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  • 1. Title Research - Alien The film ‘Alien’ begins with a dark opening which helps to set a mysterious and eerie mood for the audience, it also gives them a clue to what they might expect to see. As the opening begins, the dark black screen wiped with a dark brown colour is obscure looking and creates the illusion of the unknown and not knowing exactly what the form is due to it being mainly consumed with darkness. The titles that appear on the screen show up one by one in a random order - almost like the are slowly revealing a code or revealing the true identity of the ‘alien’ who is partially covered throughout the entire movie. Also, by slowing down the titling to an incredibly slow pace leaves the audience wanting to find out more which attracts them to watch the film. It seems the way the screen slowing moves to left side has connotations with space and the way planets rotate slowly – space itself is undiscovered and unknown which has mysterious feelings - this is why they incorporated it into the titling sequence because it links with the ‘alien’ itself in the movie whose appearance is covered up. This opening title sequence can be compared to the opening sequence that my group and I are making as the general Title is mood that we want to create is dismal and dark. Also the fear of not unknown is a key theme that can be linked to this slowly movie and ours. revealed; keeps the audienceLike a code interestedwhich the and wantingaudience to knowhave to morework outDull, darkcolours areused tocreatemysteryandsuspense The white over the black is very contrasting and bold, it stands out against the black making it easy to read for the audience