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Student Profile Book of 27 current and former students who have taken/are taking Prof. Lorraine Eden\'s International Transfer Pricing course, and are on the market in fall 2012 looking for summer internships and fulltime positions in transfer pricing/international tax.

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Tp Profile Book Fall 12 Final

  1. 1. In September 2012, Professor Lorraine Eden and the students in her MGMT/INTA 663 International Transfer Pricing course at Texas A&M University decided to prepare a STUDENT PROFILEBOOK to highlight those students who were taking orhad taken MGMT/INTA 663 and were looking forplacement in transfer pricing, taxation, valuation orrelated careers.Twenty-seven students are included in this firstSTUDENT PROFILE BOOK. Each student has signed aFERPA release form, allowing public release of theirinformation for purposes of job placement.If your firm is interested in employing one or more ofthese students please contact them directly usingtheir email, phone or LinkedIn information.Questions about the Profile Book or about transferpricing at Texas A&M should be directed to Prof.Lorraine Eden at For more info, College Station, TX 77843-4221 USA Sept 28, 2012
  2. 2.          Mr. Abiodun Aribisala              Degree: Master of Public Service and Administration                     Expected Grad:  2013                Major/Track: Public Management            Academic Background  Degree : LLB      GPA: 3.5     Major : Law       University: University of Ibadan, Nigeria                                       Year: 2004  Degree: BL                            Major: Law      School:  Nigeria Law School, Abuja.                                                   Year: 2005  Nationality/Visa Status: Nigerian/ US Visa F1  Areas of Expertise (current/if planned, give date of expected completion)   Transfer Pricing/Tax:  Transfer Pricing (with Dr Lorraine Eden)  Accounting:   Financial Statement Analysis (Spring 2013)  Economics:  Economic Analysis for Public Policy (Micro Economics)  Statistics/Econometrics:  Quantitative methods I & II ( Policy emphasis and Econometrics)  Other Relevant Courses:  Oil and Gas law, Banking and Insurance Law and Public Budgeting   Software Proficiency:  Proficient with the statistical analysis software STATA and Microsoft Office   English Writing/Oral Proficiency:  Fluent in oral English and has good English writing skills   Other Languages:  Basic French  Work Experience: Graduate Research Assistant at Texas A&M Transportation Institute                                August 2012 – present  Worked with the team of Principal Researchers in developing a new Transportation Master Plan for the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.  Performed cost benefit analysis on the project.  Carried out Studies on the effectiveness of Administrative License Revocation in the State of Texas. Student Technician II at Texas A&M Transportation Institute                                               May 2012 – August 2012  Researched into the reform of DUI laws for the State of Texas Department of Transportation.  Suggested recommendations for the use of vendors for the training of police officers in the use of license reading technology for  the State of Texas. Senior Legal Officer at Department of Justice, Attorney at law (in‐ house) at the State Inland Revenue Service, Ibadan, Nigeria.                                                                                                                                                                  2007 ‐2011                                                                               Defended the Oyo State Government in Taxes and participated in drafting the bill for the State Property Tax law.   Negotiated out of court settlements between corporations and the State Government in tax disputes.  Attended tax court cases on behalf of the State Government. Other Relevant Experience:       State Law Review Editor, Certified Mediator/Arbitrator  Honors:     Best Moot and Mock Trial Lawyer, Nigerian Law School 2005, and Recipient of the 104th Congressional Scholarship at the Bush School 2011‐2012 Looking for Transfer Pricing Internship or Fulltime Position? (Check one or both)      Internship    Full time                                                  Preferred start date: May 2013      Preferred Locations (and why): Houston‐(this is because of my oil and gas background in the study of law).   Email:                                 Website:‐aribisala/3b/a5b/373
  3. 3. Ms.  Vanessa Berka Barbato   Degree:   Master of International Affairs   Texas A&M University         Expected Grad: 2013     Major/Track: International Economics and Development/International Economics      Academic Background  Degree: BA   Thesis Grade: 9.4/10  Major: Tourism Management   University: Universidade do Sul de Santa Catarina     Year :2001 Nationalities: Brazilian and Italian         US Visa Status: F1 Areas of Expertise (current/if planned, give date of expected completion):  Transfer Pricing/Tax: Transfer Pricing (Fall 2012)  Accounting:  Accounting Concepts and Procedures I (Fall 2012)  Economics:   Global Economy, Principles of Microeconomics, Advanced Economic Development (Spring 2013)  Statistics/Econometrics:  Quantitative Methods I and  Quantitative Methods II (Spring 2013), Quantitative Methods II Policy  Analysis (Econometrics)   Other Relevant Courses: International Trade Policy Analysis, Financial Instruments and is Regulations (Fall 2012), International  Business Policy (Spring 2013)  Software Proficiency: MS Office, Windows, Internet and Stata (Statistics Software)  English Writing/Oral Proficiency: TOEFL scores in 2011 ‐ 94  Other Languages: Portuguese (mother tongue), Spanish (Fluent) and Italian (Intermediate) Work Experience: Graduate Assistant at the International Institute for Multifunctional Materials for Energy Conversion – IIMEC – Aerospace Engineering Department                                                                                                    September 2011 – currently  Support the IIMEC on the organization and implementation of their summer and winter workshops, and annual meetings, hosting  international participants. Responsible for data collection, analysis, and development of the annual report to be submitted to the  funding agency (NSF) On‐sight coordinator                                               Summers 2011 and 2012 Aerospace Engineering Dept. Study Abroad in Brazil ‐ Texas A&M University  Plan  and  Support  the  Aerospace  Engineering  Summer  Undergraduate  Program  in  Brazil  by  facilitating  the  interaction  of  TAMU  faculty and undergraduate students with their Brazilian counterparts.  Travel with the group during the five weeks in Brazil, help  with the logistics on university campuses, and during trips and excursions Team Head‐waitress – Carnival Cruise Lines                                         July 2004 – June 2010  Providing excellent service while ensuring that all the food and beverage were complying with international standards of health.  Hospitality above all actions  Being in charge of a section of the top level restaurant – managing waiters, overseeing the food, wine, and special diet needs  Chief life raft during service on the ships. Responsible for the safety of guests and crew members to abandon the ship in case of a  real emergency Public Relations – Santa Catarina Tennis Federation                                                                 September 2008 – February 2009  Responsible for players relations, web site management and tournament/special events planning and implementation Comercial Assessor – Praia Brava Hotel                                                                    December 2003 – June 2004  Worked  on  all  major  areas  of  the  hotel  Business:  responsible  for  reservations,  supported  the  check  in  activities,  planned  and  implemented events and supported the accounting staff Receptionist/Cashier ‐ Club Med Brasil S/A                                                                   May 2002 – July 2003  Receptionist: Responsible for guest relations ensuring all guests left the front desk with an answer for their questions, or solutions  for their problems   Cashier: Promoted to cashier after 6 months. Responsible for closing the accounting system every evening, dealing with all  incoming/out coming money, preparing daily statements to direct supervisor, and processing the paper work with the credit card  companies  Looking for Transfer Pricing Fulltime Position  Preferred start date:  June/2013 Preferred Locations: 1st Ireland (Fiancé lives in Ireland) 2nd Brazil (Home country) 3rd USA  Email:                                    Website:‐berka‐barbato/46/9a8/a78  
  4. 4. Mr.  Andrew Comstock                                      Degree: Master of International Affairs                                                            Expected Grad: May 2013                                       Major/Track: International Economics and Development       Academic Background Bachelor of Science, Economics | Texas A&M University | 2011 | GPA: 3.619         Nationality/Visa Status: United States of America  Areas of Expertise (current/if planned, give date of expected completion)   Transfer Pricing/Tax:  Transfer pricing class at Texas A&M with Lorraine Eden  Accounting:  Classes on principles of accounting and managerial accounting  Economics: Extensive course work in economics, including theory and analysis  Statistics/Econometrics: Econometrics and quantitative methods  Other Relevant Courses: Course on financial instruments and regulation  Software Proficiency: STATA, Excel, Microsoft Office, LaTeX  English Writing/Oral Proficiency: Native tongue  Other Languages: Spanish – Intermediate high proficiency Work Experience: Worked as a research intern in the Office of the Chief Economist at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. Duties included extensive analysis of economic data and research in the realm of development policy. Research also included revisions relating to cross‐border banking during the financial crisis.   Honors: Received Mosbacher Institute grant to study international economics  Looking for Transfer Pricing Internship or Fulltime Position? (check one or both)     X Internship   X Full time                                                  Preferred start date: Summer 2013   Email: Acoms07@tamu .edu      
  5. 5.  Mr. Gavin Finnegan    Degree: Master of International Affairs                            Expected Graduation: May 2013    Major/Track:  International Economics & Development     Concentrations:  Multinational Enterprise & Agribusiness    Academic Background  Bachelor of Arts, World Religion | Loyola University, New Orleans | 2008 | GPA 3.56    Nationality: American  Areas of Expertise   Transfer Pricing/Tax: International Transfer Pricing (Dr. Lorraine Eden)  Accounting:  Accounting Concepts and Procedures, Financial Statement Analysis (Spring 2013)  Economics: Global Economy, Micro Economics, Macro Economics, International Business Policy, Agricultural Trade,  International Trade Policy  Statistics: Quantitative Methods I &II  Finance: Financial Instruments and Their Regulation, Commodities Futures and Options   Software Proficiency: STATA  Other Languages: Spanish (intermediate conversational) Jamaican Patios, Two Semesters of Arabic Work Experience  Community Development Specialist, Peace Corps (Jamaica. March 2009 ‐2011); Legislative Assistant for State Representative (March – October 2008 )   Honors: Graduated Cum Laude, Active Member of Pi Sigma Alpha‐ Political Science Honor Society, Featured Paper on the Muslim Response to Hurricane Katrina  Looking for Transfer Pricing Internship or Fulltime Position?     Internship     Full time                                                  Preferred Start Date: May 2013  Preferred Locations: Flexible  Email:  Website:  
  6. 6. Mr. William L. HoppesDegree: Master of International Affairs Expected Graduation: May 2013Track: International Economics and Development/China StudiesAcademic Background:Degree: Bachelors GPA: 3.2 Major: Economics University: Willamette Year: 2008Nationality/Visa Status: USAAreas of Expertise (current/if planned, give date of expected completion) • Transfer Pricing: International Transfer Pricing • Accounting: Financial Statement Analysis • Economics/Statistics: International Trade Policy, Quantitative Methods I & II • Other Useful Courses: Leadership & Public Administration, International Crisis Management • Software Proficiency: STATA, Ubuntu, MS Office and Open Office • English Writing/Oral Proficiency: Native • Other Languages: Intermediate Mandarin, Intermediate SpanishWork Experience: • Community Manager, WiSTONE, Beijing, 2010-2011 • Associate Editor, China Security Journal, Beijing, 2009-2010 • Operations Specialist, Micro Insurance Academy, New Delhi, 2008-2009Other Relevant Experience: • Led a six person team over four months to project success at the Micro Insurance Academy. • Hired two new employees at the Micro Insurance Academy and one new employee at WiSTONE.Other Information: • LLNL Technical Scholar, Summer Language Immersion at BCLU, Debate Club, Econ ClubLooking for a fulltime position, open to internships leading to a fulltime positionPreferred start date: May 2013Preferred Locations (and why): San Francisco (Hometown), Houston (Family in the area)Email: Website:
  7. 7. Ms.  Maite Hourcade dit Bellocq    Degree: Master  at EDHEC BUSINESS SCHOOL (France)      Expected Graduation:  2013    Major/Track:   Business Management/ International track        Academic Background Bachelor, Business Management | EDHEC (France) |2010                         French High School Diploma in Science, Mathematics specialization |A Level with honors  Nationality/Visa Status:    France   J1 Status  Areas of Expertise (current/if planned, give date of expected completion)   Transfer Pricing/Tax: Course  663 International Transfer Pricing  Accounting:  IFRS Accounting (EDHEC) and Corporate Finance (Pace University)  Economics: Microeconomics and Macroeconomics; Industrial Economics (EDHEC)  Other Relevant Courses: Business Analysis (Use of StaTools software)  Software Proficiency: Microsoft Office  English Writing/Oral Proficiency: Fluent : TOEIC 900; TOEFL 104  Other Languages: French and Japanese (JLPT N3 Level) Work Experience   1) 6 Months internship at Act One Consulting (Paris) specialized in Innovation Management. My clients were Total  Oil Company, Danone IT and Cegedim  2) 6 Months internship at Rapp Paris (group DDB Worldwide) in Digital Marketing. My clients was Lifescan and Air  France   Other Relevant Experience:   Member of the EDHEC Junior Communication Agency – Fundraising team   Member of the EDHEC Student Office – Fundraising team  Honors:    Winner of the advertising concourse “Les Etoiles de la Pub” in 2012, Spot category. Audience Award and Jury     Award   French High School Diploma with honors  Looking for Transfer Pricing Internship or Fulltime Position? (check one or both)     X Internship    Full time                                                  Preferred start date: February 2013 or June 2013    Preferred Locations (and why): New York or Paris, both are important business centers  Email:    
  8. 8. Mr. Kenneth Krupa Graduate Academic Background The Bush School of Government & Public Service at Texas A&M University | Master of International Affairs | International Economics and Development | May 2014 Undergraduate Academic Background Walsh School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University | Bachelor of Science in Foreign Service | International Economics | May 2011 | Magna Cum Laude | Major GPA: 3.81Nationality/Visa Status: AmericanAreas of Expertise Transfer Pricing/Tax: International Transfer Pricing (Fall 2012) Accounting: Financial Statement Analysis (Spring 2013) Economics: International Economic Thesis Seminar; Industrial Organization; Microeconomic Theory; International Trade; Unemployment, Search, and Matching; International Finance; Economic Crises; Topics in Macroeconomics Statistics/Econometrics: Econometrics; Statistics Other: Analysis I; Linear Algebra; Multivariable Calculus Software Proficiency: MS Office; Stata; LaTexEconomic Research “Getting What You Paid For? The Effect of Bribe Expectations on Bureaucracy.” (Thesis) o Used firm level data from World Bank Enterprise Surveys to study the interconnection of bribery, bureaucracy, and bribe expectations of bureaucrats “Let the Auction Begin: Corruption and FDI inflows into sub-Saharan Africa.” o Used firm level data from World Bank Enterprise Surveys to examine the effects of corruption and bribery on inflow of foreign direct investment to sub-Saharan AfricaRelevant Work Experience Accounting and Economics Research Assistant | McDonough School of Business at Georgetown University | May 2010 – May 2011Looking for Transfer Pricing Internship or Fulltime Position? Internship/ FulltimePreferred start date: May 2013Preferred Locations: Chicago | New York | Washington, DC | San Francisco | Miami | London | FrankfurtEmail:;
  9. 9. Ms. Yunyin Liu         Master of AgriBusiness  ( Expected Grad ‐ May 2013 )    Nationality/Visa Status:  China, F1 Visa  /   Email :      Phone: 716‐445‐1637    Academic Background       Master of AgriBusiness       GPA 4.0/4             Texas A&M University              Aug 2011– May 2013(expected)  - Departmental Scholarship & Novus Company Scholarship Business Economics            GPA 3.5/4              University of Macau                 Sep 2007 – June 2011  - Deans Honor List International Business  Finland Spring, 2009                  - Exchange student at Helsinki School of EconomicsAreas of Expertise    Transfer Pricing:  Transfer Pricing (  with Professor Eden)    Accounting:  Accounting Principle I,II;   Financial Statement Analysis   Economics:  Micro Eco I,II;   Macro Eco I,II;   Financial Eco;   Development Eco;   International Eco;  Public Economics  and Finance, European Economics;  Industrial Organizations   Statistics/Econometrics:  Statistics I,II;   Econometrics I,II;    Agribusiness Analysis and Forecasting ( Excel based) Finance:  Corporate Finance I, II;  International Finance;   Financial Institution Management;   Fixed Income Security  Other Courses:  Money and Banking;   Operational Management;   International Marketing  Languages: Chinese and English Internship  Experience    Credit Department         Industrial and Commercial Bank of China                           June. 2009 ‐Aug.2009                  ‐Analyzed Financial Report, Screened corporate applicants and followed up on loan usage;  -Use Excel Opinion Surveyor          The 13th Macao Int’l Trade and Investment Fair               Oct 24‐25, 2008           ‐ Successfully conducted hundreds of 5-minute surveys and 30-minute depth surveys Other Experience   Director of Entertainment Department        Student Council at University of Macau       2008‐2009  Extracurricular  Epee fencer       University of Macau Fencing team   Bronze medal    Women’s Epee Individual Contest in Macau     year 2008  Second Soprano, Chorus of University of Macau            Piano Looking for Internship and Fulltime Position in Transfer Pricing.  Graduation can be delayed if internship is offered.                             Preferred start date   May 2013 :      Preferred Locations   Any   :
  10. 10. Mr. Kar Yin Ryan Mak     Degree: Master of International Affairs           Graduation: May 2012     Major/Track: International Economics and Development   Concentrations: Multinational Enterprises and Public Policy; International Economics; China  Studies  Academic Background Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology | University of California, Davis | 2004 | GPA: 3.86/4.00 Certificate of Intensive Chinese Language Study | Beijing Language and Culture University | 2010  Nationality/Visa Status: United States of America  Areas of Expertise   Transfer Pricing/Tax: International Transfer Pricing   Accounting: Accounting Concepts and Procedures I  Economics: International Trade Policy Analysis; Public Finance; Global Economy; Economic Development in China  Statistics/Econometrics: Quantitative Methods II: Policy Emphasis; Quantitative Methods in Public Management I  Other Relevant Courses: Multinational Enterprises  Software Proficiency: Microsoft Excel; Stata; Thomson Reuters OneSource Transfer Pricing Documenter  English Writing/Oral Proficiency: Reports and Technical Writing; Introduction to Public Speaking (both courses  taken at the University of California, Davis)   Other Languages: Mandarin Chinese (proficient); Cantonese Chinese (basic); Korean (basic)  Other: In Dr. Lorraine Eden’s transfer pricing course, I conducted a functional analysis of the Veritas v. IRS  Commissioner case to justify Veritas’ position that the CUT method is the most reliable measure of the arm’s length  price. In the same course, I completed a documentation study for a Mexico transfer pricing case using the Thomson  Reuter’s OneSource Documenter software. Work Experience: I merged, modified and cleaned multiple large data sets (10,000+ observations) with Stata and Excel for Bush School professor Xiaobo Lu as a Graduate Assistant for Research. This position has made me adept at analyzing and handling economic and financial data. Moreover, the client networking experience I gained as a Business Development Intern at Shanghai F&S Financial Consulting has prepared me for doing functional interviews with clients. Other Relevant Experience: I contributed an individual chapter and policy recommendations to a Bush School group capstone project report on the environmental effects of Chinese investment in developing countries.  Honors/Scholarships: Graduate Diversity Fellowship, 2010; Charles A. Williams ’37 Endowed Student Scholarship, 2010   Looking for Transfer Pricing Internship or Fulltime Position? (check one or both)      Internship    Full time                                                  Preferred start date: November 2012   Preferred Locations: Dallas and Houston – want to work with clients in  agribusiness and petroleum industry and learn about their operations   Email:    Website: 
  11. 11.    Mr. Jeremy Evan Maltz                     Degree: Master of International Affairs          Expected Grad:  Spring 2013    Major/Track: International Economic & Development/Multinational Enterprises, Transfer Pricing      Academic Background    Master in International Affairs/BS Economics Joint Degree | Texas A&M University   | 2013 | GPA: 3.92    Nationality/Visa Status: American  Areas of Expertise (current/if planned, give date of expected completion)   Transfer Pricing/Tax: International Transfer Pricing(G) (Dr. Lorraine Eden)  Accounting:  Survey of Accounting Principles (UG), Survey of Managerial and Cost Accounting Principles(UG),  Financial Statement Analysis (G) (Spring 2013)  Economics: Microeconomic Principles (UG), Intermediate Microeconomic Theory (UG), Antitrust Economics (UG),  Development Economics (UG), Money and Banking (UG), Global Economics (G), Economic Development (G),  International Trade Policy Analysis (G), Financial Instruments and Their Regulation (G)  Statistics/Econometrics: Statistical Methods (UG), Quantitative Methods in Public Management I & II (G)  Other: International Law (G)  English Writing/Oral Proficiency: Native English Speaker  Other Languages: Advanced understanding of Spanish Work Experience:   Legal Assistant                 David K. Sergi & Associates, P.C., San Marcos Texas  May 2012‐ August 2012    Reservation Assistant                    DiscoverSevilla, Seville, Spain        May 2011‐July 2011                                Other Relevant Experience: I have spent approximately six months in Spain throughout the course of my life, both working and studying.  Honors: Phi Beta Kappa  Looking for Transfer Pricing Internship or Fulltime Position ? (check one or both)     X Internship   X Full time                                                  Preferred start date: June, 2013.       Preferred Locations (and why): I’d prefer to stay in Texas, near family, although I am not opposed to leaving the state.  Email:         
  12. 12.                                     Mr. James Miyahara Mendiola Jr.                                        Degree: Master of Business Administration               Expected Graduation: December 2012         Academic Background B.A., Japanese and Economics | Portland State University | 1998  Nationality:   US Citizen  Areas of Expertise Transfer Pricing/ Tax:    MGMT 663 ‐ International Transfer Pricing (Dr. Lorraine Eden) Accounting:      ACCT 610 ‐ Financial Accounting Statistics/ Econometrics:  MGMT 611 ‐ Micro Foundation of Business Behavior,   MGMT 689 ‐ Managerial Macroeconomics Other Relevant Courses:  MGMT 679 ‐ International Business Policy Work Experience: Management Professional with more than nine years of experience in municipal and state government as well as academic institutions in Japan, the Northern Marianas Islands, and United States.  Demonstrated success in project management and cross‐cultural collaboration. Respected team player with strong adaptability and communication skills.  Languages Japanese Oral Communication – Advanced Japanese Writing/ Reading – Intermediate   Software Proficiencies Microsoft Office Suite, Adobe Creative Suite  Looking for Transfer Pricing Internship or Fulltime Position? Full‐time and Internship Preferred start date: December 17, 2012    Preferred Locations:  Portland, OR – Seattle, WA   Asia Pacific – Flexible   Email:                        Phone:  (206) 321‐ 2750    Website:  
  13. 13. Ms. Morgan T. Miller Degree: Master of International Affairs Expected Graduation Date: 2013 Major/Track: International Economics and Development Email: morgantiara@gmail.comAcademic Background• Degree: Bachelor of Arts GPA: 3.3 Major: International Studies/Commerce• University: Texas A&M University Year: 2011• Degree: Master’s in International Affairs GPA: 3.75 Major: International Economic/ Development• University: Texas A&M University, Bush School of International Affairs and Public Service Year: 2013• Other: Autonomous University of Barcelona 2010, International Business/FinanceAreas of Expertise• Transfer Pricing/Tax: Transfer Pricing (to be completed December 2012)• Accounting: Principles of Accounting• Economics: Money and Banking, Micro and Macro Economics, Economic Development• Statistics/Econometrics: Quantitative Methods I and II, STATA, Excel• Other Relevant Courses: International Finance, International Business• Software Proficiency: STATA, Excel, Microsoft Office (Word, Access, Excel, Publisher)• English Writing/Oral Proficiency: Industry Reports, Press Releases,• Other Languages: Spanish, studying PortugueseWork Experience:McGee, Miller & Co., LLP (Receptionist)U.S. Representative Kevin Brady (Capitol Hill Intern)Arctic Wolf Ice Center (Summer Camp Director)Foreign Commercial Service, US Embassy, Lima, Peru (Department of Commerce Trade Assistant)Looking for Transfer Pricing Internship or Fulltime Position? Internship and Full time PositionPreferred start date: June 2013Preferred Locations1. Dallas: Dallas is the financial hub of Texas with a high concentration of Fortune 500 companies. I believe the cityto be very dynamic and offers multiple opportunities within the finance community.2. Washington, D.C.: I am very familiar with the D.C. area and would like to work in a position that includes privateindustry and international trade. Washington, D.C. provides the political aspect of international trade in addition tohosting a multitude of private financial firms.
  14. 14. Mr. Patrick N. Neff Degree: Master of International Affairs Expected Graduation: May 2014 Major/Track: International Economics & DevelopmentAcademic BackgroundBachelor of Science, Political Science | Sam Houston State University | 2011 | GPA 3.27Nationality/Visa Status: U.S. CitizenAreas of Expertise (current/if planned, give date of expected completion)• Transfer Pricing/Tax: Dr. Edens International Transfer Pricing• Accounting: Financial Statements• Economics: Fundamentals of Global Economy• Statistics/Econometrics: Basic Statistics, Quantitative Methods I and II• Software Proficiency: STATA/IC, SPSS, Microsoft Excel• English Writing/Oral Proficiency: Native SpeakerWork ExperienceClaims Advisor, The David Law Firm, July 2011-February 2012. Dealt directly with clients, took information, andmade determinations as to whether they had a case or not, updated and maintained relationships withpotentials through the process of signing on as clientsLooking for Transfer Pricing Internship or Fulltime Position? (check one or both) X Internship Full timePreferred start date: 05/2013Email:
  15. 15. Mr.  Ashesh Pant    Degree Master of International Affairs      Expected Graduation December 2012    Major/Track: International Economics & Development/Transfer Pricing & Multinational Enterprises     Academic Background  Degree  Bachelor of Arts   GPA  3.36    Major  Sociology    University  Washington State University    Year  2006  Nationality/Visa Status Nepali/Eligible to Work in the United States   Areas of Expertise (current/if planned, give date of expected completion)   Transfer Pricing/Tax   International Transfer Pricing (Fall 2011)  Accounting  Accounting Concepts and Procedure (Spring 2012); Financial Statements Analysis and Valuation (Fall 2012)  Economics   Fundamentals of Global Economy (Fall 2010)  Statistics/Econometrics   Quantitative Methods I (Fall 2010); Quantitative Methods II Policy Analysis (Spring 2011)  Other Relevant Courses   Multinational Enterprises (Spring 2011); Fundamentals of Corporate Finance (Summer 2012);  International Trade Policy (Spring 2012); Project Management (Fall 2012)  Software Proficiency  MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook), MS Project, OneSource Documenter, STATA  English Writing/Oral Proficiency  Fluent  Other Languages  Nepali (Native); Hindi (Fluent)  Other I participated in a mock trial concerning VERITAS’ transfer pricing case and defended Comparable Uncontrolled  Transaction (CUT) as the best and most reliable measure of an arm’s length transaction for VERITAS. In the same class, I used  Thomson Reuters’ OneSource Documenter to replicate the results of a Canadian transfer pricing case. Additionally, I conducted  data analysis using WRDS and NBER datasets and replicated key findings of the latest international trade research papers in my  Trade Policy class, which has upgraded my STATA and Excel data manipulation skills immensely. Work Experience   I have three years of prior work experience at a German bilateral agency in Nepal. The agency was working in the area of value‐chain development where value‐chain analysis was used to identify critical constraints that could be addressed by the project. This experience provided me with a basic knowledge about functional analysis. Furthermore, routinely working with large datasets in my present position at Reynolds & Reynolds has sharpened my MS Excel skills immensely.  Other Relevant Experience   I have been working as a research assistant since June 2012. I have categorized 19000 products of over 4000 Indian firms according to their ISIC 3.1 product code. I then mapped the location of each firm to its district and state. Honors/Scholarship   Ansary Scholarship (2010‐2011 & 2011‐2012)  Other Info:  I plan to enroll in the CFA Program in the near future.  Looking for Transfer Pricing Internship or Fulltime Position? (check one or both)      Internship     Full time                                                  Preferred start date 01/02/2013          Preferred Locations (and why) Chicago, Washington D.C., Houston  Email         Website 
  16. 16. Mr. Jose J. Paulino Degree: Master of International Affairs Expected Grad: 2014 Track: International Economics and Development/Transfer Pricing ModuleAcademic Background Degree: Bachelor of Arts Major: Political Science University: Rutgers University Year: 2012 GPA: 3.82 Transfer Pricing/Tax: International Transfer Pricing Seminar - Professor Lorraine Eden, Fall 2012 Accounting: Financial Statement Analysis (planned, Spring 2013)ExperienceCitiStat Intern: Office of Mayor Cory BookerJune 2012 – August 2012 (3 months) Newark, NJAssisted the Mayor’s Deputy Chief of Staff and a Senior Policy advisor in the development of Newark’s CitiStat performance management initiative.As an Intern I helped produce the performance evaluation memos distributed to the City Department Directors and used during the CitiStat oversightmeetings. I also participated in several projects in which I processed KPIs (key performance indicators) into organized Excel worksheets.Outreach Intern: Rutgers Center for European StudiesJune 2011 – May 2012 (1 year)Helped recruit and coordinate High School competitors for the annual “Euro Challenge Competition” with the Rutgers Center for European Studies.The project was coordinated by WISE (Working In Support of Education) on behalf of the European Union Delegation to the United States.Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainabilty Intern: PSEGJune 2010 – August 2010 (3 months) Newark, NJAs an Intern I assisted the Manager of Community Affairs in coordinating socially conscious programs, including Tools for Schools – a program thatgathered thousands of items for use in school, and accomplished various other administrative tasks.Undergraduate Fellow, Latino Leaders Fellowship Institute: CHPRD - New Jersey Department of Community AffairsJune 2010 – August 2010 (3 months) Trenton, NJAnalyzed public policy with institute Director Dr. Gloria Bonilla-Santiago and a class of circa 25 students. I also studied leadership through personalassessments such as Myer-Briggs. To finalize the program, I produced a 25 page paper on Latinos and educational advancement.President & Founder, Rutgers - New Brunswick Student Chapter: ALPFA - Association of Latino Professionals in Finance & AccountingFebruary 2009 – May 2010 (1 year 4 months) New Brunswick, NJI led the establishment of the ALPFA student organization at Rutgers, and was responsible for several administrative tasks. These included managingclub meetings, meeting with university event coordinators, overseeing club sponsored events, and planning future networking programs.Columnist, Contributing Writer: The Daily TargumOctober 2008 – December 2008 (3 months) New Brunswick, NJAs a columnist I produced a bi-weekly column on Politics & International Affairs (Fall 2011). As a contributing writer I wrote articles according tointerviews and observations at University sponsored events. courses (Fall 2008)Honors:  Cap & Skull, Rutgers Senior Honor Society  Eagleton Institute of Politics Undergraduate Associate, Rutgers UniversityLooking for Transfer Pricing InternshipPreferred start date: June, 2013 Preferred Locations: NYC, Boston, Chicago, London, HoustonEmail: Phone: 908 249 8618 Website:
  17. 17. Ms. Lauren M. Pfeifer     Degree: Master of International Affairs              Expected Grad: May 2013     Track: International Economics & Development     Concentrations: Multinational Enterprises and International Economics      Academic Background Bachelor of Arts, International Relations and German | Boise State University | May 2010  Nationality/Visa Status: U.S. Citizen  Areas of Expertise (Current/if planned, give date of expected completion)       Transfer Pricing/Tax: International Transfer Pricing      Accounting:  Accounting Principles, Financial Statements & Analysis, International Accounting (Spring 2013)      Economics: Global Economy, International Trade Policy      Statistics: Advanced Quantitative Methods      Finance: Financial Instruments, International Finance and Analysis of Capital Markets (Spring 2013)      Software Proficiency: Microsoft Office, Lotus, GS Prime, SAP, SPSS, STATA, Reuters OneSource, ktMINE      Foreign Languages: Proficient in German and Spanish Work Experience:      Market Analyst, Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service, College Station, Texas    (September 2012 – Present)      Transfer Pricing Intern, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Washington D.C               (July 2012 – August 2012)      English Language Assistant, Austrian Fulbright Commission, Bezau, Austria             (October 2010 – June 2011)      International Business Intern, Idaho Department of Commerce, Boise, Idaho             (January 2010 – May 2010)      Research Intern, Global Marshall Plan Foundation, Hamburg, Germany             (February 2009 – May 2009)  Other Relevant Experience:      Young Ambassador, DAAD German Academic Exchange Service                (August 2009‐ May 2010) Looking for Transfer Pricing Internship or Fulltime Position? (Check one or both)            _  Internship   X Full time                                                  Preferred start date: May 2013    Preferred Locations: New York City, Houston, Washington D.C., Chicago, Europe  Email:    Website:‐p/1a/765/a20 
  18. 18. Mr. Michael C. Smith   Degree: Master of Business Administration          Expected Graduation: December 2012   Major/Track: Business Administration  Academic Background  Bachelor of Arts, Economics | Indiana University   | 2006 | GPA: 3.63     Bachelor of Arts, Russian | Indiana University   | 2006 | GPA: 3.63 | St. Petersburg State University in Russia| Studied abroad for one year  Nationality/Visa Status: U.S. Citizen  Areas of Expertise (current/if planned, give date of expected completion)   Transfer Pricing/Tax: Transfer Pricing internship at PwC, Transfer Pricing course  Accounting:  Financial Accounting, Management Accounting and Control, Accounting I, Accounting II  Economics: Intro and Intermediate Micro and Macro Economics, Game Theory, Public Finance and Taxation,  Environmental and Resource Economics, Microeconomic Foundations of Business Behavior, Managerial  Macroeconomics  Statistics/Econometrics: Statistical Analysis of Business and Economics, Quantitative Analysis of Business Decisions  Other Relevant Courses: French in the Business World, Operations Management, Supply Chain Management  Software Proficiency: Microsoft Office Suite, Bloomberg, A/S 400, InvestOne  English Writing/Oral Proficiency: A in MBA Business Communication course  Other Languages: Fluent in Russian, basic to intermediate ability to speak, read, and write in French Work Experience: Intern, PwC’s transfer pricing department (Summer 2012); Senior Mutual Fund Accountant, Fidelity Investments  (2008‐2011); Financial Representative, Fidelity Investments (2006‐2008) Other Relevant Experience: Lived in Russia from August 2004 – August 2005  Looking for Transfer Pricing Internship or Fulltime Position? (check one or both)      Internship     Full time                                                  Preferred start date: January 2013       Preferred Locations (and why): Dallas (Permanent home), Houston (Family)  Email:        Website: 
  19. 19. Ms. Priya Sood Master of Science in Accounting (Tax)   Expected: Spring 2013                   Academic Background & Professional Licenses  Degree: BSBA  in  Accounting & Entrepreneurship, University of Arizona, GPA: 4.00  (2007)  Degree: Juris Doctor in Corporate Law, Boston College Law School (2010)  Licenses: Admitted to practice law in New York (2011) and Massachusetts (2010)    Nationality: Australian  Areas of Expertise:   Transfer Pricing/Tax: International Transfer Pricing; Partnership and Real Estate Taxation; Management of Taxation;  Corporate Taxation; Tax Research & Policy; Federal Taxation; Contemporary Tax Topics;  Accounting: Financial Statement Analysis; Cost & Managerial Accounting; Accounting Information Systems;  Intermediate Financial Accounting; Information Quality Assurance; Energy Accounting (planned Spring 2013)  Law: Corporations; Business Bankruptcy; Security Transactions; Advanced Contracts; Mergers & Acquisitions  Economics: Microeconomic Analysis; Macroeconomic Institutions  Statistics/Econometrics: Statistical Inference  Other Relevant Courses: Business Communications; Advanced Legal Writing; GMAT Writing Score 6.0  Software Proficiency: Microsoft Excel; Microsoft PowerPoint; QuickBooks  Languages: English (Native); Hindi (Native); French (Limited Proficiency)   Work Experience:   Graduate Assistant at Student Finance Organization Center, Texas A&M University; 2012‐present  Panel Attorney at Volunteer Lawyer’s Project; 2010‐2011  International legal work experience in Bahrain and South Korea Honors  Awarded Mary M. Connolly Most Valuable Partner in March 2011 for extraordinary pro bono contributions by Senior  Partners of Justice.  Outstanding Student in Accounting at University of Arizona   Full Tuition Scholarship at University of Arizona  Looking for Transfer Pricing Internship or Fulltime Position ?   Internship    Full time                                                  Preferred start date: Fall 2013     Preferred Locations: (1) United States (family ties); (2) Australia (homeland);   Email:      Website: 
  20. 20. Mr. Hayward Sparks III Degree: Master of International Affairs Expected Graduation: May 2014 Major/Track: International Economics and DevelopmentAcademic BackgroundBachelors of Business Administration, Finance |Texas A&M University | 2011Study Abroad: | International Business focus |Autonomous University of Barcelona | Aug-Dec 2009Areas of Expertise (current/planned) Transfer Pricing/Tax: International Transfer Pricing (Dr. Lorraine Eden) Accounting: Introduction to Accounting I & II, Managerial Accounting, Accounting in the Corporate Environment, Intermediate Accounting. Economics: Principles of Microeconomics, Principles of Macroeconomics, The Global Economy Statistics/Econometrics: Statistical Methods I & II, Quantitative Methods in Public Management I (Quantitative Methods in Public Management II Spring 2012) Other Relevant Courses: Managerial Finance, Investment Analysis, Operations Management, International Finance, International Marketing, Money and Capital Markets Software Proficiency: SAS, STATA, Excel English Writing/Oral Proficiency: Fluent Other Languages: Intermediate Spanish- Level 2A Proficiency Other: Texas A&M Association of Former StudentsWork Experience:  Allocations Analyst II with Stage Stores Inc. 2011;  Direct TV West Houston Marketing Team Lead; 2012  Intern with State Farm Insurance Agent Chris Mallett; 2007-2010Other Relevant Experience: Financial Management Association officer at Texas A&M University; Special ProgramOrganizer with the Boys & Girls Club of Brazos ValleyHonors: Eagle Scout- Boy Scouts of AmericaOther: Undergraduate Research with the Texas A&M Psychology Department, Missions Intern- Grace Fellowship UMCLooking for Transfer Pricing Internship or Fulltime Position? (check one or both)  Internship  Full timePreferred start date: May 2013Email: Phone: 713-295-0901 Website:
  21. 21. Ms. Kristine B. Straumann              Degree: Master of International Affairs                           Expected Graduation: May 2013  Major/Track:  International Economics & Development    GPA: 3.875         Academic Background Graduate Certificate, Nonprofit Leadership    │    Minnesota State University – Mankato    │    December 2010    │    GPA: 3.75 Bachelor of Arts, Economic Analysis    │    Gustavus Adolphus College    │    May 2007    │    GPA: 3.3  Nationality/Visa Status: U.S. Citizen  Areas of Expertise    Transfer Pricing/Tax: International Transfer Pricing  Accounting:  Financial Statements & Analysis (Spring 2013)   Economics: Global Economy, Economic Analysis, International Trade Policy  Statistics/Econometrics: Quantitative Research Methods I and II  Finance: Financial Instruments & Their Regulation, Finance for Development  Software Proficiency: Microsoft Office (including Excel and Access), Stata, Adobe products  Other Languages: French (reading/writing: intermediate; speaking: beginner)  Other:  Nonprofit Management & Leadership, Grants Administration  Work Experience: Graduate Assistant Researcher (current); Research Assistant (June – August 2012); Graduate Coordinator, Borlaug Institute/College of Agriculture & Life Sciences (January – August 2012); Director of Donor Relations, Gustavus Adolphus College (June 2009 – August 2011); Graduate Intern, Greater Mankato Growth Chamber of Commerce and Economic Development Office, Inc. (August 2010 – January 2011); English Teacher, South Korea (February – May 2009); Campaign Staffer, U.S. Senator Norm Coleman (October 2007 – January 2009)  Other Relevant Experience: Bush School Ambassadors Council (current); Student Member of International Economics & Development Faculty Search Committee (current); Vice‐Chair, Bethany Lutheran College Alumni Board (2011‐present); Co‐President, Aggies for International Development (January 2012‐present)  Looking for Transfer Pricing Internship or Fulltime Position?         Internship    Full time                                                  Preferred start date: June 2013   Preferred Locations (and why): Minneapolis, Chicago (originally from Minnesota)   
  22. 22.  Ms.  Ana Sulakvelidze  Degree:  Master of International Affairs                                                                                         Expected Graduation: May 2013  Major/Track:  International Economics and Development   Academic Background  Master in International Affairs, International Economics | Texas A&M Bush School of Government and Public Service | 3.88 |2013   Bachelor’s, Political Science |Tbilisi State University |2010  Nationality/Visa Status:  Republic of Georgia/ F student visa  Areas of Expertise (current/if planned, give date of expected completion)   Transfer Pricing/Tax: International Transfer Pricing (current), Public Finance (Spring 2012)   Accounting: Accounting Concepts and Procedures (current), Financial Statement Analysis (Spring 2013)  Economics:  Global Economy (Fall 2011), Public Finance (Spring 2012), Energy Policy (Spring 2012, hybrid policy‐ economics class), Energy Markets (current), Financial Instruments and Regulations (current)  Statistics/Econometrics:  Applied Econometrics  Other Relevant Courses: Leadership   Software Proficiency: Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), Stata 12, ktMINE Royalty Rate Finder, Thomson  Reuters OneSource Transfer Pricing Documenter  English Writing/Oral Proficiency: Fluent   Other Languages: Georgian (native) Russian (fluent writing/oral), French (fluent writing/oral), Spanish (fluent oral/  advanced writing), Arabic (intermediate writing/oral) Work Experience: Assistant to the International Secretary. Christian Democratic Movement of Georgia.  Looking for Transfer Pricing Internship or Fulltime Position?   Internship   Full time position                                                 Preferred start date: June 2013     Preferred Locations (and why):  No specific preferences  Email:;     
  23. 23. Mr. Alejandro Jael Tapia Farias Degree: Master of International Affairs Expected Graduation: 2013 Major/Track: International Economics & DevelopmentAcademic BackgroundBachelor of Business Administration, Economics | The University of Texas-Pan American | 2011 | GPA: 3.82Nationality/Visa Status: Mexican (F1 Visa)Areas of Expertise (current/if planned, give date of expected completion) Transfer Pricing/Tax: International Transfer Pricing Accounting: Accounting Concepts and Procedures I, Financial Statement Analysis Economics: Global Economy, International Trade policy Statistics/Econometrics: Quantitative Methods I, Quantitative Methods II Other Relevant Courses: Financial Instruments and their regulation, Budgeting, Leadership Software Proficiency: Microsoft Office, STATA English Writing/Oral Proficiency: Proficient Other Languages: Spanish, Portuguese (conversational)Work Experience: UTPA Sophomore Academic Mentor, International Mentor (August 2009 – May 2011);Pharr Parks and Recreations, Assistant Coach (May 2011 – August 2011); Consejo Mexicano de Asuntos Internacionales,Intern (June 2012- August 2012)Looking for Transfer Pricing Internship or Fulltime Position?  Internship  Full timePreferred start date: June 2013 Preferred Locations: TexasEmail:
  24. 24. Ms. Natalia Valdez-Vivas Degree: Master of International Affairs Expected Graduation: May 2014 Major/Track: International Economics and DevelopmentAcademic BackgroundBachelor of Arts, Economics and French | Texas A&M University |2012Areas of Expertise Transfer Pricing/Tax: Transfer Pricing (with Professor Lorraine Eden) Accounting: Principles of Accounting Economics: Global Economy, Financial Instruments and their Regulation, Microeconomic Theory, Decision-Making Strategy, International Trade (spring 2013) Statistics/Econometrics: Econometrics, Forecasting, Principles of Statistics Software Proficiency: Stat, Gretl, Excel, Word, PowerPoint English Writing/Oral Proficiency: Native English speaker, good writing skills Other Languages: Spanish (native), French (advanced) Other: Customer ServiceWork Experience:  Student Worker at the Institute for Science Technology and Public Policy (August 2008-August 2012)  French Lab Assistant with the Department of European and Classical Languages and Cultures at Texas A&M (August 2010-May 2012)  Reservations Employee at the MSC Bookstore at Texas A&M (June 2007-August 2008)Other Relevant Experience: Study Abroad at the American University of Paris and the University of Paris IV (Spring 2010)Honors: graduated cum laude, Dean’s listLooking for Transfer Pricing Internship or Fulltime Position? (check one or both)  Internship  Full timePreferred start date: Summer 2013 Preferred Locations: Austin, TX; Houston, TX (near fiancé)Email: Website: Phone: (979) 422-1702
  25. 25. Mr. Erik Walker Degree: Master of International Affairs Expected Graduation: May 2014 Major/Track: International Economics and DevelopmentAcademic BackgroundBachelors of Arts, Political Science and German | Denison University | 2008 | GPA: 3.71Nationality/Visa Status: U.S. CitizenAreas of Expertise Transfer Pricing/Tax: Dr. Lorraine Eden’s International Transfer Pricing Accounting: Practical experience and on-the-job training as a Staff Accountant; ACCT 640 (Spring 2013); ACCT 647 Financial Statement Analysis (Fall 2013). Economics: Global Economics; PSAA 640 Energy and Security Policy (Spring 2013). Statistics/Econometrics: Undergraduate Statistics; Quantitative Methods I; Quantitative Methods II (Spring 2013). Software Proficiency: Microsoft Office, basic STATA, Exact Macola, and EFI PSI Production Management Suite. English Writing/Oral Proficiency: Native English speaker; achieved 6/6 score on Bush School writing standard. Other Languages: Professionally fluent in German; achieved CEFR C2 proficiency standard.Work Experience: Worked full-time as a Staff Accountant for Western Lithograph, a wholly owned subsidiary ofConsolidated Graphics; completed end of month financial reports and reconciled company accounts with the generalledger; invoiced intercompany and client jobs and corrected sales tax and unit pricing discrepancies; also implemented aCompany Improvement Project with an associate team.Other Experience: Lived overseas for five years as a teenager: four years in Germany and one year in England; extensiveglobal travel experience; worked on Capitol Hill, in the Ohio State Senate, and in the German Bundestag; sold over$490,000 as an Apple Specialist.Honors: Denison University Presidential Medalist, Distinguished Leadership Award, Honors Program, Dean’s List, MortarBoard Secretary, and 7-time All-Conference track and field athlete.Looking for Transfer Pricing Internship or Fulltime Position: X Internship X Full timePreferred start date: Internship: May 2013, Full time: May 2014 Preferred Locations (and why): Houston, Texas; dueto interest in energy, oil, and gas industry.Email: Phone: 832-326-2798
  26. 26. Ms. Yan Wang Degree: Master of Agribusiness Expected Graduation: December 2013 Major/Track: AgribusinessAcademic Background Degree Master GPA 3.8 Major Agribusiness University Texas A&M University Year December 2013 Degree Bachelor GPA 3.3 Major Economics University Changzhou University Year June.2010Nationality/Visa Status: China /F-1Areas of Expertise (current/if planned, give date of expected completion)  Transfer Pricing/Tax: Transfer Pricing (Professor Lorraine Eden) MGMT663  Accounting: Accounting Procedure and Concepts ACCT640, Financial Statement Analysis FINC647, International Accounting ACCT646  Economics: Managerial economics AGEC619, Global Food and Agribusiness Policy AGEC614  Statistics/Econometrics: Econometrics for Agribusiness AGEC621, Operation Research  Other Relevant Courses: Financial Management FINC635, Global Business Policy MGMT679, Survey of MarketingMKTG621  Software Proficiency: Microsoft Office, SAS  English Writing/Oral Proficiency: Full professional proficiency, GRE 1470, TOFEL 94  Other Languages: Chinese(native speaker)Work Experience: Taxation Management Assistant at Anqing Local Taxation Bureau (summer internship), Finance Trainee at Jiangsu Broadcasting Corporation (summer internship), Treasurer at Chinese Students and Scholars Association in Texas A&M UniversityOther Relevant Experience: Student Worker at Career Center, Changzhou University, Research Assistant at Changzhou UniversityHonors: Novus International Inc. Scholarship, Scholarship awarded by Faculty of Agribusiness, Excellent Volunteer inChangzhou Museum of 2009, Distinct Director of Summer Social Practice Activity, Outstanding Student Scholarship (Grad 3)Looking for Transfer Pricing Internship or Fulltime Position? (check one or both)  Internship  Full timePreferred start date June 2013 Preferred Locations (and why) US based/ get familiar with US environmentEmail Website
  27. 27. Mr.  Joel Wilpitz                            Degree: Master of International Affairs        Expected Grad: May 2013   Major/Track: International Economics and Development/ Transfer Pricing    Academic Background  Bachelors of Science, Economics | Texas A&M University | May 2013 | GPA: 3.3       Nationality/Visa Status: American  Areas of Expertise   Transfer Pricing/Tax: Management 663, Transfer Pricing Class  Accounting:  Financial Statement Analysis, Management of Tax, Corporate Tax  Economics: The Global Economy, Advanced Macro and Micro Economics, International Trade, Anti‐Trust Policy,  Special Topics in Economics, Money and Banking,   Statistics/Econometrics: Quantitative Methods I & II, Intermediate Statistics  Other Relevant Courses: Financial Management, Finance for Economic Development, Financial Instruments,  International Management   Software Proficiency: Stata, Excel, Access  Other Languages: Intermediate Arabic  Other:  Four Semesters of Arabic Language Classes, History of Islam, Religion and Politics of Arab Countries  Transfer Pricing Experience   Van Wijk, Steven, Pooja Kalra and Joel Wilpitz. 2012. Towards a new OECD valuation standard for intangibles?  Transfer Pricing International Journal, September, 6 pp.  Part‐time author/editor, IPR Plaza (http://www.ipr‐, fall 2012‐present.   Transfer Pricing Associates (Amsterdam), Intern, summer 2012.  Created Transfer Pricing documentation for clients  in the pharmaceuticals, manufacturing and energy. Advised Clients on business restructuring strategies and  compliance in multiple tax jurisdictions. Participated in treasury function consolidation and tax planning for clients.  Coordinated TPA’s response to the OECD’s proposed revisions to the Intangibles chapter of the OECD Transfer  Pricing Guidelines. Conducted internal staff development and education on the changing OECD guidelines.  Participated in comprehensive transfer pricing education course produced by Transfer Pricing Associates. Other Relevant Experience: Study Abroad in Tunisia that focused on Arabic language, culture and history.  Honors:  James Reynolds Outstanding Executive Leadership Award, Memorial Student Center, Texas A&M University  Looking for Transfer Pricing Internship or Fulltime Position? (check one or both)      Internship   Full time                                    Preferred start date:  May 2013     Preferred Locations: Dallas & Houston, Technology & Energy IndustriesEmail:      Website:‐wilpitz/35/834/a 
  28. 28. Ms. Cheryl Winkler Texas A&M University Master of International Affairs Graduating May 2014 Track/Concentration: International Economics & Development/Transfer PricingAcademic BackgroundBachelor of Science in Political Science, Texas A&M University GPA 3.8 Graduated December 2003Nationality/Visa Status: US CitizenAreas of Expertise (current/if planned, give date of expected completion) Transfer Pricing/Tax: Prof. Eden’s International Transfer Pricing, International Business Policy (Fall 2013) Management of Taxation (Fall 2013) Accounting: Principles of Financial Accounting, Financial Statement Analysis (Spring 2013) Economics: Microeconomics, Global Economy, International Economic Development (Fall 2013) Statistics/Econometrics: Statistical Methods, Quantitative Methods in Public Management I and II (Spring 2013) Other Relevant Courses: Group Communication, Financial Management (Spring 2013) Software Proficiency: Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint, Proficient in STATA English Writing/Oral Proficiency: Native English speaker Other Languages: Fluent in German at the B2 level, Beginner Spanish speakerWork Experience High School teacher – honed presentational skills Project manager for Epic Systems – worked with clients to customize product Texas Government – Organized Memorial service for the Texas House and Senate Au-Pair – lived in Germany for a year gaining insight into culture and languageHonors: National Society for Collegiate Scholars, Golden Key International Honor SocietyLooking for Transfer Pricing Internship or Fulltime Position? (check one or both) X Internship X Full timePreferred start date: May 2013 for Internship, May 2014 fulltimePreferred Locations: Germany or DallasEmail: Website:
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