Social media marketing proposal for an Auto Dealership


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How to create a social media marketing campaign for your automobile dealership and get the results you want!

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  • While not the most creative marketing channel, most used car dealers are using Craigslist to drive most of their used car sales. Free automation tools like CL AutoPilot ( allow dealers to post dozens of ads at once for free.
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Social media marketing proposal for an Auto Dealership

  1. 1. A Simple Introduction to Social Media Marketing for the Automobile Industry How to create a social media marketing campaign and get the results you really want Lorri Ratzlaff Making Sense of Social Media
  2. 2. Why Use Social Media for Your Auto Dealership
  3. 3. Why Use Social Media for your Auto Dealership Relevance Social Media Marketing is no longer simply an experiment, or a convenience. A, let’s see what happens, type of approach to social media marketing no longer holds value for anyone. Creatively Strategized and Implemented Social Media Marketing in today’s world makes you Relevant. It not only creates awareness for your brand and your product, but when done right, it sets you apart from those who are just “shooting blanks” and taking chances at how it should, and could, be done. Did you know that Canada has the most SOCIAL USERS of any country in the world? That’s right, Canadians are ONLINE and looking for you!
  4. 4. Why Use Social Media for your Auto Dealership Awareness Your main goal is always to be seen and heard in a way that not only attracts new and PAYING customers, but to also keep your current customers aware of developments (sales, specials) and even keep them entertained! I will go into this in more detail in a separate section. Keeping your content fresh, exciting and enticing is one of the first social media marketing strategies to implement. Doing so in a way that does not waste your precious time and money is my end goal for every auto dealership Keeping your BRAND In front of their ever roving eyes will always keep you top of mind when your audience is making buying decisions.
  5. 5. Why Use Social Media for your Auto Dealership Customer Service Having an ACTIVE social media presence is key for quality customer service! In today’s market you need to provide your customer a place to interact with you; to engage with you over new products or ask questions about problems they may be having with their product. People no longer just pick up the phone to dial your number. They are looking for you online on Facebook and Twitter to get that instant interaction, that immediate answer, they need. When engagement with your customer is given in a timely and effective manor your customers will ALSO compliment you, reward you called SOCIAL PROOF] [it’s for when you go above and beyond to provide them the service they are so desperately seeking.
  6. 6. Why Use Social Media for your Auto Dealership The Four E’s The Four E’s of an EFFECTIVE Social Media Marketing campaign: Enlighten – Give your customers a chance to get to know, like and trust you online. They may know your store front, but that is no longer ENOUGH for today’s paying customer. Show them the inner workings of your dealership to help them realize that you are real people, you have families and lives and interests and challenges; JUST LIKE THEM. Entertain – This is done through the posting of local information and events, uplifting and funny [appropriate] graphics, sporting stories, feel good items. Engage – When your customers comment; RESPOND! I can’t tell you how many businesses are missing the boat [and in turn, revenue] on this! When there is no engagement, customers will NOT return to your social “real estate”. They WILL look elsewhere for their needs. Educate – Keep your customers up to date with the latest industry information, with the goings on of your dealership, sales and specials locally and regionally (Chrysler Canada for example)
  7. 7. How To Use Social Media for Your Auto Dealership
  8. 8. How To Use Social Media for your Auto Dealership For your [insert dealership name here] social media marketing strategy I recommend: • a Facebook business page • a Twitter account • a Pinterest account • a YouTube channel For the “how to’s” on setting up these channels and how to run them effectively please visit:
  9. 9. How To Use Social Media for your Auto Dealership These are the TOP priorities and MUST-HAVES for an auto dealership. DYK #1: YouTube is the SECOND LARGST search engine online, second only to Google! When customers are looking for something, they turn to YouTube. DYK #2: 70% of the time Pinterest users decide to make a purchase it is BASED on a PIN they’ve seen! Through the consistent management and maintenance of these platforms and the strategies I implement you will receive: • Happier customers • Less expensive lead generation than what you’ve currently got in place, and • Qualified PAYING customers
  10. 10. "A poorly planned and executed Social Media presence is worse than NO presence at all." Lorri Ratzlaff Making Sense of Social Media