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another fashion way_Rare2weaR

  1. 1. Rare-to-Wear connects designers rare2wear is an open platformdirectly with consumers, using the where we all users recreate what wepower of an open social network. know for fashion. Here, designers, manufacturers, and consumers connectWe provide tools for designers to and interact directly with each other.promote, produce and retail theirproducts worldwide, so they can gain Designers are provided with toolsexposure and build their brand. and services through which they can manufacture their products and showIn doing so, we create a transparent them in the global fashion market. Theyand truly engaging process for an will be able to build and strengthenaudience of discerning shoppers, their brands and directly communicatefashion-lovers and industry experts, with their consumers.and the means to influence the successof upcoming fashion designers. This is an open place where consumers who love fashion and craft minded designers meet, connect, and create new fashion cultures. Join us in this exciting and creative new world.
  2. 2. contents4 WHO WE ARE A Story: by a Designer”Quotation” Why: Reality of Fashion Circle What we do9 WE INVITE YOU TO r2w Flow of R2W Option 1 & 216 WE OFFER YOU DESIGNER’S CELL SAMPLE LAB READY2MEET GREEN SHOWER21 Value & Benefit22 Suggestions
  3. 3. who we are 5Don’t be Boring, A web-based collaborative fashion commerce platform where designers,Here R2W manufacturers, and consumers directly interchange their ideas and create new fashion culture.have Another Innovative web-based social commerce PlaformFashion WayFashion EcosystemProduction r2w is a community for consumers with diverse tastes seeking for newDesigners independent designers’ brands.Consumers r2w is a system where experience and craftsmanship are the core of the manufacturing process. r2w is an experiment where fashion, architecture, media and behavioral art and other ways of culture meet. r2w is a new, refreshing, and healthy impact, product of fashion innovation.
  4. 4. A Story 6 A story by a A story from designer in NY a designer in NY“ She got to know how difficult it was “ …The most difficult thing for an indepen- for designers to reach their target dent designer was that in spite her audience, no matter how amazing their outstanding design collection, she could collections were. Moreover, as a not find her target customers and if fashion-lover, she was frustrated at she found, she could not know how to paying sky-high prices at department approach them. stores for some pretty mediocre items. I am a designer and at the same time, The fashion industry seemed broken.” I am also a consumer who loves fashion. And I hate to pay enormous amount of money for a mediocre product. But the dilemma is that in order to distribute my collection through a select shop or a department store, the pricing has to be high because of the high margins the distributors take. Hence the consumers feel that products from an independent designer like me is irrationally high.
  5. 5. why 7Reality of PRODUCTION SystemFashion Circle The designer is in charge of the whole production chain (manufacture, marketing, distribution) Design -> Sample production -> Main production -> Sales (select shop, department stores) -> StockDesigner ‘It is a risk to try new experiments’ Consumers’ taste prediction, retail contracts, inventory control, etc.Consumer ‘Products of independent designers are expensive’ High retail margin, higher production costs due to small production.Production line ‘We want to avoid new product development ’ In the areas of fabric and pattern, purchase and production, small production is being avoided.
  6. 6. what we do 8PLATFORM Online voting and pre-order: get to know consumers’ tastes and reduce inventory risks Stories and contents: Entry of fashion people, expansion of customer segment Economics of scale through web: win-win relationship between production and designersSTAKEHOLDER’S DesignerMerit new experiment ; brand appeal; acknowledge consumers tastes; lower inventory risks; brand identity appeal through designer’s Cell Consumer item diversity; direct contact with designers; unique items at reasonable prices; continuous interest in the designers Production line new product development; appropriate manufacture; resource distribution for the target price
  7. 7. we invite you to r2 9 m
  8. 8. how it works 10flow designer consumer
  9. 9. how it works 11Designers can participate in R2W 1. DESIGN SKETCHthrough 2 optional methods. 2. Development, SAMPLE production 3. SAMPLE /PRE-COLLE 4. GET PRODUCEDCTION option 1 Get Voted Get Pre- Upload SKETCH online-> Loved orderConsumer response through VOTE service-> Sample production -> Production of pre-ordered products Get option 2 Pre- order Upload samples (including pre-collection )-> Production of pre-ordered products
  10. 10. how it works 12Option 1.Get Voted & Loved The designer uploads the sketch together with concept image on R2W. R2W publishes the sketch with an explanation of the concept and the designer. R2W gets feedback and comments from users and potential consumers via web. Production of sample product 1. RARE-to-WEAR SAMPLE LAB assists with sample production of popular sketches (direct communication between designers and sample production team) 2. Sample production of the designer’s existing samples (popularity of the sketches is upon the VOTE system or the designer’s judgment)
  11. 11. how it works 13
  12. 12. how it works 14Option 2.Pre-collection/Pre-order 1. Sample product is manufactured though R2W’s VOTE service 2. PRE-COLLECTION These are collection products of the designer that are not fabricated yet. PRE-COLLECTION is processed on the web. All purchases in R2W are PRE-ORDERED. Within a certain period of time there should be a pre-order of the target production quantity that the designer had set a priori. When the goal is met, the corresponding amount is transferred from the buyer’s account. Then we start with sample production. Rare to wear At R2W, we basically take 20% of fee. The fee amount may vary for promotional reasons.
  13. 13. 15 We do believedesigners have many stories and their own philosophy on their designs.
  14. 14. we offer you 16
  15. 15. designer’s cell 17 Where the philosophy, story, and creative process of independent designer are met. Where fashion consumers with special tastes share their views. For the consumers to become fans of a designer, simple informational profile and collection list of the designer are not enough. This is a space where people can experience the philosophy, work process and concepts of the designers that have been accumulated through many years. Work process of each designer,sketch note, concep image, visual work, experimental movies, etc. You can witness the creation and production processes of fashion Not merely a designer’s profile, but a real place: Designer’s Cell: Hussein Chalayan <Dazed & Confuzed>
  16. 16. sample lab 18 R2W helps you with sample production. Pre-order production and small production are very difficult to implement with current manufacturing and distribution structures. Designers need to reduce development costs as well as manufacturers need easily mass- produce their products. If you want to manufacture those sketches that receive support from consumers and fans, R2W connects you with our partner sample labs.
  17. 17. party ready2meet 19R2W is cultural lab that interconnects fashion with architecture, media art, and behavioral art.[FASHION ‘EYE’ LAB] [ANOTHER FASHION SHOW/ INSTALLATION]We take a more conceptual approach when looking We want to offer new experiences throughat the designs created by fashion designers. They which anyone can see what ’s happening inare much more than just ‘products’. the fashion world of Seoul. A fashion notWe try new ways of visualization; we co-work with on run-a-way stages but on real streets anddifferent artists, from photographers to installation neighborhoods that represent the city of Seoul.artists and create new image and media works.[Lasting Study ! Campaign Project ] [INNER RARE2WEAR_ ]Fashion ecosystem creation and trend research ‘stock becomes stockist ’projects that lead to new fashion campaigns; Re-discovery of old clothing.collaboration with fashion students in planning andresearching new projects.
  18. 18. green shower 20 positive mindingR2W is a healthy process where it not only Ethical fashioninnovates fashion but also it creates good POSITIVE REWARDING system on eco-friendlyimpact on it. products. (fee reduction, investment on sample production, etc.) Connection with the European ETHICAL FASHION NETWORK Information share. Domestic contact source to such as SORCE EXPO, SORCE (Network to London Fashion Week, Fair)
  19. 19. values & benefits 21Chance Low-RiskWe focus on the 90% of the creations that have Smooth cash-flow through pre-order system.not yet given birth due to market barriers. Low inventory control and risk that eventuallyWe create a lively and diverse fashion through with benefit the web. True FansSustainability Expansion of fans who deeply engage withWe avoid waste that comes from wrong the designer and understands the conceptsprediction of consumer tastes and mass behind each design.production that lead the way to piles of stocks. Sustainable and close communication withWe want a sustainable and a wise way of consumers which will bring about deeperproduction where wastes are minimized. consumer engagement.Cross-overFashion has been always are the crosswords ofmany cultures.We will meet new ways of creations andapproach fashion with newness and beauty.
  20. 20. suggestions 22 Join.Join R2W and demonstrate your potential that had been locked out by market barriers for so many years. Be a trend leader yourself. Here at R2W, we are with you. Don’t be boring. We want to create newer and more diverse fashion sceneries.We want to be a place where designers can appealtheir philosophies and originalities directly to their fans, a place there creativity originates. Fashion is for enjoy. It ’s a culture that is closely linked to social contexts.
  21. 21. 23thank you