Online Video & Social Media: The Powerful One-Two Sales Punch
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Online Video & Social Media: The Powerful One-Two Sales Punch



This new presentation demonstrates some of the many ways you can combine video marketing with social media for a powerful sales effort.

This new presentation demonstrates some of the many ways you can combine video marketing with social media for a powerful sales effort.



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Online Video & Social Media: The Powerful One-Two Sales Punch Online Video & Social Media: The Powerful One-Two Sales Punch Presentation Transcript

  • SECRETS OF SOCIAL VIDEO Supercharge Your Sales with the Power of Video and Social Media
  • What we’ll cover… YouTube as a social network The power of video and social media Using other “visual” social platforms New uses for “social” video – 5 Easy Pieces Workshop: Let’s make a social video!
  • Lou who? 20+ years in the TV business (Fox, E! Entertainment TV) Have been doing video marketing since before YouTube! Experienced marketing and branding executive
  • First things first…You  Stop thinking of video as some big,have to techie production, and start thinking ofchangethe way it as a simple way to connect!you  Video comes in many forms… Slidethink shows, photo montages, live webcasts,aboutvideo! video email, video conferencing
  • Video myths & misconceptions: Perception Reality Video is too techie  It couldn’t be simpler Video is expensive  Most tools are free! Video needs to be slick  Content trumps quality YouTube is for kids  YouTube is mainstream
  • Video Marketing Rocks!• Generate more web traffic• Improve search engine rankings• Increase conversions and sales• Build a bigger list more quickly• Create stronger relationships with customers• Reach a much bigger audience
  • If a picture is worth 1,000 words… One minute of video is said to be worth 1.8 Million words! – Forrester Research
  • Why use video?
  • Why use video?
  • Why use video?
  • Why use video?
  • Video is the future It’s time to lead, follow or get out of the way!
  • The Video/Profit Connection Use video to establish an immediate, personal and powerful connection to your clients and prospects Video accelerates the sales process Video dramatically increases the “know, like & trust” factor Video breaks through the clutter and makes you more memorable…© Lou Bortone
  • (Almost) All Roads Lead to YouTube You gotta start with YouTube Great “headquarters” platform for your videos Easy, one-click sharing from YouTube Free video hosting A great place to connect and “be social”
  • YouTube as a Social Medium YouTube is social! YouTube is interactive YouTube is two-way conversations YouTube is easily shareable YouTube allows you to friend, subscribe, share, like, respond, email, embed, comment, add to playlist, and even start a Google+ hangout!
  • YouTube is Social!
  • Speaking of YouTube… Second largest search engine Broad demographics (18 – 54) 2 BILLION views per day! 35 hours of content uploaded every minute 94 of AdAge’s Top 100 advertisers have run campaigns on YouTube
  • YouTube 101 Be consistent – One & Done doesn’t work Always include a compelling call to action Upload right – Keywords in title, etc. Add captions/annotations Edit if necessary – right on YouTube Share to Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • If you are using your own player… Be sure to add SHARE buttons to encourage video pass-along The easier you make it for viewers to share your videos, the more chances you have to generated views and engagement! 3 ways to create your own video player:   
  • Video and Facebook Facebook is the 3rd largest site for watching videos! My favorite place to post videos! Ideal for comments, sharing and tagging Tag with care!
  • Video on Facebook
  • Video on Facebook
  • That’s social media engagement!
  • Video
  • Video
  • Video
  • Video and Twitter 1 AutoShared Tweet results in 6 new YouTube Sessions!
  • Video and Twitter Twitter drives video viewing Ideal for video sharing and engagement Shorten your video links for better sharing Videos posted from YouTube to Twitter can be viewed “in stream,” i.e. without leaving Twitter
  • Video and Twitter
  • Video and LinkedIn Yes you can share video on LinkedIn! Share from YouTube to LinkedIn Connect a account to LinkedIn
  • Video and LinkedIn
  • Video and LinkedIn
  • Video and LinkedIn
  • Video and Pinterest
  • Video and Pinterest
  • Video and Pinterest
  • Video and Google+
  • Video and Google+
  • Other Social Video Platforms Webcasting –, Video conferencing – Skype, Oovoo, Google+ Presentation sites –, Video email –,
  • 5 Ways to Make Social Videos1. Power Up Your PowerPoint2. Photo Video Montage3. Video Interview Nirvana4. Share the Love with Livestream5. Connect with Video Email
  • 5 ways to make social videos #1 PowerPoint to Video  Create your PowerPoint  Use Keynote if you’re on a Mac  On PC: Go to “Slide Show” Record Narration  Record finished presentation on Camtasia (optional)  On a Mac: Even easier!  Save as a video file
  • Add your voice!
  • Keynote for Mac
  • 5 ways to make social videos Share with the world via  SlideShare: A sleeping giant!  Just acquired by LinkedIn  Upload any PPT or PDF presentation  Free and easy-peasy!  Add to your LinkedIn profile  Secret Tip: You can also upload Videos!  Massive exposure!
  • Slideshare: Just Add Video!
  • Connect to LinkedIn!
  • 5 ways to make social videos Impress with  “Moving” presentations  Makes presentations more dynamic  Easy to use – start with templates  Share to Twitter & Facebook  iPad version
  • Prezi: “Moving” Presentations© Lou Bortone
  • 5 ways to make cool videos #2 Montage Mojo with Animoto & Company Use an easy video creation site    
  • Rocks!© Lou Bortone
  • 5 ways to make social videos You type, they talk…  Let your cartoon characters do the talking!  Text to voice websites  Limited only by your imagination  Two sites are &
  • 5 ways to make social videos #3 Live Video Interviews  Use Skype, Google Hangouts or I do interviews via Oovoo, and run a back-up recording on Camtasia
  • Live Video Interviews
  • 5 ways to make social videos #4 Connect with Webcasting Live stream video viewing is up by 648% this year! (comScore) You can launch your own Web TV channel instantly (free!) Go live on the web anytime, anywhere Two big players are and
  • Livestream in action© Lou Bortone
  • 5 ways to make social videos #5: Engage with Video Email Video in email can double your email open rates!  According to Small Business Trends, Video in email increases click through rates by a whopping 96%!  Want more response? Put video in your email!  Two free ways to do that include:  and
  • Video Email Options© Lou Bortone
  •© Lou Bortone
  • Video Marketing Strategy Reality Check: All of this is useless without a PLAN!
  • Video Marketing Strategy• Integrate video into your existing marketing plans• Repurpose blog posts, articles and ezines into video marketing• Determine how video can support your promotional plans• Create a “Video Visibility” strategy to maximize exposure• Use video to create more effective sales pages, blog posts, etc. © Lou Bortone
  • Thank you!Questions? on
  • Let’s Connect!     www.FacebookLou.comYou can find a copy of this presentation here: