Cataloguing video games


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an introduction to cataloguing video games for Toronto District School Board cataloguing staff

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Cataloguing video games

  1. 1. Cataloguing Video Games
  2. 2. Why catalogue video games?● Pedagogical tool just like DVDs or books● Supports differentiated learning● Connect with reluctant readers, pair gameswith related movies and books● In TDSB, some schools have specialprogramming around video games, e.g videogame club at Elmbank PS, video gamedesign program at George Harvey CI
  3. 3. ResearchSampling of articles from ERIC (EducationalResources Information Centre)ERIC #: EJ952041Title: Using Gaming to Motivate Todays Technology-Dependent StudentsAuthors: Petkov, Marin; Rogers, George E.Publication Date: 2011ERIC #: EJ982837Title: Bring Back the BoysAuthors: Carr-Chellman, AlisonPublication Date: 2012ERIC #: ED535885Title: Guys and Games: Practicing 21st Century Workplace Skills in the Great IndoorsAuthors: King, Elizabeth M.Publication Date: 2011ERIC #: EJ950509Title: Using Civilization IV to Engage Students in World History ContentAuthors: Pagnotti, John; Russell, William B., IIIPublication Date: 2012
  4. 4. When?● West Hill CI has a collection ofapproximately 100 video games.● The collection will be shipped to Tippett atthe end of June for summer cataloguing.● All Cataloguers and System Techs will begiven a few video games to catalogue.● All First Pass will be given a few videogames to process.● Collection will be shipped back at the end ofAugust.
  5. 5. How?Search on OCLC, scan in UPC barcode.container and label on disc are chief sources ofinformation.● Record must include:● 007● 008● 245 $h[video game]● 538 for system requirements● 521 for ESRB rating● 6xx subject headings with $x Computer games● 710 for game publisher
  6. 6. How?Search UPC barcode in OCLC
  7. 7. How?Workform in Horizon (now only in Training)
  8. 8. Call number & item recordVideo games need special hardware. Mostgames are played on "consoles"; some gamesare placed on PCs. Call no. must include typeof console.
  9. 9. Call number & item recordEasier to find if all games for one consoleshelved together; include console name in callnumber. For example:082 00 $223 $aGAME XBox Civ for Civilizationcollection code: game (now for board & videogames)loan period: av
  10. 10. ESRB Ratings for Video GamesESRB = Entertainment Software Rating Board is the ESRB?The Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) is the non-profit, self-regulatory body that assignsratings for video games and apps so parents can make informed choices. The ESRB rating systemencompasses guidance about age-appropriateness, content, and interactive elements.Are all games and apps required to have a rating?The rating system is voluntary, although virtually all video games that are sold at retail in the U.S. andCanada are rated by the ESRB. Many U.S. retailers, including most major chains, have policies to onlystock or sell games that carry an ESRB rating, and console manufacturers require games that arepublished on their systems in the U.S. and Canada to be rated by ESRB.
  11. 11. ESRB Ratings for Video GamesAs with books, selection remains with TL. Bringquestions to Lorna or Lisa.
  12. 12. ESRB Ratings for Video Games
  13. 13. QUESTIONS?