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Chernobly diaries trailer analysis
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Chernobly diaries trailer analysis


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  • 1. Chernobyl Diaries trailer analysis
  • 2. O The trailer begins by using high key lighting and we hear a character saying “here were go”. This links to the images used as we see a man recording himself. Non- diegetic upbeat music is used to complement their mood.O The use of handheld camera makes the audience feel involved and gives the trailer a higher level of verisimilitude. However it can create the sense of chaos, as it can be hard to follow the jerky movements.
  • 3. O The establishing shots of the Eiffel Tower and the Colosseum in Rome help set up the storyline of the film, as we are given an idea that the film is going to be about a group of characters who like to explore different parts of the world.
  • 4. O The proxemics of the characters in the shot on the left show that they are comfortable around each other and the upbeat music complements this.O A whip pan transition is then used to indicate a passage of time between the shots, this whip pan stands out because of its abrupt style which isnt common in a horror film. This is therefore challenging genre conventions. The effect of this is that it doesn‟t make it seem as though it is going to be a horror movie.O The use of a wide shot allows the audience to see all of the characters in the film.
  • 5. A straight cut is then used to show thecharacter‟s conversation, straight cuts areused so that its easy for the audience tofollow the conversation, typical of the genre.
  • 6. O After setting up the storyline, a couple of shots are shown clarifying to the audience what happened in Chernobyl. „IN 1986 CHERNOBYL REACTOR 4 EXPLODED‟. In these shots they have a strip in the middle where the text is written in white writing across a red banner. The colour red signifies blood and death, which is typical of a horror film and it also links to the Chernobyl disaster where many civilians died.O These titles appear simultaneously so that the audience can see the events of Chernobyl and how it was reported at the time of the event.
  • 7. O As the screen shows some text and images of Chernobyl, a Foley siren noise sounds, as if it was the sound you would hear if you were there when the incident took place. We then see news clips and hear the reporters describing the incident. “No time to take anything.”, “Abandoned overnight”. This helps the audience get a better understanding of how bad the events which took place were.
  • 8. O The use of the long shot shows the desolate location, which is a typical of a horror film. The mise en scene in this shot is very limited as the area is run down, so it therefore highlights the emptiness of the area and how it has been neglected after the disaster.
  • 9. O Two Foley bangs sound as the screen shows the production companies. This draws the audience‟s attention to what is shown on the screen. The background uses dull colours with a blood stained and grainy effect, which is a typical convention of horror films, as these colours signify danger and evil which is significant to a horror.
  • 10. O The camera pans to show that the characters are heading to the Chernobyl disaster area. A fade to black transition is then used to reveal the characters in the van and to show passing of time, that being either a few minutes or hours.
  • 11. O This high angle shot shows the characters arriving at their destination. The use of the high angle helps to show the derelict buildings, again typical of the horror genre.
  • 12. O The way the camera is angled in this shot shows that the emphasis is on the male driver, who is their tour guide.
  • 13. O Low key lighting and a non diegetic parallel sound of a helicopter is used in this shot to show the change of mood.
  • 14. O As this long shot appears the mood instantly changes from a happy atmosphere to an eerie mood. This is revealed through non diegetic echoes and booming noises.O In the over the shoulder shot Foley sounds of the radiation receiver are played, so this instantly gives the characters and the audience the impression that something bad is going to happen.
  • 15. O The use of this close up of the toy doll is to draw the audience‟s attention to the fact that there used to be life living in the area. It may also indicate that there could be a child near by, who may have been left behind. Children in horror movies are generally spooky and this shot helps to add eeriness to the trailer.
  • 16. In the low angle shots of the male character the musicbecomes quite sinister, which indicates that something badmay happen, preparing the audience for a visceral response.The camera then pans around to this two shot of the femalecharacters to reveal their reaction.As the over shoulder shot appears the music slows down andso does the shot, which implies that the mood is about tochange.
  • 17. The non diegetic boom sounds in the wideangle shot makes the atmospheretense, therefore, building tension.
  • 18. O A sound bridge of the non diegetic booming sounds is used in this wide angle shot to emphasize the change of mood, and the fact this shot is in monochrome acts as a turning point for the characters; it symbolizes the beginning of the turmoil.
  • 19. In this low angle shot the camera pansaround the character and non diegeticsounds of a timer are being played, whichcould indicate that the character‟s time isrunning out.
  • 20. O The flash from the camera acts as a transition to the wide angle shot and then again into the next shot of the swing. However ,this time the colour of the shot has changed to sepia. This makes it seem as though a photograph has been taken, as if it wants to pause at that moment in time. The swing may also relate to the child‟s doll which could provide the audience with ideas that a child is an important character in the film.O A zoom is used to put emphasis on the fact that the character has noticed something disturbing, throughout these shots a sound bridge of deep booming and high pitched sounds are played to build tension.
  • 21. O In both this mid shot and high angle shot, a sound bridge of high pitched and deep rumbling noises is used to create tension and heighten the action, as the female character has just discovered something disturbing.
  • 22. O The low key lighting and the narrative in these shots „ the wires have been destroyed‟ instantly tells the audience that the characters are not alone and it is where the action begins. A Foley sound of a walkie talkie is used to show that they are trying to get help.
  • 23. O The low key lighting in the van shots makes the scene seem more sinister and the use of the wide angle shot allows the audience to see that the characters are all drawn to something outside.O An over the shoulder shot of the radiation receiver Is used again to show that there is something creepy outside.
  • 24. Chiaroscuro lighting is used in the wide angleshot creating shadows, thus building a sense ofsuspicion.The narrative of the characters tells theaudience that they may not be alone ‘are yousure we’re out here alone?’. This therefore putsideas into the audiences head and makes themthink about what could potentially happen.
  • 25. O A long shot is used to reveal the female character who seems to be hiding from what may be the antagonist. The non diegetic high pitched sounds complement the mood of this sequence, this is where the action heightens and begins to unfold.
  • 26. O Nearly halfway through the trailer a title page appears and says „FROM OREN PELI CREATOR OF PARANORMAL ACTIVITY‟ across what looks like a blood stained banner; blood symbolising death and danger. The name Oren Peli and Paranormal Activity are written in larger letters which makes them stand out more to the audience. By intertexutally referencing Paranormal Activity which was a successful film, the film company involved in making Chernobyl Diaries are attracting an audience already, them being fans of Paranormal Activity. The font used for this piece of text makes the title easy to read, yet it has a cracked effect which corresponds to the genre of the film. A slight effect is used when the colours are changing, it seems as though each colour cracks away to reveal the other colour, this therefore complements and matches the genre of the film. On the next title page the same font is used which reads „THIS SUMMER‟. This is to let the audience know when the film is being released and to attract audiences.
  • 27. The camera tracks the two charactersbackwards as they are running away fromthe antagonist. As the camera has trackedthe characters back, it gives the trailervariety in shots and angles, thereforekeeping the audience in suspense andinteresting them further.
  • 28. In the wide angle shot, the female is placed at the front, therefore drawingattention to her, making it seem like she is the bravest member of the group.The camera then focusses on the small child, who is an enigma. This shotcould potentially link back to the previous shot of a child‟s doll, which couldmean that the little girl is protecting her territory . This makes the audiencewatch closely as they want to find out who it is and what it will do to thecharacters.
  • 29. A shallow focus shot is then used, focussing on themale character, showing his masculinity in thesituation.The high angle shot of the woman is used to showher vulnerability and how scared she is. In thebackground we can see a figure, which may be theantagonist . By showing this it is making the audiencefeel afraid too, as the figure could possibly attack thefemale character, therefore enticing the audienceeven more and keeping them interested.
  • 30. O Once more the same background effect is used on the other title pages. The next title page says „EXPERIENCE‟ after this, it straight cuts to a small number of clips before another title page which says „FALLOUT‟ again, there are a few more clips of the film followed by a title page which reads „CHERNOBYL DIARIES‟. This title is slightly different to the previous ones, as in this title the letter „R‟ is reversed and appears backwards. By making the title slightly different to the others it makes it stand out more and because it is the name of the film and the last title the audience see, it needs to grab their attention.
  • 31. O The framing and lighting of this shot draws attention to the figure, however, just before the figure is shown a silence is used. Silences are used in horror films to build tension and are typically followed by a frightening sound, which spooks the audience.
  • 32. O The framing in these two wide angle shots helps to show that the characters are alone. This is also highlighted by the use of chiaroscuro lighting .O The non diegetic sound of the young girl laughing makes the trailer seem creepy.
  • 33. O The camera then pans around quickly to reveal a female character being taken. This is uncomfortable for audience‟s to watch, as female characters are seen as more vulnerable and defenceless, so when they are taken or killed it seems worse than when a male character has been taken.
  • 34. O The use of the close up of the man‟s face and the shallow focus of the female‟s face draws the audience‟s attention to them and to the fact that the antagonist is after them.
  • 35. O A long shot has been used to show the characters running away from the antagonist.O The second shot it a high angle shot of the female character. By using the high angle, it highlights the fact that she‟s in danger.
  • 36. O A low angle shot is used to establish the location and the vast size of where the characters have to escape from.
  • 37. O The last shot we see is a handheld camera shot which makes the audience feel as though the action is really happening. As the shots are quick and jerky it makes the audience feel afraid.
  • 38. O One of the last titles we see is „COMING SOON‟ which has their website underneath therefore directing the viewers to it, to find out more on the movie. This is demonstrating synergy and how the production company worked with other companies to produce its website.