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Genres & style
Genres & style
Genres & style
Genres & style
Genres & style
Genres & style
Genres & style
Genres & style
Genres & style
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  • 1. GENRE & STYLE
  • 2. MUSICAL GENRE The music can be classified taking into account different aspects: if there are voices or not, if it is made to be staged… This is the genre: a type of classification
  • 3. Music Instrumental Art Descriptive Vocal A capella With instruments Scenic Concert
  • 4. Instrumental Music Art music: doesn’t have any meaning. Its beauty and its interest lies in the sound itself. Much of classical music belongs to this genre and the most common forms are instrumental sonatas, concertos, most of the symphonies and a lot of small compositions for soloist instrument. J.S. Bach Partita n.3
  • 5. Descripitive Music: is the one that portrays or evokes through the musical language elements landscapes, people, storylines, environments or pictures. This music attempts to approach the representative capacity of the arts. We will find many examples of descriptive music in many musical forms but the most important are those that are called symphonic poem  apprentice Paul Dukas Sorcerer’s
  • 6. Vocal Music Scenic music: text tells a story and involves action: opera and musicals G. Verdi La Traviata The Lion King Concert vocal music: is not staged. The text is often poetic and talks about feelings and emotions. Normally performed by choir and orchestra L. Van Beethoven: Ode to joy
  • 7. STYLE  We talk about style when we use the elements of music in a similar way: a type of rhythm, a way to compose the melody, the selection of instruments or how to arrange the themes  Same music can be classified in different ways. For example, the theme music from the movie Titanic can be a film soundtrack, a commercial pop song, a romantic song ...
  • 8. The same music can be classified in different ways. For example the Titanic movie theme can be considered as a soundtrack or a commercial pop song. There are also songs that are a mix of styles. We have the example of the group The Corrs who makes Celtic music but at the same time is pop music.
  • 9. We can choose the style of music we like within each genre either vocal or instrumental:  Rap  Country  Pop  Étnic  Flamenc  Chill out  Dance  Reggae………