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LinkedIn handout 3_22_2012

  1. 1. Using LinkedIn ToMaximize Your Career Lorraine Goodman
  2. 2. Why Social Media? It’s up to you to figure out the value you’re goingto produce and then just do it.  Invest yourself inyour community through intelligence, help, insightand guidance. It s about becoming that expertthat you once relied upon to get your story outthere. Your job moving forward is to find the socialconsumer, engage with the social consumer. Buildauthority for yourself and the organization youwork with and then design the entire ecosystemaround experiences that can be shared and shouldbe shared.
  3. 3. How do People Find Jobs?1 in 6 Workers Used Social Media to find a job
  4. 4. How Employees found Current Job Referral from Personal or Business Contact Newspaper Internet Job Board Internal Job Listing Company Career Site UP  FROM  11%   Online Social Network 16% IN  2010   Career Fair Recruiter Agency 0% 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% 30% 35% 40%
  5. 5. Why LinkedIn?•  150 million members in over 200 countries and territories.•  Adding >2 new members EVERY SECOND•  People with more than twenty connections are thirty-four times more likely to be approached with a job opportunity than people with less than five.•  People with complete profiles are 40 times more likely to receive opportunities through LinkedIn•  LinkedIn allows you to make your “complete” profile available for search engines to index.•  LinkedIn produces twice as many leads as Twitter•  All 500 of the Fortune 500 are represented in LinkedIn. In fact, 499 of them are represented by director-level and above employees.
  6. 6. More about Users by Industry LinkedIn Higher Education Information Tech & Services Financial Services Retail Computer Software Marketing & Advertising Hospital & Health Care Telecommunications InsuranceAge of Users Oil & Energy
  7. 7. Google Yourself Lately?
  8. 8. Complete Profile Includes: •  Appropriate photo: •  Make it approachable and professional •  Consider branding across Social Media Platforms and Personal Websites •  Executive Summary & Skill Set •  Be creative with Headline. Should reflect WHO you are, NOT what you do. •  Three recent positions •  Education & Specialties •  At least 3 recommendations
  9. 9. Photos: Who Are They?Dog Trainer Fitness Expert ???? Not displaying your photo raises more questions than provides answers. Boring photos are just that – boring. Most jobs eventually require an in-person interview -- so why not let people see who you are upfront?
  10. 10. Interesting Headlines:
  11. 11. Recommendations
  12. 12. Recommendations
  13. 13. Use Groups: Best Practices1.  Learn from your network •  Groups  offer  an  excep:onal  opportunity  to  reach  out  to  the  people   that  you  want  to  talk  to  most.2. Discover your passion •  Groups  offer  the  opportunity  to  be  a  student  again3. Engage with your community •  Group  managers  enjoy  unprecedented  access  into  professional  fields   and  experts4. Develop a focused audience •  LinkedIn allows you to link your blog and develop more followers5. Show your Expertise: Deliver high quality, curated content •  The better the content, the more attention it will attract.
  14. 14. More About Groups:
  15. 15. LinkedIn Apps
  16. 16. Other Apps:
  17. 17. …and more being added every day
  18. 18. SlideShare:Use SlideShare to upload videos as well. For help:
  19. 19. LinkedIn Today
  20. 20. LinkedIn Today vs SignalLinkedIn Today: Your Customized NewspaperYou can see what news the worlds professionals are sharing and tweeting in LinkedIn: •  Allows you to customize your Front Page and follow industries and top news sources. •  Lets you like and share articles with your network or save them to read later. •  Sends you news updates and digest emails.LinkedIn Signal: The Water CoolerLets you see and filter updates and tweets from LinkedIn professionals who choose tomake their updates visible to anyone. •  Browse real-time updates with content summaries and direct links to the full content. •  Filter updates to show only those that you care about. •  Search for keywords, topics, companies or people across the updates stream. •  Save your search and check for updates later. •  Find trending links and Industry top headlines.
  21. 21. Apply for A Job
  22. 22. New on LinkedIn
  23. 23. Best Practices: LinkedIn•  Create a LinkedIn profile & Get Vanity URL•  Professional Headline & Photo that says who YOU are•  Search resumes of people who have jobs you want•  Create a COMPLETE profile•  When asking to connect, DO NOT USE DEFAULT TEXT.•  2% rule: Ask people to recommend you – then return the favor•  Join Industry Groups•  Upload videos, papers, etc. directly to LinkedIn•  Download & Use JobsInsider Toolbar•  Interact: Post, Respond, Answer Social Media Marketing for Actors: Lorraine Goodman & Max Weinstein
  24. 24. Useful LinkedIn Links•• •  LinkedIn 101: The basics of LinkedIn: Your Profile, Joining Groups, Settings, Search and more •  When: Wednesdays at 1 pm CST•••••
  25. 25. Sources & Suggested reading•  The New Rules: David Meerman Scott•  Social Marketing to the Business Customer: Paul Gillan & Eric Schwartzman••