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Trident Capital - Corporate Innovation
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Trident Capital - Corporate Innovation


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Published in: Business, Economy & Finance

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  • I would like to discuss 3 topics today
    Realities and drivers for corporate innovation
    The role Silicon Valley plays in corporate innovation initiatives
    The role of VCs play in these initiatives
  • Better channel integration
    Better audience identification; riding on the use of technology for programmatic
    Better targeting
    Better budget allocation to the right channel
    Better attribution
    Better merging of offline, online, first- second- and third-party data
  • Several disruptive technologies coming together at the same time
    Creating startups has become easy, almost prescriptive
    Public companies have a conflict between satisfying shareholder goals (which tend to be short term) and creating disruptive innovations (which requires longer term timelines)
  • Based on the years of experience a entrepreneur and later venture investor I have concluded that disruptive innovators exhibit certain characteristics from their startup days and remain disruptive throughout.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Corporate Innovation Evangelos Simoudis, Ph.D. Senior Managing Director @esimoudis
    • 2. 2 Corporations don’t always distinguish between disruptive and sustaining innovation, even though 90% of their innovations are aimed at sustaining their existing products and services
    • 3. 3 The traditional approach of R&D-driven innovation is no longer sufficient … Top R&D spenders Top innovators
    • 4. 4  Technologies  Innovative startups  Conflict between satisfying shareholder goals (short timelines) and creating disruptive innovations (long timelines) Because of …
    • 5. 5 Disruptive innovators ①Create IP constantly ②Use technology to invent new markets and business models ③Engage their customers early ④Experiment constantly ⑤Move quickly with actions that are based on experiment results and market conditions ⑥Adopt and follow a long-term strategy ⑦Built an accountability-driven corporate culture ⑧Hire well and work constantly to retain top talent
    • 6. 6 While innovation generation has become a worldwide trend …
    • 7. 7 Corporations come to Silicon Valley because …  It is the most complete innovation-driven ecosystem (entrepreneurs, executives, engineers, investors, lawyers, accountants, bankers) …  … with the highest concentration of both startups and large innovative software and internet companies …  … and by becoming part of SV’s ecosystem they can understand how to create, fund and manage disruptive innovation
    • 8. 8 They do so by … ① Organizing corporate visits ② Establishing corporate offices ③ Establishing R&D centers ④ Establishing incubators and accelerators ⑤ Becoming involved in business development ⑥ Investing in local startups Corporate Offices (330) Incubators/ Accelerators Venture Funds (270) Business Development R&D
    • 9. 9 For these efforts to succeed corporations should …  Integrate corporate development, business development, investing and intrapreneurship  Establish the right timelines to measure success and make it consistent with other corporate timelines  Create the right innovation KPIs and distinguish them from operating KPIs  Understand how to integrate the various innovation efforts with their existing businesses
    • 10. 10 Corporations are starting to collaborate with VCs around their innovation initiatives  Become aware of nascent technologies and business models  Tap into specific deal flows to identify innovative startups and their teams in order to invest in them or acquire them  Understand how to become more effective innovators by managing businesses/ideas with o unknown paths to success, o poorly understood technologies, o unspecified business models o underdeveloped markets