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Sky media advertising

  2. 2. COMPANY PROFILE Our office location is at Exim Melati building, 3 rd Floor, Jl. MH. Thamrin Kav 8-9 Jakarta10230 PT. Skymedia Resources Indonesia launched in the year of 2000 with the person that is experience in media television for more than 20 years; A strong partnership with Asia program distribution company strengthen Skymedia as a content provider, program and channel distribution in Asia. Skymedia co-operate with PT. Cipta Skynindo, and thus Skymedia become a program distribution to the pay TV of Skynindo. With the variety of in-house channel, Skymedia is hoping to reach different target market persistently, and thus precision brand to construct market segment.   Skymedia has also co-operate with 40 local TV in Indonesia; Skymedia becomes one of the good option among the local brand and national that want to sell the product. Our expert will help you in doing your TVC material with a great quality and friends price. Our VISION is to become a leader for content provider that is to entertain, educate, and value education as well as culture to civilians from the youngest to the eldest. Our mission is to collect the best program and distribute  to Indonesia or even overseas.
  3. 4. Focusing in Asian Idols, it becomes a wanted channel which provides the best source of youth dramas loved by teen girls and female young adults. Martial arts, colossal, and historical drama series are what comprise this channel, making it the favorite of the more mature minded.
  4. 5. Collections of wide screen movies for those with high taste in visual entertainment. Freshly updated and compiled, this channel is better than what is expected. A channel specially dedicated to those who love Indonesian social cultures, airing only Indonesian wide screen movies.
  5. 6. Our future Free to Air, focusing in entertainment and leisure. Within a few years will become a distinctive addition to Indonesia National TVs. Edutainment channel for kids with harmonious combination of playing and learning, where children’s inner self is nurtured for a better future.
  6. 7. A channel for those who eat and breathe music, with great collection of both local and international video clips. Currently, this channel is in cooperation with Nagaswara. Loved by those with passion in karaoke, this channel allows them to have fun like they never before while sitting on their own sofas.
  7. 9. RATE CARD SKYMEDIA Range Time Category Rate Card 19:00 – 24:00 Platinum Rp   750.000,- 11:00 – 18:00 Gold Rp   500.000,- 01:00  - 11:00 Basic Rp   250.000,-  Periode : Tahun 2011
  8. 10. MEDIA PRINT PARTNERSHIP <ul><li>NEWS PAPER 2. MAGAZINE </li></ul><ul><li>FENG ZHONG GATRA </li></ul><ul><li>FRONT ROLL LIBURAN </li></ul><ul><li>SHANG BAO TOURISM </li></ul>
  9. 11. Our list of 40 Local TV No. Local TV Coverage Area 1. PAL TV Palembang 2. FAJAR TV Makassar 3. LOMBOK TV Lombok 4. RATIH TV Kabumen 5. DUTA TV Banjarmasin 6. PASIFIC TV Manado 7. DHOHO TV Kediri 8. MADURA CHANNEL Madura 9. TOP TV Jayapura 10. PALU TV Palu 11. RADAR TV Banten 12. CB CHANNEL Depok 13. PJTV Bandung 14. Jambi Express TV Jambi 15. SBO TV Surabaya 16. BATAM TV Batam 17. KARIMUN TV Karimun 18. PADANG TV Padang 19. TRIARGA TV Agam – Sumbar 20. CITRA TV Lamongan No. Local TV Coverage Area 21. BRTV Banten 22. RADAR TV Cirebon 23. BENGKULU TV Bengkulu 24. Banjar TV Banjarmasin 25. BUKITTINGGI TV Bukittinggi 26. KILISUCI TV Kediri 27. JATILUHUR TV Purwakarta 28. TARAKAN TV Tarakan 29. BORNEO TV Balikpapan 30. BANGKA TV Bangka 31. CTV PANDEGELANG Pandegelang 32. MOLLUCA TV Ambon 33. CTV BANTEN Banten 34. FAVORIT TV Padang 35. PKTV Bontang 36. CTV LAMPUNG Lampung 37. KARAWANG CITRA Karawang 38. RADAR LAMPUNG Lampung 39. TA TV SOLO Solo 40. TV 3 JAKARTA Jakarta
  10. 12. Our Channel Line-up
  11. 14. CONTACT US WHOLE SALE TVC SPOTS EVENTS Anggun Sonya 081288484251 [email_address] Andriansyah 0818163370 [email_address] Erindira 08111558850 [email_address] Ronald Stefanus 087878730696 [email_address] Inoki Paruntungan 08128384600 [email_address] Reza 0818699555 [email_address]