Ab   dhcp 2003
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Ab dhcp 2003






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Ab   dhcp 2003 Ab dhcp 2003 Document Transcript

  • Instructions on how to Install and Configure DHCP on the Curriculum and Admin Windows 2003 Server
  • How to Install DHCPThe main task of the DHCP server is to give IP addresses and otherconfiguration parameters as a computer joins the network.To begin installing DHCP services on the Curriculum Server for Windows 2003,open your control Panel: Start>>Settings>>Control Panel and then click on‘Add or Remove Programs’The below screen will now appear. Double click Add/Remove Programs
  • Scroll down and select ‘Networking Services’ and then click on ‘Details’
  • After selecting ‘Details’, the following screen will emerge.Tick the box named ‘Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol’ and click Ok.Click ‘Next’ to continue…..The initial installation of DHCP will now begin(Please insert the appropriate disc i.e. 2003, if you are prompted for one)
  • Click ‘Finish’ and close any other windows that may be open
  • How to Configure DHCPPlease note that the only difference between the Admin and Curriculumconfigurations is specifying the IP ranges for each network.To configure DHCP please navigate to the following:Start>>Programs>>Administrative Tools>>DHCP
  • The following screen should now appear:A new ‘New Scope’ has to be created, this is achieved by Right clicking on theDomain name (In the example below the Fully Qualified Domain Name is lln-a.2ksvr.lln-a.local) and select ‘New Scope’
  • Click ‘Next’ to continue…The information entered within the empty fields below does not affect theconfiguration of DHCP, however we recommend that you enter YOUR schoolsname within the ‘Name’ field and enter Scope Wizard for the ‘Description’
  • The next screen represents the range of IP addresses that will be given out byDHCP server when using the scope specified in the previous screen. Here we need to specify the pool of IP addresses that the DCHP server will assign to clients on the network. Within this screen we have specified a range of 500 IP addressesPlease ensure that you type the following for the Subnet Mask • For Admin Networks please enter as the subnet mask • For Curriculum Networks please enter as the subnet mask • For Curriculum Networks do not use the top 32 and the bottom 32 IP addresses IE: to note the ‘Start’ and ‘End’ IP addresses will be different for the Adminserver)Within the next screen you will be asked for a list of IP addresses that should beExcluded from the range you have specified within the last screen. If there areany devices on the network that have been assigned IP address within the rangespecified on the previous screen they need to be added below, as DHCP mayissue these IP address as a new clients join the network.
  • The below screen represents the allocated amount of time that the client leasesan IP address from the DHCP server. (This is defaulted to 3 Days) LLNrecommend that this is kept to 5 days.
  • Within the below screen select “Yes, I want to configure these options now”and click ‘Next’Enter your Default Gateway IP address (The last octet will always end in .254regardless of which server DHCP is being installed on)Click Add and then click Next to continue….
  • The next screen specifies the IP address of the DNS server. If you are runningWindows 2000 or 2003 please ensure that the IP address of the ‘Local DNSServer’ is inserted first within the list. You also need to specify the DNS serversat Leeds Learning Network (See below).(Please note the local DNS will be different for the Admin server) Local DNS Server Leeds Learning Network’s DNS ServerThe following screen is only to be configured if the school has a WINS Server. Ifso, please enter the IP address of the server and click ‘Next’
  • The screen below corresponds to activating the scope for the DHCP server andIP address will now be issued to any new comers to the network.Select ‘Yes, I want to activate this scope now’ and click ‘Next’ to continue..Click ‘Finish’
  • After the DHCP has been configured, you may be asked to ‘Authorise theDCHP Server’ (see below)To authorise the server, Right click the domain name (In this case the domainname is lln-a.2ksvr.lln-a.local)
  • Click ‘Authorise’ and close down any windows open.DHCP has now been successfully installed and configured.