Pitch for film opening title sequence


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Media Presentation for our film

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Pitch for film opening title sequence

  1. 1. Pitch for Film Opening Title Sequence
  2. 2. Film synopsis
  3. 3. Outline of opening scene• Narrative:• Character: The character in the opening sequence is the antagonist in the story which is a twist in the modern storyline of a protagonist being the centre of a story for example Superman. However as we get to the end of the film his status changes and he is seen as the protagonist, by his actions and motives. His character is seen to be mentally unstable and insecure .• Atmosphere: This will be shown by the use of music that we use. We may be using a non diegetic soundtrack to create a sense of delusion in the character’s mind as we want the audience to acknowledge that he has something wrong with him. Surreal music will set the scene and establish his motives.• Genre: The genre is specifically for people who like horror/physiological based films which will be established through the blood that we use at the start of the scene. It a way, this is a metaphor or foreshadowing of murders taking place. In this case, it is the main character who is the murder and seeing blood on his hands justifies this.
  4. 4. Mark is the maincharacter and he is seenas unstable and mentally Charactersill, becoming obsessedwith a girl and setting outto pursue her. His profileis not seen as attractive ashe becomes a loner whenhis condition takes a hold. Mark swede Emma’s character is hard working and strong minded about what she wants but when she Emma Catwin starts to suspect Mark she has to fight for her live to survive.
  5. 5. Target Audience• The target audience to our film will mostly be at teenagers, especially as it relates to college life but in the eyes of a psychotic killer. This genre helps pull in various people of any gender and age who are interested in the type of film and the meanings behind the storyline. As the main character is a man it may also appeal more to men/ boys with a similar experience because it is easier to grab the audiences attention if there are references to daily life or imaginary.
  6. 6. Market Fit• Films such as Disturbia who grossed $117,760,134 (Worldwide) and Fear with Mark Wahlberg in 1996 are the types of films which have the same sort of storyline as ours. The target audience would have the same interest in ours because of what the film involves; violence, terror, sexuality, language and drug use. It was said for the film Distubria from the High-Def Digest Staff, mostly audiences over 20 years old found this film interesting than people with a younger age. This is what we intend to pull in, people who are old enough to understand the issues which we feel strong about.
  7. 7. Resources• Location: Bedroom, College,• Props: Student card, Pens, Clothes, Shoes,• Other elements: Make up, Costume, Fake blood,
  8. 8. Cast Requirements• Mark played by Christopher is the only character in the opening of our film.
  9. 9. Shooting Schedule• 1st day- 24th January: 3-4 pm @ Harrow college• 2nd day - 28th January: 10-1pm @ Harrow College & … house