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It can be said that the founder of Tiffany is Charles Lewis Tiffany who created a
tradition of using diamond rings for engagement. Although, as early as 1477,
Prince Maximillian of Austria gave a diamond ring to his bride, but at that time the
gem was inlaid in accordance with the early style, and the bright brilliance of
diamonds had not been fully demonstrated. In 1886, Mr. Tiffany introduced his
first engagement ring. Its groundbreaking new design gave the diamond
new-brand brilliance, and attracted worldwide attentions.

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Tiffany engagement diamond_rings_love_myth

  1. 1. High Vogue Organizationhttp://www.h-vogue.orgTiffany Engagement Diamond Rings-Love Myth[Tiffany, Tiffany Engagement Diamond Rings, Tiffany Bezet, Tiffany Novo]It can be said that the founder of Tiffany is Charles Lewis Tiffany who created atradition of using diamond rings for engagement. Although, as early as 1477,Prince Maximillian of Austria gave a diamond ring to his bride, but at that time thegem was inlaid in accordance with the early style, and the bright brilliance ofdiamonds had not been fully demonstrated. In 1886, Mr. Tiffany introduced hisfirst engagement ring. Its groundbreaking new design gave the diamondnew-brand brilliance, and attracted worldwide attentions. By using six thin clawsto lift the gems on top of the ring, diamond can reflect more light. So the ring willhave unprecedented bright light reflected by the diamonds. Since then, millions ofpeople around the world began to be obsessed in diamond rings and began tofollow this tradition –man will give a diamond ring to his fiancee.This gift has become the ultimate symbol of love and lifelong commitment.Diamond is the hardest natural material in the world. Its English name diamondcomes from the Greek word adamas, meaning indestructible. Similarly, theengagement ring is also a metaphor for the combination of never separation. Thebright gem itself conveys an indescribable and wonderful feeling of lifetime love.Just like every love story that can not be copied, every diamond is unique. page 1 / 7
  2. 2. High Vogue Organizationhttp://www.h-vogue.orgIt is not the first sensation caused by Charles Lewis Tiffany’s launching ofdiamond rings. In fact, he had previously purchased French royal jewels andused these gems to create luxurious jewels and sold them to celebrities. Hehimself, therefore, was given the name of “King of Diamond”. The biggestsensation he caused was the buying of a rare valuable yellow diamond. Underthe meticulous craft, it became the later Tiffany diamond. In 1878, the total weightof the diamond was 287.42 karats and later it was cut in to a unique pillow-shapediamond with a total weight of 128.54 karats. One century later, this pricelessyellow diamond was displayed at Tiffany’s Fifth Avenue flagship store in NewYork. This America’s ever largest diamond not only obtained the authoritativereputation for the company but also means Tiffany’s selling the diamonds ofsupreme quality and beautiful design. page 2 / 7
  3. 3. High Vogue Organizationhttp://www.h-vogue.orgWithout doubt, Tiffany still retains the highest reputation. It upholds the moststringent diamond rating system in the industry. Usually only few diamonds canpass the censors and is identified as qualified. Once a diamond is identified andpasses the examination, diamond craftsmen will carefully study its natural form.With carefully cut, they strive to show its natural beauty, even at the expense oflightening diamonds’ carats. Only in this way can each diamond perfectlydemonstrate their dazzling brilliance. Each set with gems is to fit the diamond Inaddition, the time you choose Tiffany diamond ring to complete life-longcommitment, the company also fulfill their long-standing commitment to thecommunity: in the aspect of purchasing diamonds and precious metals, thecompany has formulated strict standards. All the blood diamonds and the illegalexploitation of the precious metals will be shut out.Tiffany Legends series was born under such strict standards. This series consistsof five diamond rings. With the combination of classic and modern, it has won alarge number of loyal fans around the world. These styles include both classicstyle of 150 years, and new styles of only two years. Every woman who is lookingfor their favorite rings can attest that each design has its own unique charm. page 3 / 7
  4. 4. High Vogue Organizationhttp://www.h-vogue.orgSix-claw set diamond engagement ring of Tiffany Setting is a perfect example.Since its first launching in 1886, this unique design has always on the top-sellinglists. In the letter that Audrey Hepbum wrote to Tiffany to celebrate its 150anniversary, she made a high praise of the jewels: classic and eternal. WhatHepbum said has fully expressed the charms of this simple and delicate six-clawdiamond ring. Just like Hepbum herself, the design of Tiffany Setting to highlightthe brilliance of diamond has become the synonym of low-profile and elegance.Lucida ® is an exclusive Tiffany patent design. Prominent high crown surface andthe ladder cutting corners complement the broad grace and make this squarering show a bright luster. Lucida ® exclusive inlaid diamond design lies on itsclaw graceful curves, to demonstrate the elegance and dignity of diamonds.Lucida ® received great popularity among customers who favor design of largediamonds. page 4 / 7
  5. 5. High Vogue Organizationhttp://www.h-vogue.orgTiffany Novo is a creative work adopting pillow-shaped cutting, with bothenthusiastic and unique style. This shiny diamond ring is inspired by Tiffanyyellow diamond. It integrates modern style with timeless elegance, realizing theperfect combination of past and future.Tiffany Bezet is the newest works of Legends series. The traditional design ofinlaid design such heart-shaped, pear-shaped, round and other shapes fit withthe modern and classic demands. This kind of design is more similar to theshape of hand. Then the shape and the beauty of diamond will be highlighted.The moment Bezet series launched, it immediately released inexplicable dazzling page 5 / 7
  6. 6. High Vogue Organizationhttp://www.h-vogue.orglights in serenity.Works of Legacy were inspired by classical paintings’ collection in the early 19thcentury, which could raise the good memories of the French "Belle Epoque"period. It uses pillow-shaped cutting (Tiffany’s patent) and is inlaid with beads inthe surrounding, which is full of feminine beauty and romantic feeling. Diamondring is so stunning that peoples eyes attracted to the shining surface, unable toextricate themselves.Legacy is a wonderful contradiction - deep and dreamy, full of passion but shy atthe same time, as if it is from another epoch, but is favored in the new century.Tiffanys Legends series is leading the market’s trend. Meanwhile, it also provesits eternity. When people buy gifts for the symbolized love, permanent page 6 / 7
  7. 7. High Vogue Organization commitment and the perpetual combination in the most important and meaningful moment, this detail is very important but most time is ignored. It is often said that women would carefully look their engagement ring for over one million times. Every Tiffany diamond ring is condensed with rich experiences of more than eight generations in order to ensure that every time she appreciates the ring she can be intoxicated. She would realizes that it is more than a piece of jewelry, but a valuable treasure that can be passed from generation to generation. Cartier Necklace page 7 / 7Powered by TCPDF (