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Exploratory presentation at the Education Innovation conference in Manchester.

Exploratory presentation at the Education Innovation conference in Manchester.

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  • What is it?
  • What’s the problem?
  • What’s the problem? Hardly any of these data sets are available in the same place, share objectives or link to each other All chart sizes and positions are indicative only
  • What’s the problem?


  • 1. The Pearson Think TankChanging education:Open Education Data #openedata9th March 2013Louis Coiffait, Head of Research@LouisMMCoiffaitThe Pearson Think
  • 2. The Pearson Think Tank Who are we and what do we do?  Independent think tank focused on education access and quality  Ongoing programme of research and thought-leadership e.g.  The Academies Commission (with the RSA)  Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Education  Careers 2020  Blue Skies, on the future of higher education  Rational Numbers: Maths to 18?, on compulsory maths  Ongoing policy intelligence, analysis and comment e.g. Policy Watch  All of our content and activities are free2
  • 3. Introduction What is open education data and why should we care?  A big, contested and complex concept, often meaning quite different things to different people  Use of open education data rapidly increasing > Ofsted School Data Dashboard for governors and parents > Open ‘API’ for Key Information Set (KIS) of HE course info  Emphasis on accountability, rather than innovation / efficiency  Low awareness amongst stakeholders, no education sector strategy > Healthcare – Dr Foster > Ordnance Survey – mapping info > Crime – police.uk3
  • 4. Reported crimes around this venue in January4
  • 5. Ofsted School Data Dashboard A random local school in Manchester5
  • 6. Ways of thinking about Open Education Data
  • 7. Current DfE view of data Nothing on really granular data Or on teachers, or developers or providers… All accountability Silo approach
  • 8. Orgs UK education data NPD / AAT A wobbly stack… DfE RAISEOnline Ofsted Edubase Schools Ofsted School Census Colleges National Pupil Database Employers Labour Force Survey TheIA NOMISData Service Individual Learner Record YPLA The IA Statistical First Release NEET HEIs YPLA Data SLC Student Loans Company HESA HESA UCAS UCAS POLAR 2 HEFCE DJHE ONS Census Experian MOSAIC CACI ACORN Age
  • 9. What data we have now, what we need in the future For accountability only For innovation and efficiency too
  • 10. Key questions What do we need to know?  What do key groups think about open education data?  How are they using it currently?  Do they have the knowledge and skills to use it better?  Is there a common, accessible language?  How can we open up more data and improve data quality?  What does more data mean for teaching and learning?  Are we equipping learners for a data-rich world?  Should this data be used to assess educators (as in NYC)?  Who ‘owns’ the data?  Does open = free? Are there different types of ‘open’?  Are technology companies and educators working together?  Can open education data support access and lower costs?10
  • 11. Barriers and risks What’s stopping us and what do need to be wary of?  Privacy and data protection  Security and trust  Might we rely too much on this data, missing what really counts?  Could it encourage instrumental and deterministic approaches?  How much does it cost to open data  Are there too many unknown risks?  Is doing nothing an option?11
  • 12. Next steps What are we planning to do next Phase 1 - event in Spring An open debate about open education data An infographic competition and exhibition to visualise such data A marketplace of tangible examples using open education data Phase 2 - follow-on research What’s the data ‘customer journey’ of an FSM learner Where is education data currently held and can it be linked Who are the key stakeholders Are there good international examples What do the experts think Host a hack-day and build a demonstration app12
  • 13. Thank you! Any questions? #openedata @LouisMMCoiffait13
  • 14. Title Sub-title  Text14