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Louise Kavanagh, Plan.Do Team Leader
E: louise.kavanagh@catch-22.org.uk
T: 020 7336 4837
Daniel Bhug...
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Online project management, eg:
•Junction 49/Igniter
•Love Clean Streets
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Plan.Do the social action app
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Plan.Do the social action app


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Plan.Do - the social action app - uses online and mobile technologies to encourage more young people into the world of social action. It guides them through how they can make a project happen, right from setting goals and milestones through to having something to show and talk about to employers at the end.

Social action at Catch22 is about unlocking the potential of disadvantaged young people and breathing fresh air into traditional perceptions of volunteering. Social action re-imagines what volunteering can mean for communities, young people and families, and empowers young people to stand up and lead the change in their communities and their own lives.

Talk to us about how we can help you deliver a social action project. Contact Louise Kavanagh:

020 7336 4800

Published in: Marketing, Business, Technology
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  • We’re here to ask for your support for Plan.Do an online project management tool that enables young people to plan and do social action projects to gain employability skills.
    I’ve led the team for the last 12 months, because of my passion for digital and my position as Head of Marketing at Catch2. Daniel is our technical and financial genius – he also works for Catch22
    So, who is Catch22?
    … a social business with 200 years experience supporting the most vulnerable people to turn their lives around. Catch22 works with 45,000 YP every year whether you call it social action / volunteering / community action … we’ve been doing it for years. And whether it’s community gardens, online campaigns or fundraising events, we know that it makes a difference.
  • The problem it makes a difference with? Work readiness…
    We all know there is an employment crisis and there are over 1m unemployed YP in the country
    We know that at least part of the issue is that young people are not WORK READY.
    There jobs out there but young people are struggling to present themselves and their skills in a way that makes them eligible for work.
    So utilising Catch22’s social action and employability expertise, us digital geeks have taken the opportunity to use mobile tech & gamification to reach more young people and increase the impact of social action.
  • A co-designed project management tool for young people and youth workers. They have helped us to gamify the elements of planning & doing social action to make the first ever social action app.
    The benefits are many:
    Young people are empowered to lead their own projects
    It helps them gain the experience and the language that employers are looking for
    Makes it easier to deliver social action programmes
    Around 12 months ago we received funding from the Nominet Trust to develop an app to aid Catch22’s programme delivery, which we did with a group of young people. We also worked with employers to ensure we built in the the skills they want to see…
    And when we spoke to other about it, eg National Citizen Service (largest deliverer) they got excited and quickly realised that the app could have value for other organisations… and we thought this could be much bigger….
    This was compounded in last Nov when the cross-party Step Up To Serve campaign launched. This cross-party/sector governmental campaign aims to increase youth social action to 50% over 7 years, that’s an additional 1.7 million YP
  • We’ve got an MVP, which we’ve tested with around young people through C22 and NCS.
    As with many tech startups our intention is to get it out to customers as quickly as possible. So, Catch22 and the NCS Network will be using it from Feb.
  • We’ve identified 3 key customer groups: charities, HA, education
    And we’re offering it to them on a free licence for a 3 – 6 months. We know that especially with digital products, it’s much easier to upsell, so this free licence is the vital foot in the door, which will help with our learning and prove that Plan.Do is essential to our customers.
    We’ve got a shortlist of 30 housing associations, three of whom are keen to use it.
    We’re talking to lots of charities & working with 02 to embed Plan.Do in the burgeoning social action market created by the SUTS
    We plan to keep testing within education settings over the next 12 months before we push it out to the market
    the potential size of the market is huge, we’ve estimated it to be over £140m/year
  • How will we get to market?
    The app
    Annual fee for up to 1,000 registered users (young people and supervisors).
    A named administrator account will grant certain users with supervisor access.
    Written and online guidance for the use of Plan.Do
    Technical support will be available in the case of bugs or service outage.
    App + programme management dashboard
    Additional annual fee
    They will receive automated reports …
    Organisations may also generate their own reports for easy monitoring and reporting of the projects created and the service user journeys.
    Custom development
    Eg simple visual re-branding, to adaptation of the user interface to suit a target user’s needs (eg low reading age or learning disabilities).
    This product will be priced on a case-by-case basis.
    Social action programme
    We haven’t built Plan.Do, to act as a standalone product, so…
  • Investment
    Revenue after that
  • It’s about realising my ambition to have a young person like those we work with at Catch22 – with no formal qualifications and a turbulent home life - having the same employment chances as I did.
    It’s about employers recognising social action as a valid form of work experience
    It’s about community impact
    It’s about young people have the tools to succeed literally in the palms of their hands
    And, it’s about you! We want to keep talking to you about how we can turn this into a successful independent social enterprise.
    Catch22’s experience of delivery social action for over decade means we know that it works but
    … We have partnered with UsCreates to refine and validate the change theory behind the app.
    3 trackable outcomes:
    Outcomes for the community
    YP ability to articulate their skills and interests
    YP are empowered
    In addition to this – over time - we will demonstrate cost savings to delivery organisations and impact employers…
  • Plan.Do the social action app

    1. 1. W ork readiness
    2. 2. W hat is it?
    3. 3. T story so far he
    4. 4. Current status
    5. 5. Customers
    6. 6. T products he Users Online only 1,000 Admin dashboard 1,000 Custom development 5,000 Programme delivery 10,000 Programme dashboard Bespoke branding Custom features Frontline delivery
    7. 7. P ricing plan Product (annual fee) Customer price Cost per unit Inputs Margin/ unit £7,000 £3,250 0.1 FTE, hosting costs covered centrally £3,750 £10,000 £3,250 0.1 FTE, hosting costs covered centrally £6,750 3. Custom development (+upfront) £50,000 illustrative £24,750 0.1 FTE, plus hosting & development costs £25,250 4. Frontline delivery (with Catch22) £60,000 + delivery (typical) £39,000 + delivery 1 FTE, plus hosting & support £21,000 1. Online only 2. Online + dashboard
    8. 8. Investment need
    9. 9. Employers Me You Community Young people
    10. 10. W AT W L YOU.DO? H IL Louise Kavanagh, Plan.Do Team Leader E: louise.kavanagh@catch-22.org.uk T: 020 7336 4837 Daniel Bhugon, Project Manager E: daniel.bhugon@catch-22.org.uk T: 020 7336 4800 www.plando-app.org
    11. 11. T heory of change
    12. 12. Competitors Online project management, eg: •Junction 49/Igniter •Love Clean Streets •Neighbourly Social action programmes, eg: •NCS •Duke of Edinburgh •Groundwork
    13. 13. 10 Steps to P lan.Do
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