They have simply used three different                                                  colours (red, black and white) as t...
The page numbers are written in red next to     Contents Page – Q.                         the headlines in black writing ...
One half of the double page spread is Lady Gaga.                                    This is a typical convention of a musi...
Front Cover                                         The front cover makes it obvious to the audience– NME.                ...
Contents Page –NME.       NME have used their                Showing the genre of their       master head through to      ...
Double PageSpread –NME.                                                                                                   ...
Front Cover –                    The fonts, once again aren’t                                 too fancy and they are reall...
Contents Page –Vibe.The picture is quite a cool        They have used clearpicture. The guy is well dressed   fonts and wr...
Double Page                         The colour scheme for the magazine                                    is simple, again...
The master head is quiteFront Cover – Kerrang.             powerful as it’s in big                                   capit...
Contents Page –                                                  The colour scheme is                                     ...
They have also included a ‘buzz word’      Double Page Spread –                     on the top left hand corner, ‘NEWS’.  ...
Front Cover – MOJO.The colour scheme is red, black and asilvery grey - conventionally only        They have used call outs...
The have used the master head ofThey have written the page numbers         the front cover on the contents pagedown the si...
There is a drops caps at the start of the body copy, this is one of the                          elements that distinguish...
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Music magazine research


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Music magazine research

  1. 1. They have simply used three different colours (red, black and white) as the colour Front Cover – scheme. Each of them go very nicely Q. together and by doing this it makes the magazine look classy and eye catching towards the audience.At the top of the magazine it says ‘FREE The cover photo creates both a strong andMUSIC INSIDE’ as it’s in capital letters and a artistic feel. She is taller than famousblock, black, rectangle at the top it is landmarks and also is the only colour as thepurposely meant to stick out. Hinting to the buildings are all black and white. Meaning thatreader that it’s an exclusive edition and that she stands out and is the dominant picture onit is also a unique selling point for the the cover. Also they have used someone whomagazine. This is the use of a ‘buzz word’. is then later in showing in the magazine, drawing in the audience once more.The writing that is used is easy to read andthe headlines are in capital letters, or in a The master head is obvious to the eye. It islarge font. They have made the writing easy big and colourful. It is designed to be theto read so that they buyer can read see and second thing on the front cover that theymake sense of the magazine from afar, or audience will look at. And because it’s in awhilst looking on a magazine rack, ensuring prominent red square that is precisely whatthat the reader will be able to read it easily. happens. The headlines on the left hand side are shown in order of importance. The writing gradually gets smaller as the headlines get less important as such. Then on the left hand side there is a circle with a headline in it, which as an audience you then assume is a edition as it’s alone making you watch as an audience look at it before the other headlines.
  2. 2. The page numbers are written in red next to Contents Page – Q. the headlines in black writing allowing the audience to look at just the page numbers quickly if they wish. It also draws your attention to the headlines a little bit more.Q have include their master head in the The colour scheme has stayed the same:contents page as well, just in a much smaller red, white and black, allowing the reader toversion. This makes the reader become create a reference with the front cover to allaware of the master head and they will in of the other pages. They have used only twoturn recognise it unconsciously the more pictures on the content page which worksthey see it, making the reader more familiar well as you have enough for it to not bewith the magazine. boring but at the same time not over doing it. Also as one of the pictures takes up the majority of the page it allows the magazineThey have shown the reader that they are a to show the reader the main article in theloyal magazine in two subtle ways. They magazine.have included the issue number ‘267’ at thetop right hand corner of the magazine and inthe bottom left hand corner they haveincluded an ‘every month’ section On the left hand-side underneathsuggesting that they know their customers ‘FEATURES’ they have written ‘OASISwell and they supply them with what they SPECIAL’ but you can tell that it’s a specialwant. And it obviously works as they have feature as the headline is in gold, the onlymade ‘267’ copies of the magazine. place that another colour is use and it is also boxed in on it’s own evidently showing that the magazine what to make it stick out. Once again the writing is easy to read for the audience and the colour scheme of red, black and the headlines are in capital letters then there is a little bit of extra information in a smaller font underneath, letting the reader chose for themselves if they want to move further on or not.
  3. 3. One half of the double page spread is Lady Gaga. This is a typical convention of a music magazine and Double Page Spread it emphasises that she is the main focus of the magazine. The picture is artistic, dominant and quite – Q. quirky which suits music magazines and the artist. Also on the right page of the double page spread it says ‘lady GAGA’ again highlighting that she is the key feature and very important. In the bottom right handAgain, the same as the corner they have includedother two, the colour the page number and thescheme is the same. master head of theShowing familiarity and magazine once again. As Iprofessionalism as the said previously it allowspages are well suited (as the reader to familiarisethey should be) and you themselves with thedon’t question that they magazine and the masterare the same magazine at head becomes reallyall as they match. common with them. The writing on the magazine is once again easy to read and it is written in columns; a typical convention of a magazine. Also on the ‘S’ and ‘I’ they have used drop capital, which again is a typical convention of magazines starting a new paragraph. And then obviously the ‘L’ is prominent. Not only does it emphasise the importance of Lady Gage but it also gives the magazine a different edge to it and makes the written piece more appealing.
  4. 4. Front Cover The front cover makes it obvious to the audience– NME. the exclusive elements that the magazine contains. As the two circles and the line at the very top are more eye catching than the information at the bottom highlighting their significance to the reader. NME are following a typical The master head of the magazine convention of having a simple three is the last layer of the magazine colour, colour scheme. Making it meaning that the whole of it is simple but stylish. Also the white shown and it’s not cut off by body of the front cover allows there anybody’s head or headlines etc... to be freedom with the colour font Meaning that it is the most colours can be easily seen on a white important thing on the page. It is background. also fairly big and bold meaning that it catches the audiences eye. The writing on the front cover are really easy to read. All the fonts There are two people on the cover are clear and the writing is both which takes the focus away from the big and in capital letters. The only one person, obviously, but perhaps smaller font on the page is the draws in more attention to the added information that is there if audience as you wouldn’t normally anyone wants to read further on see these two together creating a once they have picked up the mystery (as such) for the readers. magazine.
  5. 5. Contents Page –NME. NME have used their Showing the genre of their master head through to magazine well as they have a the contents page. This I ‘band index’ section on the left have discovered seems to and then they have the main be a typical convention of contents on the right hand music magazines. side, they have headlines then sub headings which shows that they are grouping parts of the magazine together as much as possible making it easy for the Again the colour scheme has audience. stayed the same throughout the contents page – linking the pages of the magazine nicely together showing that they are of the same By writing ‘NME THIS WEEK’ it lets magazine. They font is the the audience know that it is a same throughout as well. The weekly magazine, whilst at the headlines are also capitalised same time not having to obviously as they are on the front cover write ‘contents page’ – works as a creating a parallel of the double effect. Also as there is a pages. subscription box and the bottom of the page it shows that they are a popular magazine and they are promoting themselves also.
  6. 6. Double PageSpread –NME. The writing on the pages is easy to read, again theFollowed the convention headlines are capitalisedof a big picture covering following the rest of theone of the two pages. magazine and then theAgain a cool and quirky article has been written inpicture that suits the two columns followingmagazine and the story the convention of aon the other side. magazine layout – which is something I will be sure to include in my magazine. Again the background where theThe double page spread is main writing is, is light soreally shown in a way that that it can be seen clearly.the audience know theyare the same story as thetitle for it overlaps the Split up the writing a little bit. By putting somepage with the picture on They have included the master head at the on a white background and then more on a blackit. Also the colour scheme bottom of the page again. Familiarising the background makes the audience think it’s reallyis the same throughout audience with their name and master head different – even though it’ll linked as it’s on thethe pages ensuring that of their magazine. Also they have written same double page spread. It just makes it morethey are matching and their website promoting themselves once exciting for the reader as it’s set out slightlycolour co-ordinated. more. differently.
  7. 7. Front Cover – The fonts, once again aren’t too fancy and they are reallyVibe. easy for the buyer to read and clear for them to see whilst scanning the magazine The colour scheme is isle. conventional. Three colours which seems to be the norm for the music magazines. Making it both simple but stylish. All writing on this page is Also all the colours go capitalised grabbing the well with each other audiences attention. This which is good as seems to be a typical otherwise it would look a convention of the front mess. cover of a music magazine. The headlines that are The master head isn’t the more important are much main thing on this bigger than the other magazine as it is blocked ones. For example the out by headlines and the headlines on the left are cover photo, you can still important but the ‘JANET see it, just the cover JACKSON’ headline photo is what’s drawing catches your eye first. in all the attention for the magazine.
  8. 8. Contents Page –Vibe.The picture is quite a cool They have used clearpicture. The guy is well dressed fonts and writtenand he has a girl sticking a ‘contents’ in a stylish andheart to him. He is probably a unique way. Also theyrole model for other young have a big ‘V’ in theguys who are reading the background highlightingmagazine and other young girls the fact that it’s ‘Vibe’are probably wanting to be the magazine.woman. This helps tell thereader the target audience ofthe magazine, which is bothmen and women. The font used is very easy to read. The headlines have a fancier font but that works well as it distinguishes them from the other information. Also as the page is blackBy splitting the contents of the and white with a glimpsemagazine up into tow main of red it makes the pageareas makes it easier for the more interesting.reader to find out where thearticle they want to read is.
  9. 9. Double Page The colour scheme for the magazine is simple, again just three colours.Spread – Not over-doing things but havingVibe. enough colour for the magazine to be entertaining to the eye still.At the bottom of the page Written in columns showingthere is a ‘V’ telling the that it is a magazine byreader that it is Vibe following the conventions ofmagazine once more. one. The font is easy to readHaving the master head and most of the text isat the bottom of the page written in black which withis a thing that I the background of thecontinuously find with magazine is white it makesmagazines which is it easy to see. Then some ofdefinitely a thing to note it is in pink which tells thefor when I make mine. reader that it’s a more important part of the text as it differs from the rest. Half of the double page spread is a picture of Alexandra Burke. This tells the audience who the article is about immediately and links the two pages together nicely. There is also another small picture of her highlighting the importance of her to the magazine and for the article.
  10. 10. The master head is quiteFront Cover – Kerrang. powerful as it’s in big capital letters, the colour stands out on the blue background and it also has a scratched effect on it making it eye catching. All writing on this page is easy to read and the font is very clear for the A simple colour scheme reader to see. This is a of three colours - typical convention of white, green and yellow. magazines. This makes the magazine interesting but simple. Also the colours suit each The cover photo is very other nicely which makes dominant and it is well the magazine look good. suited to a music magazine as the guy is playing a guitar. Also where is head is there is All of the writing on the no writing over lapping at entire page of the front all giving him full focus cover is written in capital from the reader. There letters. However some of are two other pictures on them are in a smaller font the front cover, one to the others. The ones bottom right and the that stick out the most other top right. They also are ‘WTF?!’ and ‘GREEN get the attention of the DAY’ as they are bigger. audience as it breaks the Also there’s exclusive convention of a front parts of the magazine like cover as usually there is where it says ‘plus’ which only one picture. is a key focus as well.
  11. 11. Contents Page – The colour scheme is simple, three colours –Kerrang. yellow, black and white. This makes the magazine look professional and well thought out. Also itThe font is extremely easy to follows the conventionsread, which is good. Most of of a is black which stands outprominently on the whitebackground. Then the On this contents page theyheadlines are written in have a little section fromyellow surrounded by a black Kerrang magazine – a greetingbox also allowing it to stand message for the readers. Thisout further. is a unique touch for a magazine and allows the readers to connect with the magazine. Also the editor has signed it, making the message appear more personal for theUnderneath the contents reader. This is the use of apage it says the issue tagline.number, this suggests thatthe audience are loyal andthat the magazine is well They have included quite arespected as it had been the few pictures on this contents1250th magazine. Also as it page, with page numbers andsays ‘this week’ it hints that headlines by the side of them.the audience like having a By having the pictures itweekly magazine, as Kerrang From the iconography I makes the page seem moreis one. would say that it is mainly interesting and it also explains aimed at men as not one of part of the headlines at the the photos a female, this same time. helps point out who the target audience are.
  12. 12. They have also included a ‘buzz word’ Double Page Spread – on the top left hand corner, ‘NEWS’. They have used a pull quote as the By doing this the reader thinks that headline to draw the audience in and make Kerrang. what’s said needs to be read them read further on into the article to get immediately. Also it is a different the full story. colour to the rest of the double page spread making it stand out further. The layout of the double page spread is very conventional. Once again theAt the bottom of the pages double page spread has onethey have added the page of the pages with the personnumber and the master they are talking about, in thishead, of the magazine from case Davey Havok, also himthe front cover, just a much being the only image on thesmaller version of it. This is page stresses the importanceto familiarise the audience of him. Furthermore Kerrangwith the representations of have used columns for thethe magazine. It has also body copy, this then worksbeen an occurring factor of well by them also using aall the magazines I have drops capital to start it off. Byresearched, so it is definitely doing this it is obvious that ita typical convention of music is a magazine as it followsmagazines. key conventions. The fonts used are very clear and easy to read. The The colour scheme of the mage is four coloured; headline is in huge capital letters which draws the reader in. black, white, grey and pink. Whilst most are just three It is a typical convention to have the headlines in capital coloured in this case it’s still not ‘over doing it’ as they all go letters. Also they have made it clear when the interviewer is nicely together and without the pink it would be fairly dull asking Davey Havok the questions as they are the speaking colours. The pink has been used for key information to grab where the words have been highlighted by white. the readers attention which in contrast with the other colours it does very well.
  13. 13. Front Cover – MOJO.The colour scheme is red, black and asilvery grey - conventionally only They have used call outs; suchusing three colours. All of the colours as, “WE ROCKED!” and “…THEgo nicely together and work well for INTENSITY NEVER LET UP!” which arethe front cover of the magazine. The aimed to entice the readers to readlayout of it makes it eye catching for further on, resulting in buying thethe consumers. The ideologies of the magazine.magazine are that you would read it They have an equal number ofif you either play an instrument genders on the front page; two men,yourself, or just enjoy them. You’d two women. This suggests that thedefinitely have to be interested in audience of the magazine are bothbands but you would also be men and women. Also all four ofinterested in the ‘gossip’ of the lives their eyes are at eye level with theof the musicians/artists. reader and looking directly at you, persuading you to buy the magazine. The master head of this magazine isn’t the most dominant aspect of the page. They have also included a ‘buzz word’ on This is because the cover image the top left hand corner, ‘FREE CD!’ By is instead. Their heads and guitar doing this the reader thinks that it’s take over the magazine. exclusive to this magazine only, therefore Representing them as being very having more of a reason to by this issue important for the magazine, the of the magazine as it offers them audience would, in turn, have to something extra. be a fan of theirs to purchase the magazine.
  14. 14. The have used the master head ofThey have written the page numbers the front cover on the contents pagedown the side, however they haven’t as well. This familiarises the readersincluded all pages for example they with the title. They have also used itstart at ‘38’ and then go to ’44’. in a much smaller size in the bottomWhich shows that you do not have to right hand corner, by the pageinclude every single page, if you don’t number (another typical convention,want to. and something I will need to include) which stresses further the importance of the master head and the audience being able to recogniseOnce again there is is easily. a colour theme containing threecolours only, in this case; green,yellow and black. The colours all suiteach other nicely as they should do They have used a ‘pull quote’ at theto follow conventions of the bottom of the contents page; this ismagazine. used to try and bring in the audience and get them to read further into the article.There is only one picture making theiconography of the contents pagereally simple. As the image is big it The headlines are in capital lettersdoes have a good effect, also the guy then further information about themlooks quite indie/quirky reflecting the are written underneath and nonimage of the magazines audience, capitalised. Again a typicalperhaps. convention.
  15. 15. There is a drops caps at the start of the body copy, this is one of the elements that distinguish ordinary text to magazine text, as it is ¾ of this double page spread is being essential that you include one if you want to follow typical taken up by the central conventions of magazines. It sticks out further as it is pink as image, highlighting the importance of opposed to the rest of the body copy which is black. Also there it for both the reader and the other words in pink in the second column which suggests that they relevance of the article it have higher importance as they stick out. corresponds with.As it is written in columns itis evidently made to look likea magazine, which is good There is a colour scheme ofuse a conventional black, white and pink. Againtechniques. If it were just they have stuck to a veryparagraphed it wouldn’t conventional threeseem as appealing to the colours, which go nicely withaudience and it also would each other. The body copy hasbreak conventions. been given the colour black which is often the way as it makes is easy for the reader to read and once again, it follows conventions. The header of the double page spread is very dominant. The bright Again the page number and the colours stand out from the master head ‘MOJO’ is at the bottom background and also the font is big of the page. Making the reader aware and bold, telling the reader that of the master head and then what’s on this page must be read. obviously what page they are on as well – both typical conventions.