Video Marketing Machine: How to Crank Out Great Video - Even If You Hate Being On Camera


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Wouldn't it be awesome to put out one great-looking, lead-generating video EVERY WEEK!? Well, I figured out a system that shows you how… in less than 7 hours a month. You can do all your videos one day a month and never think about them again until the next month.

It's not hard to do and can be done faster than most other lead generating strategies- if you know the secrets on how. It's all revealed in this PDF.

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Video Marketing Machine: How to Crank Out Great Video - Even If You Hate Being On Camera

  1. 1. Video Marketing Machine: How to create professional, engaging & strategic videos every single week in less than the time it takes to put out your ezine - even if you hate being on camera! with Lou Bortone
  2. 2. Fact: V We’re in a world gone Video! It’s truly the most powerful marketing tool available at your fingertips today…
  3. 3. Video Works (Let it work for you!)
  4. 4. Welcome! You are about to discover…
  5. 5. - Why learn this stuff from me? • 20+ years in the TV business Marketing and branding pro • • Long-time video guy (pre-YouTube!) • I’ve worked with the online marketing gurus • Certified “Book Yourself Solid” Coach I make it all easy and fun •
  6. 6. + How this helps you • You’ll attract more of your ideal clients using compelling and “magnetic” videos • You’ll have greater visibility and a much higher online profile • You’ll attain more credibility and will become known as THE go-to person in your niche • You’ll create a much deeper connection to your prospects and clients through powerful video engagement strategies • You’ll generate more revenue with less effort, because you’ll be leveraging your marketing efforts with video (Your 24/7 salesperson!) • You’ll enjoy more freedom and flexibility, since your videos will be doing so much of the work for you!
  7. 7. + Let’s Get Real How this training is different: • No nonsense Nothing to buy • • No crazy claims • No “upsell” • Freebies to follow…
  8. 8. Freebie Alert! Stay until the end for a special free offer!
  9. 9. You don’t need… • 50 modules of training NO • Outdated how-to videos Lots of tech talk or jargon • A 30K “mastermind” • Tons of time and stress •
  10. 10. A new approach • Personal guidance and support YES • A sensible, do-able system Step-by-step coaching • Straight talk - No BS • Making it easy to succeed! •
  11. 11. Stick Around Take a hike • Small business owner Have a “real” business • Actually making money • • Serious & committed • Get outside comfort zone • Looking for a quick fix Play the blame game • Not ready to work • • Your biz is a hobby • Debbie Downer
  12. 12. Is this you? 1 You KNOW you should be doing video, but not sure where to start 2 You’re overwhelmed with the whole “techie” part 3 You feel like you can’t find the time to create marketing videos 4 You need some support or accountability to get going 5 You’d like simple, step-by-step guidance to get videos done
  13. 13. The Big Problem You’re leaving money on the table and losing out on exciting opportunities because you’re not using video marketing. …Or perhaps you’re using it, but you’re not getting the results you should be Which really just means you’re not using it right! ! This is having a negative impact on you and your business in terms of time, money and freedom! You’re trapped…
  14. 14. - Challenges • Video is overwhelming when you don’t know what to do… It’s hard to find the time to plan and shoot your videos • • You’re not sure what equipment or software you need to do it right • You don’t even like being on camera! You’re unsure about the process and right steps to take • • You don’t know how to leverage and distribute your video once it’s done • You just don’t know where to begin…
  15. 15. - Even More Challenges • One, two or three videos is not enough to move the dial • You have to produce quality videos consistently • And you have to look like a pro to build and maintain your credibility • This is hard to do without a system in place It’s even harder if you don’t have the accountability to make sure you get it done • • Then once your video is done, you need to know how to get views!
  16. 16. Fact: Most videos never get more than 100 views. 1 53% get fewer than 500 2 30% get less than 100 3 0.33% get over 1 million
  17. 17. My client From zero to hero! Evelyn would be the first to admit that she didn’t know how to turn on her Mac when she came to me. Now, a few years later, she has produced hundreds of videos and her rental is booked solid. • Thousands of video views Has become an authority • • Her rental property is booked 2 years out!
  18. 18. Video Works 60,000 views puts Evelyn in the Top 3% club!
  19. 19. It’s true. Video changes the game. If you’re “stuck,” you can jumpstart your results and make a quantum leap by using online video. It works like gangbusters when you do it right. • More visibility More traffic • • More clients
  20. 20. Success • Gary Vaynerchuk • 1.7 Million video views • Low production values • Now a bestselling author • Net worth: $10 Million
  21. 21. Success • “Will It Blend?” • 2 Billion views on YouTube • Instant viral hit • National TV exposure • Retail sales increased by 700%
  22. 22. Success • Michelle Phan • “How to” make-up videos and beauty tips • How to get the Lady Gaga look, etc. • Over half a billion views • 2 Million YouTube subscribers • Net worth of 3 Million at age 25 • Hired by Lancome
  23. 23. …and me! • Virtually unknown • No list, no visibility • Introverted - Hated being on camera • Focused on video marketing • Developed a strategic plan • Video led to visibility, credibility & profitability
  24. 24. Clients
  25. 25. It Team works!
  26. 26. It works!
  27. 27. Now it’s Your Turn
  28. 28. A better way… Wouldn't it be awesome to put out one great-looking, lead-generating video EVERY WEEK!? Well, I figured out a system that shows you how… in less than 7 hours a month. You can do all your videos one day a month and never think about them again until the next month. ! Think about it… How much time are you spending on writing that damn newsletter? My guess is 1/2 a day every week. Not very fun is it? There's a better way… and it’s WAY more engaging with your potential clients… Video! It's not hard to do and can be done faster than most other lead generating strategies- if you know the secrets on how. ! That’s why we’re here today…
  29. 29. Transform Your Biz with Video! How to use the most powerful marketing tool on the planet to generate more leads and attract your ideal clients I’ll show you how to crank out four or more great videos every month, in less than the time it takes to write an article or put out your ezine… guaranteed! ! PLUS… We’ll put a strategy and system in place that will help you get booked solid.
  30. 30. Do 4 videos in One day a month
  31. 31. 3 Mistakes Avoid these 3 common pitfalls: 1 Procrastination - Never getting it done 2 Planning - No strategy or game plan 3 Partners - It’s hard to go it alone
  32. 32. 3 Mistakes Do this instead! 1 You must put “video day” on your schedule 2 You need to plan your 3-4 videos ahead of time 3 It’s MUCH easier with accountability partners or as part of a group
  33. 33. My system 200 videos a year! 1 3-4 videos per week 2 Streamlined process 3 Simple & repeatable
  34. 34. My Ezine • Write article for ezine • Create in Infusionsoft • Schedule broadcast • Check links and proofread • 3+ hours per week • Every single week • 12+ hours per month
  35. 35. My Videos • Video strategy/plan • Write script or outlines • Set-up equipment • Shoot & edit • 6 hours total • One day per month • 4 videos in one day!
  36. 36. How to Create a new lead-generating video every single week in as little as 7 hours a month. With my simple, proven video creation system, you can create an entire month’s worth of compelling videos in less than the time it takes to put out your ezine or write an article.
  37. 37. The Secret: How to churn out videos… 1 Schedule one day per month 2 Do your videos in batches (4 in a day) 3 Be accountable to a “buddy” or work group
  38. 38. Production You can break down your video planning and production into 5 simple steps… Step 1 Determine Goals Step 3 Step 2 > Select Platform > Create Message Step 4 > Shoot Video Step 5 > Promote Video
  39. 39. The Process: 1 Determine Your Video Goals 2 Select Your Platform 3 Create Your Message 4 Shoot Your Video 5 Share Your Video
  40. 40. Goals What do you want this video to accomplish? 1 Generate Leads 2 Attract New Clients 3 Build Visibility & Credibility
  41. 41. Platform On-camera or off-camera? 1 Depends on your objectives 2 On camera for personal connection & engagement 3 Off camera for lots of information or training
  42. 42. Talking Head Screencast • Best for personal vids • Best for demo vids • About Me pages • Training or instruction • Welcome video • Longer sales videos • Tips series/credibility • PowerPoint to video • Pitching a service • Pitching a product
  43. 43. Message What do you need to communicate? 1 Who is your target market? 2 What do you want them to do? 3 How will you get them to do it?
  44. 44. Shoot! Prep for your video taping! 1 Find your “video place” (space) 2 Set up your equipment 3 Press record!
  45. 45. Video Day V Select your video shoot day Set aside a full day to tape your 4 videos. Don’t schedule anything else that day! (I do my videos on Sunday afternoons). Try to limit interruptions and distractions…
  46. 46. Share Upload & distribute your video 1 Decide where to upload 2 Leverage social media 3 Promote the crap out of it!
  47. 47. Video Day 1 Prep •Find your “video place” ahead of time •Use minimal equipment •Check your background/setting •Review your script (rehearse) •Hit record! 2 • • • • • Shoot Do several “takes” Keep recording until it feels right Playback your first takes to review Done is better than perfect! Choose the best take !
  48. 48. Your videos “Must Have” Videos 1 Welcome (Opt-in) video 2 Expert Tips Series 3 Sales Videos
  49. 49. What I do with my mentoring group: ! • 12 week program • Weekly mentoring/guidance • One day per month to tape • 4 videos in one day • Release one per week • Repeat each month with new vids
  50. 50. Month one 1 Welcome video Your first four videos 2 Thank you video 3 About me video For month one, you’ll spend just a half day or so to shoot and prep your four videos for the month. (I do mine on Sunday afternoons) 4 Product video Then you’ll post one video a week from your completed “stockpile” of marketing videos…
  51. 51. Month two 1 Video Tips intro Your next four videos 2 Video Tips 1 3 Video Tips 2 Repeat the one-day-per-month process to shoot all 4 videos in one day. You’ll find ways to streamline the process as you go… 4 Video Tips 3 Again, post one video per week from your newly completed “stockpile” of marketing videos…
  52. 52. Month three 1 Signature video 2 Sales video 3 Webinar video 4 Thanks video This month’s four videos Now you’ve got the routine down and you can focus on slightly more complex videos, such as your signature product video and sales videos. Continue to post these as determined by your video marketing editorial calendar…
  53. 53. + Rinse & Repeat Now you’ve got your system: • Plan your 4 videos Script as needed • • Shoot 4 in one day • Make minor edits • Release 1 per week
  54. 54. + Ready, AIM, Shoot Use the A.I.M. Video System Audience • Intention • Motivation •
  55. 55. A.I.M. Use the AIM Method: 1 Audience 2 Intent 3 Motivation
  56. 56. Audience A Who is the target market? Who are you trying to reach? Do you know the specific audience for your video? Where is the best place to reach that audience?
  57. 57. Intent I What’s the intent of your video? What do you want the viewer to do after they watch the video? Click the buy button? Opt-in to your mailing list? Share the video with others? What is your call to action? Is your CTA clear and compelling?
  58. 58. Motivation M How are you going to move the viewer to action? What’s their motivation? How will you compel them to act? Is the incentive strong enough to justify the action? Are the benefits powerful and appealing enough?
  59. 59. Tips How to be successful with this process… 1 Get an accountability partner 2 Put “Video Day” on your schedule! 3 Do it with a group!
  60. 60. You can do this! A Better Way This is totally possible for you. You can get your first 4 videos done, then simply follow the system to do 4 new, lead- generating videos every month… in just one day per month.
  61. 61. The Big Q: Will this video success system work for you? Apply for a free session with me to see how this will work for you… Creative Commons Photo Link available in the README FILE
  62. 62.
  63. 63. Fact: “Video Marketing or any marketing, for that matter, is a complete waste of time unless it brings clients to your door and puts money in your bank account.” - I said that!
  64. 64. Need help? Talk to me!
  65. 65. Thank you!