Facebook for Business - Advanced


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Looking for help with Facebook? Our slides include tips on creating compelling content, using the new changes such as offers and promotions, engaging more people and improving the ratio of people 'talking about ' your page.

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Facebook for Business - Advanced

  1. 1. Facebook for Business Advanced Lorna Sixsmith Write on Track www.writeontrack.ie
  2. 2. “We do not have a choice on whether we DO social media, the question is – HOW WELL WE DO IT”. – Erik Qualman. www.writeontrack.ie
  3. 3. Facebook for Business1. Tips for Using Facebook Effectively & Improving Your EdgeRank2. Introduction to Insights/Facebook Analytics3. Recent Changes to Facebook & How to Increase Engagement4. Facebook Offers/Promotions and Competitions www.writeontrack.ie
  4. 4. Why Use Facebook?• To communicate with customers and potential customers• To build loyalty• To receive feedback• To showcase customer service• Keep in touch with customers• To build brand awareness• To increase sales www.writeontrack.ie
  5. 5. 56% of consumers are likely to recommend a brand to a friend after becoming a fan – Hubspot 201251% of consumers said they were more likely to buy a product after liking it on Facebook – Hubspot 2012 www.writeontrack.ie
  6. 6. Why a Business Page?• Get more ‘likes’ than ‘friends’• Some of the Rules• Statistics• Can message your fans• Handy admin panel• Professional• Schedule• Promote www.writeontrack.ie
  7. 7. What is Edgerank?• Edgerank is the name given to the formula that Facebook uses to work out your ‘score’.• The level of interaction on your facebook page affects the number of people talking about your page.• Which, in turn, affects your visibility in your fans’ news feed.• The more interaction your update gets, the more likely to be featured as a top story. www.writeontrack.ie
  8. 8. How to Increase your Fan Base• Facebook advertisements/sponsored stories• Invite your friends• Ask a few friends to recommend your page• DO NOT ask people to like and share to enter a competition – a rule-breaker• Paid competitions• NEW - Offers• Get people ‘talking about your page’ by using compelling content www.writeontrack.ie
  9. 9. Numbers• It’s not just numbers of fans• It’s the number of people talking about it• If people interact on your page, they are more likely to purchase.• How to get them talking?!• Post Once A Day www.writeontrack.ie
  10. 10. Talking about this• The numbers talking about your page shows potential fans how compelling and engaging your page is.• Refers to those who like your page, interacted in some way, mentioned or tagged your page, answered a question or/and responded to an event. www.writeontrack.ie
  11. 11. Use compelling photos related to your brand www.writeontrack.ie
  12. 12. Get People Talking www.writeontrack.ie
  13. 13. 9 Ways To Create Compelling Content1. Use good quality photos (related to your biz)2. Ask people what they like about the photo or invite a comment3. Ask questions4. Fill in the blank5. Tell stories and invite responses/stories6. Quotes7. Links to relevant articles8. Polls9. Calls to action (to your website) www.writeontrack.ie
  14. 14. Do Not• Use emotional blackmail e.g. Likes in return for a donation• Ask people a multiple choice question ie like for x, comment for y and share for z!!!• Ask people to like and share your update as entry to a competition.• Ask ‘Did you enjoy xxxx’. Click Like to say yes• Use pictures/ memes that are unrelated to your business• These are all bad practice/ against Fb rules www.writeontrack.ie
  15. 15. How many see your post www.writeontrack.ie
  16. 16. Create a Url for the update by clicking on the timestamp (tweet link to it) www.writeontrack.ie
  17. 17. Whisper Codes www.writeontrack.ie
  18. 18. Facebook Calendar – Use Scheduling www.writeontrack.ie
  19. 19. Change your voice www.writeontrack.ie
  20. 20. How To Increase Chances of Your Updates being seen by more Fans• Compelling Content• High number ‘talking about it’• Use promoted posts• People adding your page to their Interest Lists• People signing to receive notifications (advantages and disadvantages)• https://www.facebook.com/pages/feed (to see updates from pages- should be available in left sidebar soon) www.writeontrack.ie
  21. 21. www.writeontrack.ie
  22. 22. Some Insights Explained• Reach = the number of unique people who have seen your update• Engaged Users – the number of people who have clicked on the post• Talking About – the number of people who have created a story / interacted with your post• Virality – the % of people who created a story of the unique people who saw your post www.writeontrack.ie
  23. 23. Reach• Paid – the number of people who saw it from a sponsored product• Organic – the number of people who saw your update in their newsfeed, ticker or on your page• Viral – The number who see it via seeing it elsewhere www.writeontrack.ie
  24. 24. Facebook Offers • Over 400 fans only • First one free • Cheapest promotion is $8 • Can offer it as an online promotion, online and in store, and in store only • Provide a discount code • Can create a barcode www.writeontrack.ie
  25. 25. What makes an offer successful?• Decide on what success is – is it a high uptake of claims or of those who redeem? More fans?• Fixed Price or a % discount?• Free item with a purchase?• Take care when writing your T&Cs, don’t overpromise and not deliver• Expiry Date• Image – a picture tells a thousand words www.writeontrack.ie
  26. 26. Competitions• Asking people to ‘like and share’ is a huge No No – you risk having your page shut down by facebook• Shortstack• Ensure the prize is related to your brand• Consider working with other companies in an area to club together for a great prize and to get entries. www.writeontrack.ie
  27. 27. Find Me At:• Facebook.com/writeontrackresults• Facebook.com/garrendennylane• Linked In – Lorna Sixsmith• Twitter - @writeontrack_L, @garrendennylane and @irishfarmerette• Website: www.writeontrack.ie• 086 1051007• Email: writeontrack@live.ie www.writeontrack.ie