How effective is the combination of your main


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How effective is the combination of your main

  1. 1. How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts? LOUISE FISHER 6081
  2. 2. First thoughtsFirstly, my group decided to plan and base our main product and ancillary textsupon the song ‘Boyfriend’ which was an indie pop track. We wanted to makesure that all three products were linked together through different elements suchas the use of colour, font styles, framing of shots, marketinginformation, Location and mise-en-scene, editing, mood and persona of cast.
  3. 3. Use of colourIn our three media products, the music video, the websiteand the digipak, there is a noticeable motif of warm tonescolours which has appeared throughout all three products.Whilst planning ideas for our music video we wanted toreinforce our genre of indie through the use of colour suchas adding a colour wash effect called teal and orange overthe top of our videos on Final Cut Pro; this helps to createthat retro, vintage effect.The colour wash is used by many different artists in theirmusic videos because it is an easy way of changing the toneand mood of the video therefore making it easier for peopleto associate the indie genre with a warm vintage wash.During post-production, our group found it fairly easy toconnect all three products together through the warmcolours because all we had to do was tweak the colours everso slightly on the software we had available such asPhotoshop for the digipak, Final cut pro for the music videoand Wix’s online effects for designing the website.
  4. 4. FontThe fonts used in both the digipak and website are very similar, the font for ‘TheDansettes’ title is almost like their own logo because it appears on both products. Thefeeling we gained from the music video was that the style was quirky, fun and young;from this reaction we thought about choosing a font that would appeal to both a femaleand male teenage audience. The titles are not identical because the website had an specific option list of fonts and this was the closest font which related to our digipak. We chose this font because we thought the curls and sleekness of the font would appeal to our target audience of teenagers as well as appealing to both genders. We also thought the font was easy to remember which would be helpful in identifying the band in a cd/record shop or through advertising.
  5. 5. Marketing InformationThe front page of our website Our digipak also includedincluded several links and widgets necessary marketingto some of our social networking information such as thesites, for example, Twitter. ‘Rough Trade’ logo which canThis immediately makes our be found on our website andwebsite look more professional and also put in the descriptionreliable which is important for the bar on our music video.audience as well as establishing the The website of our band isband – in this case our band is also included on all productssmall and independent so by using which means are fans havesocial networking sites it helps to easy access to all products.advertise and sell the band to indielovers and fans.
  6. 6. Casting In our products we wanted the cast to be relatable to our target audience . In our music video we see the main girl ‘Zoe’ stuck in the typical situations of a teenage girls who longs for the boy she likes to like her back. She is portrayed as a very realistic character. We created a ‘Bio’ on our website to emphasize that the people in the band are individuals and have their own interests which could shared with their fans and audiences. The bio presents the band as being relatable to their fans just like the music video and digipak and also their costume choice from popular high street brands makes ‘Drake and Zoe’ more realistic.
  7. 7. Framing and shots For all three products we shot close up and intimate photographs of both the young teenagers in a place that they would normally hang around, in this case it is a park. This differs from mainstream celebrities who would normally get their photographs taken in expensive studios which would not be accessible for their fans, however this is shot in a natural environment for aOur main product was the music video and ‘Zoe’ was the main focus teenager.of the music video with the other band member ‘Drake’ in severalshots however on the digipak and website we have included severalphotographs of both of them to show equality.