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    • Louis Richardson Louis Richardson @kbmsg I agree. We share knowledge on a daily basis that is lost. What we don't realize is how much "knowledge" is actually available for capture. Think of the knowledge wasting away in email in-boxes (note...it's another container). What if these conversations were held in the context of a community update or idea jam? How many times have you answered a email question repeatedly, when you could have answered it once and the inquirer could have 'self served' the answer? The problem is becoming the signal to noise ratio. Because we can't determine what is important...everything is important. And if everything is important...nothing is important. So the wheat looks like the chaff. Having a people centric approach adds the "credibility" and "context" to the knowledge. Instead of shouting louder or more (spam), we need to learn how to whisper in the right ears. That's a people thing.  2 days ago
    • Louis Richardson Louis Richardson @SmartSharePoint I appreciate the kind feedback. As for IBM/social, as someone who is an "Evangelist for risk mitigating solutions on SharePoint" (love your title), you'll be pleased to know IBM is not only the market leader in Enterprise Social, BUT we also have some fantastic integration with Microsoft...including SharePoint. That might mitigate some risks. Let me know if you want to discuss it further. And thanks for your work!  3 days ago
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