Lorna Parsons - RSAW


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Presentation given as part of workshop at RSAW's annual conference in 2011

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Lorna Parsons - RSAW

  1. 1. New Media and The Future ofArchitectural Practice Lorna Parsons
  2. 2. about me... Practice ManagementOffice Manager / PA / Support / Admin Business Development R&D Marketing Events
  3. 3. Who I work with... Architects Architecture Centres Networking Forums Artists Media Agencies Web Developers Graphic DesignersBusiness Management Consultants Marketing Agencies
  4. 4. How I work...Digital Media &Technology
  5. 5. What I’m trying to do... Improve design quality & create better places through digital media and technologyin the built environment
  6. 6. What I DON’T want to talk about... twitter facebook linkedin social media strategies etc blah
  7. 7. What I DO want to talk about... interestingtechy / web-based STUFF
  8. 8. What can we learn...? Being open creates trust People are more likely to engagewith something if they know theirvoice is being heard Social web is NOT talking aboutyourself. It’s about listening toothers.
  9. 9. The web is becoming moreintelligent. It learns about us andworks more efficiently. Web-based tools can facilitateincredible ideas Architecture could be enriched inexactly the same way
  10. 10. GROUP WORKINGDo you have any stories orexperiences about using web-based tools in day-to-day practice?Are social media channels just formarketing and PR?- Can they be used for other things?- How much work is involved?
  11. 11. A few questions...New industries are creating newbusiness models....What can architects learn from this?
  12. 12. A few questions...Should schools of architecture beconsidering the influence of newmedia and web-tools into theeducation system?Does Part 3 need to start addressingthis?
  13. 13. “...in the space betweenarchitecture, computing and the web”
  14. 14. Neighbourhood Planning Workshops 182 Tools to support Neighbourhood Planning
  15. 15. Neighbourhood Planning Workshops Summary of Findings Lack of clarity over funding
  16. 16. Neighbourhood Planning Workshops Summary of Findings Defining of neighbourhood boundaries
  17. 17. Neighbourhood Planning Workshops Summary of Findings Need for fair community representation
  18. 18. Neighbourhood Planning Workshops Summary of Findings Alignment of NP with wider policies “E-learning modules and planning information to enable training for all stakeholders.”
  19. 19. Neighbourhood Planning Workshops Summary of Findings Groups interrelations and power sharing
  20. 20. Neighbourhood Planning Workshops Summary of Findings Opportunities for professional development