Walking between-authority-and-elegance


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The workplace is different from the fashion industry and the entertainment
industry which theories are that if you dare to take off your clothing in public, then
you become famous to the world.

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Walking between-authority-and-elegance

  1. 1. Fashion Heaven Organizationhttp://www.fashion-heaven.orgWalking Between Authority and Elegance[Queen Elizabeth, Margaret Thatcher, Bruni-sarkozy, Clothing, Handbag]The workplace is different from the fashion industry and the entertainmentindustry which theories are that if you dare to take off your clothing in public, thenyou become famous to the world. And the workplace needs more neutral or evenasexual style. Walking between the authority and elegant is like walking on atightrope. If you are an inattentive walker, you may fall into the abyss, making youdrowned by spittle or, at the very least, loose your job.When Debrahlee Lorenzana was fired by Citibank, she could never imagine thather graceful beauty became the cause for her to loose her job. More and moregraceful figures appear in the business and political circles. But if the ladies withgraceful clothing have slightest mistakes, then they may have to get away fromtheir position.They, from the queen to first lady, are elegant models, and no one is beyondexception. But their elegance is different from Audrey Hepburns. On their heads,there are all kinds of titles conferred by the society. So freedom runs away fromthem. I just do not know where their inner mania releases. We can just focus ontheir clothing with the ignorance of their imprisoned souls that their clothing is theimitation models for workplace women. page 1 / 4
  2. 2. Fashion Heaven Organizationhttp://www.fashion-heaven.orgEvery appearance of Queen Elizabeth amazes the public. Although years past,elegance and dignity are timeless and never change! Judging by appearancealone, the queen is not as beautiful as many princesses. But when it comes tothe temperament and momentum, all beauty in front of her will be overshadowed.Conservative style is the same as usual no matter it is straight line or curve line.The unity of the quality and the color of the texture embody a sober and maturefeeling. All styles of the brooches are the queens favorite. The brooches arealways pinned in the top left corner of the clothing, which not only shows thenoble status of the queen but also makes them look taller and straighter. page 2 / 4
  3. 3. Fashion Heaven Organizationhttp://www.fashion-heaven.orgCompared with the queen who is closer to people, Margaret Thatcher, who isBritish first woman prime minister, has a stronger sense of authority. The broadcollar, the medal type accessory being hung highly at the top left side and thelarge particles of pearls interpret the female leaders commission of steering hernation. No matter at what age Margaret Thatcher is, the straight line clothing onMargaret Thatcher’s appearance is especially harmonious, and it reflects herrational thinking and inner resolute determination. Even today that man is inpower, no one dares to underestimate her existence. page 3 / 4
  4. 4. Fashion Heaven Organization http://www.fashion-heaven.org Bruni-sarkozy, being the first lady, is the most controversial of all. Being a model and unwed mother and having nude photos are the factors that the conservative French people become against her. But she stands in any position is just like what kind of roles she has to play. So the opponents are brought into submission by her charms. A purple suit showing noble and elegant with conservative but lively design undoubtedly is in line with the identities of both Bruni First Lady and the trendy people. We have to say that, the first ladies being born in the fashion are very rare, let alone the ladies who know when to proceed and step back. Every time she wears a flat or a very short heel shoes and takes a simple clean straight line handbag when she visits with Sarkozy, which saves her husbands face and will not let other men have wild desires. Which man doesnt want to possess this so intelligent and beautiful woman? Walking between the authority and the beauty not only needs the courage but also requires wisdom. It is not walking on thin ice, but it needs to be consolidated step by step. Only when people walk steady can they walk well. Hermes Men Bags page 4 / 4Powered by TCPDF (www.tcpdf.org)