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K12 Learning 2.0 BLC10

  1. 1. K12 Learning 2.0 Using the Tools to Learn About (hopefully more than) the Tools
  2. 2. My Info & Today’s Dessert Shelley Paul | @lottascales shelley (dot) paul @ gmail.com
  3. 3. First, an Invitation http://k12learning20.wikispaces.com
  4. 4. The Intent http://www.flickr.com/photos/chrisgold/3229042760/
  5. 5. The Nagging Worry http://www.flickr.com/photos/kaworukoneru/2230794481/
  6. 6. The Dilemma It can be hard to know what you want to do if you don’t know what’s possible.
  7. 7. What you hope for... “I have become a learner again.”
  8. 8. “What do you like about blogging?” http://blog.woodward.edu/ps_edmison/?p=235
  9. 9. The Evolution The Inspiration: 43 Things I might want to do this year (article by Stephen Abrams) The Original: PLCMC Learning 2.0 (Helene Blowers' program for public library staff) The Offspring: K12 Learning 2.0 (my course)
  10. 10. “Official” Objectives Survey of tools Exposure to “shifts” Models
  11. 11. Tacit Objectives Community Technological Self-reliance Curiosity Risk-taking
  12. 12. What’s under the hood? Course design Core technologies Support resources Scaffolding and repetition K12 Learning 2.0 http://www.flickr.com/photos/wwarby/4782904694/
  13. 13. Test Drive (Your Turn) http://k12learning20.wikispaces.com http://www.flickr.com/photos/wwarby/4782904694/
  14. 14. A Few of My Favorite “Things...” http://www.flickr.com/photos/santos/61479875/
  15. 15. Thoughts on Blog Posts “It is literally a written conversation with the world. What an opportunity for opening the mind!” “Whether the blogs were about writing, ecology, or   encouraging learning, they made me feel connected to people I have never met in person – and never will, but whose opinions were suddenly important. This was a pleasant and exciting surprise.” http://travel1.edublogs.org/2008/09/24/thing-4-thoughts-on-blog-posts/
  16. 16. Student-Based Learning for the Adult “ By reviewing the materials, I was able to identify the problem and implement the solution. What a wonderful lesson to learn and share with adults who think being the source of all knowledge is a teacher’s primary goal. Critical thinking skills, student-based learning, and discovery learning are nurtured and taught by giving students the best tools, NOT all the answers.” http://dbriggs.edublogs.org/2008/07/11/student-based-learning-for-the-adult/
  17. 17. Go Ahead and Use Me! “We want people to take our ideas. We want people to give us theirs ... the idea of stamping something with a ‘Use Me, Please’ is exciting, if not a little bit ego-inflated. Who would want to use something I created? Everyone, clearly.” http://cruncher18.edublogs.org/2008/03/24/go-ahead-and-use-me-creative-commons-thing-9/
  18. 18. Bow Olympics!
  19. 19. Vicki Davis is Inspiring! http://perkone.edublogs.org/2008/05/29/thing-4-cool-cat-teachers-spy-article-is-a-must-read/#comment-13
  20. 20. My RSS Obsession “My name in Ana, and I’m an RSS-oholic. Ok, so I’ve gotten familiar with RSS for about a month now ... I love opening my google reader to find all of my favorite news sources consolidated in my own personalized little way. http://perkone.edublogs.org/2008/05/29/thing-4-cool-cat-teachers-spy-article-is-a-must-read/#comment-13
  21. 21. Google Docs for Music http://spreadsheets.google.com/viewform?hl=en&formkey=cmlqdUtScUJJVEZRWmRQY3pUQk9RTEE6MA
  22. 22. Networked Learning “...with Web 2.0 you can become part of a much wider community, and are able to draw on a much larger and diverse range of opinions than those of your colleagues. I realized that I enjoy being challenged and stimulated by others who have taken the time to express their opinions and relate their experiences, and who have done so in a way that is well- written and compelling to read.” http://q8biology.edublogs.org/2008/10/29/thing-7b-will-web-20-be-an-integral-part-of-education
  23. 23. Networked Learning http://q8biology.edublogs.org/2008/10/29/thing-7b-will-web-20-be-an-integral-part-of-education
  24. 24. Reflections (Thing 23) “I hope that I show my students my excitement and enthusiasm for my new found knowledge. I want to be an example of someone enjoying life-long learning. Because the more I learn the more I like learning.” http://suzedw.edublogs.org/2008/07/30/thing-23-final-thoughts/
  25. 25. Reflections (Thing 23) “I think [this course] has redefined how I learn and will teach. That is a big statement. I always thought I had to be an expert on something in the computer lab before I dared take my students in but I know it is the process of learning that is just as important. I feel so good that I completed this course and I want my students to feel that exhilaration.” http://lovingtoread6.edublogs.org/2008/07/30/thing-23-hooray/
  26. 26. Lessons & Discoveries Commitment Feedback is huge Shut-down happens Problem-solving = Empowerment Focus on students ingrained CC is new to most Wikis = Gateway Hooray Stretch tasks! Design for Habits & Connections Analog Rules! http://www.flickr.com/photos/alokemon/279923162/
  27. 27. Reflections (Thing 23) “My students have such an amazing view of the world now. No person is too far away or too unreachable for them!” http://mrsedmison.edublogs.org/2008/05/11/thing-23-this-has-been-an-amazing-journey/
  28. 28. Questions? http://www.flickr.com/photos/87765855@N00/3105128025/
  29. 29. Finally, an Invitation http://k12learning20.wikispaces.com