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Citrix vision & strategy overview november 2011
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Citrix vision & strategy overview november 2011


Citrix Virtual Computing slides including latest personal, private and public cloud messaging and product highlights from Synergy Barcelona.

Citrix Virtual Computing slides including latest personal, private and public cloud messaging and product highlights from Synergy Barcelona.

Published in Technology , Business
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  • This presentation covers the Citrix vision and product strategy…Our vision for business and ITA high level overview of three clouds driving our strategy3. And the inspiration for our product strategy…
  • Three simple words are changing the world: Whatever, whenever, wherever. By freeing people from the limits of traditional computing, Citrix is providing better ways to do business, better ways to deliver IT services and better ways to work. 
  • Citrix has been in business since 1989 but has undergone a major transformation in the past 5 years. We have moved from tactical to strategic. We have shifted from remote access to “everywhere” access. We have evolved from being Windows app centric to enabling Web and SaaS apps and we are increasingly focused on cloud centric delivery.Along the way we have become the de facto leader in desktop virtualization. We are a strong #2 and growing in web collaboration. And we are the leading infrastructure provider for cloud computing.We believe we have the experience and position to lead the VIRTUAL COMPUTING revolution.
  • It all starts with our vision…we believe in a world where people can work and play from anywhere. Citrix is transforming the future of business by redefining the workplace. Work is no longer a 9-to-5 activity that happens only within the walls of the corporate office. Work is wherever inspiration happens, and people need 24/7 access to their apps, data, devices to be productive.
  • Today’s enterprise computing model is increasingly more complex and difficult to manage, particularly in a world that is changing fast. Building and maintaining individual components and striving for tighter control and integration across various silos is resulting in very high on-going IT maintenance costs, diminished security, and reduced user productivity. Our vision frees people from theconstraints of a more traditional enterprise computing model that many of our customers still adopt today….Our approach isenabling people to work and collaborate from anywhere and to access any IT service from any device. It is a new, more people centric approach that spans from desktop to datacenter. IT has the ability to centralize, virtualize and deliver apps, desktops and data with greater control, security, and efficiency and ultimately lower operating costs. Ultimately to transform today’s IT to a place where any data center becomes a delivery center and where all aspects of computing become cloud-based services.
  • This is all made possible with Citrix virtual computing.For the workforce, Citrix technology offers virtual workstyles withthe flexibility to balance work and life – the freedom to collaborate and work anywhere, on any device, on a schedule that fits the employee’s life. For the IT organization, Citrix technology enables a virtual datacenter – where computing resources are always available to users with the security, performance and control that IT requires. It is the foundation of the new people-centricIT – easier and simpler.For the business, Citrix provides the agility needed to seize new opportunities, deliver exceptional customer service and create a more efficient business – achieving the freedom employees want with the control IT requires.
  • This new approach where IT is an on demand service is very profound and is driving a fundamental reinvention of work, computing and business.So why reinvent now?
  • There are a number of significant trends taking place that are forcing IT to look for new solutions. More and more businesses reach across borders and operate globally. There are a profound number of geophysical and political disruptions facing the world economy. We see more and more industries facing consolidation to achieve greater scale and profitability. Security, compliance and privacy concerns and requirements being introduced, particularly for highly regulated industries such as healthcare and banking. And finally a new generation of workers, nearly 80 million by 2014, entering the job market which will force a new dynamic with a different set of expectations and workstyles.
  • But if we were to look at one trend anticipated to drive the most change it would be consumerization. Specifically the consumerization of IT. Analysts are stating that this will force more transformation than any other trend over the next 10 years.This is largely attributed to the new generation of people entering the workforce bringing their personal workspaces and identity with them wherever they go. Compounding this new workstyle is an explosion of more sophisticated consumer devices that are available from your local retailer at a low cost. These device capabilities far outreach enterprise IT computing capabilities and this is a significant change from years ago.
  • In a world where these forces are driving change, what we see happening is a major handoff between the personal, distributed computing era to a new cloud era. It will require new ways of doing things, a completely new mindset. In the PC era, many of you as IT professionals were operators who built your own infrastructure. You built many of your own applications. You built your own data centers and server capacity out. In the cloud era, many of those things, if not most of them, will be bought as opposed to you building it all internally. Rather you aggregate and orchestrate IT services by taking advantage of some of the elements of the cloud for more flexibility, elasticity and infinite capacity.
  • This shift will change our assumptions.Today’s exceptions will become the rule. Everyone will be mobile, working from personal devices through wireless connectivity. Accessing cloud data and apps, that are microcentric through app stores.This is a fundamental reinvention of work, compute and business.
  • Through clouds, people can practice a mobile work style, become more productive.The cloud can set IT free, to transform to build and leverage cloud services. And then all of this is for an important purpose, and that is for business value. Togive you the tools to innovate and adapt to a changing world.
  • So this new era, where everything changes, is defined by what we are calling the “3 PC” era. Three clouds – the personal cloud, private cloud and public cloud – all working together as a seamless, end-to-end system. People are at the front end in the personal cloud, sharing and working on any device, anywhere, securely accessing enterprise applications, desktops and services from the private cloud and leveraging the public cloud for infinite capacity and elastic efficiency. Our vision for the cloud is about bringing better ways for people to work, better ways for IT to work, and better ways to do business
  • Let’s start with the personal cloud. This is all about people. Empowering people. Enabling people to work and collaborate the way they want from any location, anytime, on any device. This is the essence of the “Personal Cloud”… it’s not something IT owns… it’s the collection of devices, apps, data, contacts and locations unique to each individual. The role of IT is to EMPOWER each employee or user, making it easy for them to access their own unique “cloud” of assets no matter who they are, where they are, or how what they need to do.
  • The combination of people, apps, and data enables a mobile workstylethat lets people work with anyone, anywhere, and on any device. This is what is giving people flexibility, making people more productive to blend life and work in a seamless way.
  • We have been enabling an amazing and immersive web collaboration experience with our GoToMeeting product. And we have recently expanded support for multiple languages including German, French, Italian and Spanish editions.Citrix is extending the collaboration experience to bring workspaces for meetings. GoToMeeting with Workspaces connects people, documents and meetings into a single place. You can do things like quickly start up a meeting, manage all of the information and tools that are relevant for a discussion within a workspace. Collaborate on a document directly within the meeting using discussion threads. Or share and send files directly from your meeting. Citrix GoToMeeting is revolutionizing the way meetings are done.
  • ShareFile is all about connecting andsharing information across people and devices. Making it really easy to send, synch and share data with the confidence that it is kept secure.ShareFile allows you to create a password-protected collaboration space where you can exchange business documents easily and securely. Send and request files directly from outlook. A desktop widget enables you to upload, download, and delete files without ever launching a web browser. Plus access data from any device that always is the most up-to-date based on built-in data sync service. And most importantly, ShareFile is secure and compliant. Encrypt files for secure transfer, including capabilities such as remote wipe and account lock.
  • Citrix Receiver has always been about applications. Connecting people with the enterprise apps that seamlessly follow you across any device – PC, Mac, thin client, tablet, or smartphone. Citrix has now added data to the equation. Receiver offers people secure access to work files and data. With the new follow me data enabled Receivers, people will be able to use either virtual applications or local applications to access and edit as well as synchronize and save work files and data. This will dramatically enhance the end user experience and integrate files and data beyond simple Windows Explorer access. A tech preview will be available this quarter, and customers can register at
  • Now let’s turn our attention to the private cloud. This is about being able to aggregate and deliver the full range of IT services and apps in the datacenter you have today.
  • The first area to cover is about connecting the personal cloud to the private cloud. You need one URL to connect every single user with the services you want to deliver. It’s through something called a unified service broker which is the place where IT can aggregate silos of applications, Windows apps, SaaS and mobile apps, and Windows desktops. Aggregate data, whether it’s cloud data or enterprise data. Plus aggregate licensing, security policies and all of the things IT needs in order to ensure a high-performance delivery of services.
  • To accomplish this is CloudGatewaywhich offers this ability to aggregate, orchestrate and deliver apps and data to any single device.
  • There are three fundamental components to CloudGateway: storefront services, content controllers, and gateway services.Storefront services connect directly to Receiver from every device. That’s where your identity and all the follow-me capabilities are stored. It’s built on top of gateway services that provide performance, security, and provisioning capabilities. Integrated into the storefront services are content controllers, controllers that plug the content right in — Windows apps like XenApp and XenDesktop or Web and SaaS apps. And then coming soon are controllers for mobile apps and data. So this simple construct leverages a lot of the technology we have in networking and virtualization, and brings it all together to provide the kind of unified service broker that IT needs to aggregate silos of apps and data, and one place for users to connect and get the kind of user experience they’re looking for. CloudGateway is available in two editions. The Express edition supports Windows apps and desktops, and is free for our XenApp and XenDesktop customers. The Enterprise edition adds web and SaaS app capabilities with future support for mobile and 3rd party data. Customers can upgrade from Express to Enterprise when you’re ready to add SaaS, web and follow-me data.
  • The next area I will cover is about building clouds inside of your private cloud for Windows. To provide Windows as a service — Windows apps and Windows desktops.
  • The traditional mindset of the desktop is changing – from device-centric to service oriented where we think of desktops and apps as a service.It is all about being people-centric, being device independent, consumer-like, self-service experiences by providing dynamic access wherever someone works. And to be able to meter all of this to provide usage-based type costs.
  • XenDesktop offers this in one enterprise complete product. We just released new versions – XenDesktop 5.5 and XenApp 6.5 – bringing another generation of revolutionary desktop virtualization technologies to you in one package. XenDesktop is #1 in the market. We have a huge partner community building Citrix Ready products for our desktop virtualization solution with 500+ Citrix Ready partners & 17,000+ verified products. Plus huge traction with our customers. 1,000 customers with more than 1,000 licenses in production. 75 customers with 10,000 licenses in production!
  • Desktop virtualization is being widely deployed today and customers are realizing return on investments such as improved business agility, tighter security and anytime, anywhere access. However we continue to hear our customers emphasize the need for more cost effective acquisition and deployment models.Citrix has made numerous advances to take the cost out of the equation, specifically to drive the first year capital cost of XenDesktop below physical desktops. You can go from 30% more to getting to 15% less for the first-year cost, the first-year cost of bringing a new kind of desktop environment to a user. Plus take advantage of other benefits such as centralization and simpler management, built-in disaster recovery, security and compliance, to name a few.
  • Desktop Transformation brings the process, partners, tools and resources that provide a best-practice approach for helping IT accelerate success with desktop transformation. This is the result of the best minds at Citrix, together with customers and partners, coming out with the best way to implement desktop virtualizationPut simply, the wow is when customers understand what desktop virtualization can do for their business.The Desktop transformation model is the “How”
  • We’re now going to move from the private cloud to the public cloud. The public cloud has amazing potential. We can connect public cloudsinto our private cloud so we can leverage all of the infrastructure, all of the apps and services, and low-cost, cloud computing capacity from external cloud and hosting providers. With Citrix public cloud solutions, the cloud becomes instantly more accessible. There are two things that we’re focused on: connecting clouds and building clouds — connecting clouds with CloudBridge and building clouds with NetScaler, CloudStack and XenServer.
  • We looked at the front door of the datacenter with CloudGateway. Now let’s look at the back door of the enterprise datacenter with CloudBridge which makes it easy to connect to cloud services in a secure and optimized way.Imagine that you want to add a cloud to your data center. You simply click on the cloud you want, put your credentials in and you are connected.
  • That simplicityis enabled with Citrix CloudBridge, which securelyconnects your data center to any cloud with full transparency so that all of your private cloud management and configuration seamlessly work with public cloud infrastructure.
  • The other way of connecting is on the network, to extend your service delivery network all the way down to the endpoint so that you can manage the kind of user experience you want to from a security and performance perspective. Citrix announced a new technology called NetScalerCloudConnectors, which offers an innovative solution to seamlessly extend the traditional networking footprint beyond the enterprise datacenter. NetScalerCloudConnectorsallow you to add connections for CDN, SSL acceleration, malware, and mobile apps right to further extend the security, the performance and control deeper into the network, right to the endpoint, close to where users are to deliver a predictable user experiencethat is becoming more and more important in a mobile world.
  • Next we are going to talk about building public clouds. This may not be the top priority for enterprise customers today, but will be a high priority soon. So Citrix is doing a lot of work here with service providers around the world to actually bring the next-generation cloud platform to market and perfecting it so that we can bring this kind of infrastructure to you. You can plug into it in the meantime through CloudBridge.
  • Cloud infrastructure is different than server virtualization. It offers the next generation computing architecture for the enterprise.Server virtualization was invented for traditional enterprise apps and client-server compute. It’s assumption set was built around hundreds of servers and resources. It was around a traditional type of labor-intensive management. And it was built around a proprietary approach to bringing infrastructure to market. This is largely contrasted with the cloud platform that Citrix has built which is designed for massive scale and next generation cloud services and apps. And is designed around an open architecture.
  • Citrix announced its next release of CloudStack. CloudStack3 brings new integrations and optimizations with XenServer, new integrations with NetScaler to bring the delivery network to CloudStack, and new integrations with storage capabilities from the OpenStack community. Today we have more than 70 companies running the most successful clouds on Citrix – from service providers to web 2.0 to enterprise environments.
  • We’ve also introduced CloudPortalwhich offers capabilities on top of CloudStack that allow service providers and cloud providers to simplify and automate commerce and customer service aspects of operating a cloud business including onboarding, account management, billing and metering, customer service and provisioning.CloudPortal is comprised of two editions: CloudPortal Services Manager provides out-of-box support for Windows-as-a-service as well as a popular business apps like Exchange, Office, Sharepoint, web hosting and more.CloudPortal Business Manager offers a comprehensive BSS/OSS such as account and partner management, pricing and billing, customer management and reporting capabilities that allow providers to bring clouds to market rapidly with all of the management tools they would need.
  • Putting it all together – here is a look at Citrix cloud solution architecture.We are winning because we offer a complete solution with an open platform and flexible architecture.
  • Summing it all up, there are three PCs – the personal cloud to empower people; the private cloud, where the focus is on aggregation and delivering; and the public cloudto build and connect to cloud services. This is where the future is,offering the kind of productivity, agility and flexibility that people, business and IT need.Our unique strategy is to provide the “any-ness” that you need to connect any device to any kind of service and do it without worrying about the location, network, application and data. To do it also in the backend so that you can offer and connect to cloud services no matter where they’re madeand no matter how they’re built.
  • Citrix is leading the charge and we are starting a conversation about the new IT, that begins with people and delivers the technology to bring business value in a world that’s all about the cloud.


  • 1. November 2011
  • 2. $1.9B revenue in 20106,600 employees worldwide10,000+ partners in 100 countries100% of Fortune 500250,000+ customers#1 Desktop & App virtualization75% of internet users80% of Public CloudsTop 5 SaaS vendor
  • 3. A world where people can work or play from anywhere
  • 4. lower better more cost security control deliver virtualize centralizePeople IT
  • 5. virtual virtual workstyles datacenters virtual computing data | meetings | support | clients | desktops | apps | networks | servers | cloudsPeople IT
  • 6. work compute business
  • 7. • Globalization – interconnected & multipolar• Disruption – geophysical & geopolitical• Consolidation – reach, scale & profit• Regulation – security, compliance & privacy• Generations – born digitals
  • 8. Consumerization
  • 9. • Make people more productive – mobile workstyles• Help IT transformations – cloud services• Reduce the pain of business change & adaptation
  • 10. Empower Aggregate & Deliver Build & Connect
  • 11. My Data My My Prefs Apps My My MyFriends Location Devices My Life | My Work Personal Cloud
  • 12. people mobile workstyledata apps
  • 13. Share any file, instantly with anyoneby Citrix And seamlessly across all your devices
  • 14. • Access your data from any source… on any device• Open, view, edit, save and share any document• Remote wipe built in
  • 15. Aggregate & Deliver Private Cloud
  • 16. Windows apps & desktops Web & mobile appsUnifiedServiceBroker SaaS apps Corporate & cloud data
  • 17. XenApp XenDesktopStoreFront™ services Web & SaaS Data Mobile Gateway services
  • 18. Windowsas-a-Service
  • 19. Device Service Device-centric People-centric Corporate PC Any type of deviceImage & deploy Self-service experienceLimited access Dynamic access Fixed costs Usage-based costs
  • 20. Benefits of “Going Virtual” • Far easier to manage • Lower operating costs • Secure centralized delivery • Built-in disaster recovery • Anywhere, anytime access • From any type of devicePhysical Desktop Virtual Desktop
  • 21. Simple, proven, industry-endorsed best practices, tools and services to ease your transitionPhased approach to Broad industry Supporting transformation partnerships tools, resources & programs
  • 22. Connect & Build Public Cloud
  • 23. NetScalerCloudConnectors     Citrix NetScaler CDN, SSL acceleration, Malware, & Mobile apps Connect NetScaler directly to 3rd party “last mile” cloud services to further secure and optimize web, mobile and SaaS apps
  • 24. Build
  • 25. Server Virtualization++ Cloud PlatformBuilt for traditional Designed around bigenterprise apps & data, massive scale &client-server compute next-gen cloud apps• Enterprise architecture for • Cloud architecture for 100’s of host servers 1,000’s of host servers• Traditional management • Autonomic management• Proprietary vendor stack • Open, value-added stack
  • 26. • Secure, multi-tenant cloud orchestration platform Turnkey platform for delivering IaaS clouds Hypervisor agnostic Massively scalable, secure and open Open source, open standards• Deliver cloud services 50x faster at 1/5th the cost
  • 27. • Comprehensive BSS/OSS portal Account management SaaS application portal Billing and metering CRM and support ticketing• Manages CloudStack and OpenStack resource pools• Accelerates differentiation and ROI
  • 29. Greater productivity. Agile business. Flexible infrastructure. any any Powering virtual workstyles & cloud services d a t a | m e e t i n g s | s u p p o r t | c l i e n t s | d e s k t o p s | a p p s | n e t wo r k s | s e r v e r s | c l o u d s