The Ancient Greeks by Adrian


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The Ancient Greeks by Adrian

  1. 1. The Ancient Greek Olympic games By Adrian
  2. 2. The Ancient Olympics• The first ever Olympic games was held in Olympia in 776 BC to honour the god Zeus.• Staged every four years since, people have come in masses to watch athletes compete to win.• The sports consisted of running from one end of the stadium to another twice, javelin and discus.
  3. 3. • Wrestling, boxing, long jump.• The hardest race was the Hoplite, which ment running in full armour along a two mile course. Winners were given a wreath of wild olives, free meals, the best seats at the games and free invitations to parties. Interesting Fact Did you know the running track was so wide that twenty athletes could run at once!
  4. 4. What were the rules?• The were very few rules in the Olympic games for example you had to be a man to watch or enter the stadium because women had their own festivals. Athletes must swear an oath that the have been training for ten months.
  5. 5. The design of the Olympic stadium• The design of the stadium was that it curved upward and also outwards so the sound would echo to those sitting at the back, also that they could see from wherever they were seated. Interesting fact That’s why you have the curved shape in a stadium. So people at the back can hear.
  6. 6. What did the Olympic stadium look like? The Olympic stadium The people and spectators who came to watch the games sat here with clear view of the games The athletes The long oval was the would appear course athletes would run hear ready to , hop, jump and throw enter the things to compete. course
  7. 7. Discus• Discus is an event which takes place in a field. In an attempt to throw a heavy disk further than your competitors. The winner won a tax free stay in their home.
  8. 8. Javelin• The idea of javelin was to try and improve at your hunting skills by trying to throw a wooden pole the size of a man, the furthest than any of the other competitors in the game. The wooden pole represented A spear in which you would use to hunt animals. They Also put leather straps on to help grip the pole.
  9. 9. Sprinting• The whole idea of sprinting is to run as fast as you can in a two mile dash to the end of the course. The first person to get there is the winner. You each have your own lane and twenty athletes can run at once.
  10. 10. Awards• The award for the winner of the sport they are competing in for example sprinting . Is a laurel wreath. Made of laurels it symbolized victory and pride. The ancient tradition of crowning someone in the family brought luck and peace to you.
  11. 11. Thank you for watching!