Extracurricular Activities at Higher School of Economics


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These slides describe the way student extracurricular activities are managed at State University - Higher School of Economics.

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Extracurricular Activities at Higher School of Economics

  1. 1. Extracurricular students’ activities support in State University – Higher School of Economics Tatiana Zakharova Vice-rector proxy on student extracurricular activites management
  2. 2. What is it all about?
  3. 3. Why do we do it? Extracurricular students’ activities are very important due to the following: 1. Students are an unexсludable and fully legitimate part of out university’s community. They deserve no less attention than anyone else in the university. 2. Students achieve practical experience while participating in activities that are interesting to them. 3. Students are engaged in useful and challenging activities instead of drug and alcohol abuse (which is a big risk in Russia) or falling prey to religious or political sects.
  4. 4. Who is involved?
  5. 5. Work of Department for students’ extracurricular activities management
  6. 6. 1. Support for students’ initiatives
  7. 7. Support for students’ initiatives
  8. 8. Sources of initiatives The initiatives may come from: - the students, or - the Department itself.
  9. 9. Performers of initiatives Our department supports the initiatives that students exhibit. There are initiatives coming from the department, that are put into being by students’ hands.
  10. 10. Extracurricular work is always a partnership.
  11. 11. Charity actions and projects aimed at social awareness
  12. 12. Donorship initiative
  13. 13. “Mi Vmeste” camp
  14. 14. Clown doctor project
  15. 15. Student self-administration support There are 18 facultees in HSE. Many of them have their own student councils. The councils’ primary tasks are to: - protect the students’ rights; - improve the dialogue between the students and the facultees’ administrations; - develop and nourish the facultees’ and university’s corporate culture and traditions. Our Department supports student councils in all aspects at all times.
  16. 16. Student organizations support There are more than 30 student organizations in HSE. Our department supports the projects that they nurture. A special annual award has been set up to promote the best projects — “The Cast Iron Egg”
  17. 17. Areas of student organizations' efforts
  18. 18. Student media support !"# $%& 1. “Vorona” magazine (“Vorona” is “crow” in Russian, '&0 9): : the mascot of HSE) "#4$#!(' -"# /& *! '2 ($) %#* -+ ,)# %&* '09 )% .%/,-#'( .-# ! 0%1 '! 0 +1&2 %: 5 5 !"# % " ? , "%+ )-3 * # $ "4& 6 )-) $"# - 5-4 %" "#$ -2! #,! #)- ' # *! # )" 1 &'( %- " (' 23" 7 ' .%/ # / 8 $%& 2. Newspaper “Vyshka” )*+: !"# 4% #: /0 + )* + . ")* &#- '(& 6! ) 4-7!#&- "!, %& *8. (“Vyshka” is the nick name of #$ ,"9 ! " =" Vysshaya Shkola Economiki) 58> 1<8: 5 ;<3 '4-" ?/&<11"- "`0 8
  19. 19. 2. Students’ personal aid
  20. 20. Students’ personal aid
  21. 21. Psychological help The center for psychological counseling does: — personal counceling for students — educational project “Personal development school”
  22. 22. Acclimatization help The Training center performs: — Acclimatizaion training for freshmen. — Various skill training for students.
  23. 23. Scientific pursuits facilitation We provide organizational and IT support for the annual contest of students’ scientific papers, held in HSE for its students and students from other universities. We carry out summer schools, including international ones (The annual “Baltic Practice”, summer school of economics, Summer Academy: The Art of Startup, to name a few) We organize various student scientific conferences, including cross-university ones.
  24. 24. “Baltic Practice” summerschool
  25. 25. Summer Academy “The Art of Startup”
  26. 26. Student conference
  27. 27. Personal career start facilitation This is mostly the task of Center for Career Development, but sometimes we cooperate. Carreer-guidance and self-presentation trainings are sometimes conducted collaboratively by our Department and Center for Career Development.
  28. 28. Culture Center
  29. 29. Culture center Classic fine arts Hobby clubs Theatre Historical fencing club Historical dancing club Classic music Choreography Art studio Participation in external contests and festivals: FESTOS International choir music contest Theatrical festival “She, who flies the waves” Creative festival “Sails of Hope” Fortepiano music festival
  30. 30. Theatre
  31. 31. Historical fencing club
  32. 32. Historical dancing club
  33. 33. Choir “Force Major”
  34. 34. Center of Creative Studios Contemporary youth culture – digital visual art and design – indy music (rock, punk, folk, electronic) Carries out two festivals ArtVyshka MuzVyshka
  35. 35. MuzVyshka Festival
  36. 36. 3. Development of the University’s corporate culture
  37. 37. Development of the University’s corporate culture
  38. 38. Freshman’s day
  39. 39. A celebration and a spectacular performance prepared to welcome the new generation of students.
  40. 40. HSE Birthday Celebration is held on 27-th of November each year. University always gets congratulations from the top leaders of Russian government including Prime-minister and ministers of Trade and Finance.
  41. 41. Stud’in’Day: Students’ Day
  42. 42. Awards Golden Vyshka — from tutors to students and tutors. The Cast Iron Egg — from students to students. Respectum — from students to tutors.
  43. 43. Golden Vyshka Award
  44. 44. Golden Vyshka Award Presented annualy to tutors, students and employees of HSE. Winners are judged upon by a committee of professors in ordinary.
  45. 45. Golden Vyshka Award 6 nominations: • academic achievement • teaching achievement • scientific achievement • student initiative • contribution to HSE development • graduate’s success
  46. 46. The Cast Iron Egg Award
  47. 47. The Cast Iron Egg Award There are so many student organizations in HSE and their activities and projects are so diverse, that a special award has been established some 7 or 6 years ago, to promote the best ones.
  48. 48. The Cast Iron Egg Award The award is presented to students and student organizations. The winners are determined through voting by students, held for a week all across the University.
  49. 49. The Cast Iron Egg Award This year there are 8 nominations, including: 1. Personal extracurricular achievements 2. Personal sport achievements 3. Best Sport & Health project 4. Best culture and entertainment project 5. Best social awareness project 6. Best specialized project 7. Best creative project 8. Establishment or support of the best information source
  50. 50. Respectum Award
  51. 51. Respectum Award Respectum is awarded in spring. It is presented to the tutors, who were voted to be the favourite tutors of the faculties by the students of the respective faculties.
  52. 52. 4. Efforts on pedagogic and health-improving activities
  53. 53. Efforts on pedagogic and health- improving activities
  54. 54. Health Day
  55. 55. Extreme Sports Club
  56. 56. 5. Theoretical aid to HSE employees engaging students in extracurricular contexts
  57. 57. Theoretical aid There are other employees but ours that engage in extracurricular work with students on a day to day basis – Curators – Housemasters at hostels Our Department provides them with: – Trainings – Whitepapers on student engagement – Educational courses
  58. 58. The process of acclimatization and incorporation of freshmen into extracurricular student activities
  59. 59. The process itself
  60. 60. 1. Freshman’s day
  61. 61. A big celebration held just before the 1-st of September. The Great Concert Hall of Russian Academy of Sciences is the traditional venue.
  62. 62. Before the performance starts, the exhibition of student organizations is held. For them it is an opportunity to present themselves. For freshmen it is the first acquaintance with the student organizations. The freshmen fill in the questionnaires for the Core Leaders School enrollment.
  63. 63. 2. Acclimatization trainings Are carried out on all of the faculties for all volunteering freshmen. Can also be carried out for other students. Freshmen are told how to enjoy the stay at university and are taught the ways for most effective studying. The trainings are concluded by a brief presentation of opportunities for extracurricular activities.
  64. 64. 3. Core Leaders School
  65. 65. Core Leaders School Freshmen are selected based on the questionnaires they filled at Freshman’s Day They are personally interviewed. Most interesting students are hand-picked.
  66. 66. They are taken to some country holiday center and are engaged in trainings, games and simulation exercises.
  67. 67. 4. Incorporation into extracurricular activities Throughout all the first year of education the freshmen are headhunted and recruited by 1. Student organizations. 2. Student councils. 3. Project initiative groups. 4. Creative and hobby clubs.
  68. 68. Summary and some questions
  69. 69. Summary HSE possesses an established corporate culture and a set of traditions. Their continuity and stability are ensured by continuous and thoughtful work with every next generation of student activists. The methods of extracurricular work are continuously improved. Each year the number of finished projects steadily increases. The budgets allocated for student projects by the University are growing from year to year. This makes us feel confident and optimistic about our University’s future.
  70. 70. Questions to colleagues Is there an established process of collaboration with student activists in your university? If there is, then what are your ways? Why do you do this? What goals are kept in mind?
  71. 71. More questions What non-symbolic (not awards and not badges of honour) methods of motivation for student activity are you employing? Some analogue for ECTS credits maybe? (They’re called “opintopiste” here, are they?) Or maybe some special scholarships?
  72. 72. Even more questions Is there a process of psychological support for the students? Do you have any acclimatization measures for the freshmen? Do you have curators for the groups of students based on year when they were enlisted on a faculty?
  73. 73. Well, that’s it. Thank you for the discussion. tzakharova@hse.ru http://tr.im/StudLifeHSE http://tr.im/UvrsHSE