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What is Creative Design?

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  • So you think design is something you want to do… Why to study it at IT Sligo?
  • We collaborate with real companies, so already in college you can get a picture of how the professional work of designer looks like and learn about the aspects of working for a real client.
  • A work placement, that is a part of the course, allows you to apply the skills that you learn in college into professional practice, gives you an opportunity to get a work experience and makes it easier to find a job when leave college.
  • Creative Design & Innovation Students won several awards taking part in design competitions. On the picture: Cardboard Chair Design Week Competition organized by Institute of Designers in Ireland (October 2009) Robert Borrmann - 3rd year - 1st place, Marta Slawinska 4th year - 3 place, Vincent Naughton - 4th year- 4th place
  • Choose from over 60 clubs and societies - join the club that interest you, try something new or set up your own society - one thing is sure you won’t be bored!
  • Every year we go on a design trip - great opportunity to visit other countries, see interesting museums and galleries and have some quality time with you college mates.
  • You can work as design teacher
  • If you have an idea for your own business become an entrepreneur, set up your own company and bring your designs to the market!
  • If you are interested and require more information you can ask now! You can also visit or email Louis - the head of Creative Design & Innovation course - he’s always happy to help! :)
  • Creative Design

    1. 1. Are you creative?
    2. 2. Are you interested in design, trends, graphics…?
    3. 3. Are you a problem solver?
    4. 4. Then Creative Design & Innovation Course ITS for YOU!!!
    5. 5. You will learn: Product & Service Design
    6. 6. You will learn: Research & Analytical Skills
    7. 7. You will learn: Drawing
    8. 8. You will learn: 3D
    9. 9. You will learn: Presentation Skills
    10. 10. You will learn: Graphic Design
    11. 11. You will learn: Model-making
    12. 12. You will learn: History & Theory of Design
    13. 13. Why IT Sligo?
    14. 14. Why IT Sligo? Real life projects - working with real companies
    15. 15. Why IT Sligo? Work placement - getting professional experience
    16. 16. Why IT Sligo? Awards: *Peugeot Design Competition *Sligo Choral Festival Competition *24 Hour Design Competition *Cardboard Chair Competition
    17. 17. Why IT Sligo? Excellent Sports Facilities
    18. 18. Why IT Sligo? Clubs and Societies
    19. 19. Why I.T. Sligo? Friends for Life
    20. 20. Why I.T. Sligo? Trips
    21. 21. Why I.T. Sligo? Ocean and Mountains
    22. 22. After you graduate
    23. 23. Work for Design Consultancy
    24. 24. Work in Design Education
    25. 25. Work in Design Management
    26. 26. Work as Exhibition Designer
    27. 27. Work as Furniture Designer
    28. 28. Work as Industrial Designer
    29. 29. Work as Interior Designer
    30. 30. Work as Multi-Media Designer
    31. 31. Or…
    32. 32. Interested? Then contact Louis: - Make an Inspired Choice! or visit