piecesThe artist that offers one original (or as many as you like:)) in the store or that accepts to create a piece for shipping,will set the value they’d like to receive. There will be curatorship of the works submitted.The final price of the buyer will be the value set by the the artist + commission of store, which varies between 30%and 40% depending on the initial value set by the artist.The store is responsible for contacting the artist, in case of selling his work, and will be in charge of the delivery.We’d love to have at least one original of each guest artist available for sale in Youngs:).
  10. 10. D iv u lg a t io n o f the a r t is t sand the sho p
  11. 11. Opening EventCollective exhibition with the pieces that will be on sale in the shop, prints and serigraphs. This exhibition will be ona street in Rio de Janeiro (the city where the store is located).Besides the works, three graffiti artists will be invited to paint a wall on the day of the exhibition to the sound ofPessoal da NASA (rock band from Rio de Janeiro) this event on the street, works will be exposed for 1 month and the public will be able to purchase it.We are still in the stage of checking the veasibility of this event (especially local government approval), but we haveeverything to make it work. :)
  12. 12. Release of the store and the artistsThe store will stock constant and regular dissemination of works and artists:Pack + FREE ART: action period (4 in 4 months) to distribute the streets (formerly RJ and SP) packs with gear insizes A5, A6, A7 and licks, featuring new artists and already established artists (not necessarily works exposed in theshop)+ Art Zine: users can subscribe to the Youngs zine for $ 60.00 per year ($ 5.00 per month), be sent every 4 months.The zine can be a pack of printed works in high definition and ready to be framed, with presentation and interviewsof artists, zine or artist of any individual who wants to store publicize their work this way. Inspired by thePapirmasse.+ Action with online media and bloggers to spread the Internet shop+ Shop has Facebook and blog with constant updates+ Partnership with retail stores in different cities in Brazil, providing prints and serigraphs for sale+ Advisory printed with magazines, newspapers, zines and sites related to the art world
  13. 13. In the future...The future is great and the possibilities are endless:)We want to add other forms of dissemination of art within the scope of the store, because the ideas are alwaysaround.But for now we will focus on doing everything possible for the artist and the buyer, then to explore new ways, a.erall these are the two of the main elements to Young’s work as we want.We believe in joining forces and beliefs to make possible the movement of high art accessible, because that’s how webelieve that art is in it’s essence.
  14. 14. W h o d o e s t h e Yo u n g sL o u ie M a r t in sCurator and relationships with artistslouieyoungs@gmail.comL ív ia J á c o m eproducerliviajacome@gmail.comcontact:
  15. 15. S IZ E S