Small Shifts, Big Impact BLC12

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  • 1. Shifts, Big Impact @lottascales @sewilkie #ssbi12 #blc12 closing the gap to empowered learning
  • 2. te b ora olla tc ec o nn uil dc in kb th ker re tin nt me ple g n im desi try lo reexpDrinking from the fire hose #ssbi12 #blc12
  • 3. Change is aprocess, notan event. - Chip & Dan Heath #ssbi12 #blc12
  • 4. It’s in the Process... #ssbi12 #blc12
  • 5. “...a vivid picture that shows what could bepossible in the near-term future.” (Switch p.78) Write a single statement of “destination” for your ideal learner... Who do you want your learners to be at the end of the year? Who will your Destination Postcard learners be?
  • 6. Think - Pair - SharePass Your Postcard Broaden & Build
  • 7. Shift 1:Brain Breaks 20/2
  • 8. 20 Minute Twitter• low floor• formative assessment• brain-compatible• community-building• breaking down the “boxes”• model sm for learning @jgough
  • 9. Class Twitter 20/2 • Tapping Outside Resources • Extending Learning • Global Connections • Math Minutes • Curiosity Questions • Connection / Challenge / Concept / Change
  • 10. 56Thinkers
  • 11. Le an into the dip ! TwitteracyChange is a process, not an event. - Chip & Dan Heath
  • 12. Student Roles: The DigitalLearning Farm Resource•• Researchers Official Scribes Alert!• Tutorial Designers• Curriculum Reviewers• Collaboration Coordinators• Contributors to Society• “Disruptive Technologist”
  • 13. 2min reflection (or tweet #ssbi12) What are your THOUGHTS CONNECTIONS QUESTIONS Who will yourDestination Postcard learners be?
  • 14. Shift 2:ThinkingRoutines I see... I think...I wonder...
  • 15. Flickr Creative Commons Resource• 270 million photos• Licensed for use Alert!• Geotagged
  • 16. 2/3 of the Gym Closed Today! 90* is 1 /4 o f a Ci rcle Headlines Take Any Fraction And Split it in Half.Write a headline for It Will Never fractions that Reach Zerosummarizes a key tureaspect you feel is L itera Div ide fths significant and ts Fi important den ks Into Stu oo B
  • 17. C-S-I Summarize Michigan in the 1800s Color, Symbol Image Routine
  • 18. Le an into the Thinking dip ! RoutinesChange is a process, not an event. - Chip & Dan Heath
  • 19. Project Zero: Thinking Routines Resource• Artful Thinking• Visible Thinking Alert!
  • 20. The qu ality of our thin king is given in thequality of ourquestio ns. ~ Linda ElderShift 3: Questioning
  • 21. iWonder Curiosity Questions & iPad
  • 22.“When you ask for genius, it usually shows up.” - Angela Maiers Genius Questions Igniting Curiosity
  • 23. Classroom ofQuestioners Make it sticky
  • 24. What We Need to Know...
  • 25. InvitingQuestionsProblem StatementDriving QuestionsNeed to Knows
  • 26. Identifying & Sorting ‘Need to Knows’...
  • 27.
  • 28. Costa’s Levels of Questioning Resource• Derived from Bloom’s• Designing assessments Alert!(teacher AND student)• Model for better questions
  • 29. Le an into the dip !QuestioningChange is a process, not an event. - Chip & Dan Heath
  • 30. 2min reflection (or tweet #ssbi12) What are your THOUGHTS CONNECTIONS QUESTIONS Who will yourDestination Postcard learners be?
  • 31. Shift 4: Miningthe Process
  • 32. Thinkering Studio
  • 33. Engage Creativity & Innovation
  • 34. Metacognition Learning Out Loud
  • 35. Turns... sepsd251
  • 36. Collaborative Processing Peer PD
  • 37. Le an into the Mining the dip ! ProcessChange is a process, not an event. - Chip & Dan Heath
  • 38. Shift 5: Grow the Culture
  • 39. Relatives Network photo by s.wilkie, 2011
  • 40. Skype Station Lego Desig n Expert tPeer C onsultan Student-Led Skype
  • 41. Collaborative Notes
  • 42. Learning Dispositions Okay, Scientists... & Language Choice
  • 43. Make a Difference in the World in 60 Minutes...
  • 44. Everything is hard, until it’s easy. - Carol Dweck “I made an A on my English test because I decided for this test that I was going to be an effective learner and pay more attention.” Effort x Strategies = Success Teach Growth Mindset - Jessica Parsons
  • 45. What’s Your “Yeah, but...”
  • 46. Le an into the Grow the dip ! CultureChange is a process, not an event. - Chip & Dan Heath
  • 47. 2min reflection (or tweet #ssbi12) What are your THOUGHTS CONNECTIONS QUESTIONSDestination Postcard
  • 48. #ssbi12 #blc12