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  • I was delighted to get the call inviting me to this stage of the interview process.
  • Before creating a corporate social media message for Smurfit Kappa, it was important for me to understand the organisation’s vision, and the culture in which that vision is embedded
  • Because a good social media profile is consistent with other messages that the company is sending, I looked up SK websites, from home pages to direct selling pages, news reports and information pages across the internet. And what I found was a commitment to excellenceI learned that the aim of SK is to be …… Satisfied customers, satisfied share holders, satisfied employees and workers drive the company and provide the focus for the cultural climate in the organisation. I dipped into annual reports, sustainability reports, read the commitments by CEO, Gary McGann to continuing to provide a customer oriented, market driven, high quality service and product,- in a climate of respect for customers, for local communities, for employees, - in a sustainable environment.
  • I learned that SK prides itself on its Entrepreneurship and innovation matters, that innovation is science based and people led.
  • I learned that Sustainability matters! Environment and people matter to SK. In the chain of supply, whether from forest to customer, or recycling plant to customer, is sustainability is at its core
  • I learned that people in 31 countries around the world - including 38,000 staff and the local people where SK is based or sources its raw materials – these people matter.
  • And I learned that SK wants its staff to have a sense of their identity within the organisation, to have rewarding career paths to explore where their personal development matters to the corporation.
  • Bringing it all together I believe that the SK Corporate Media Message is that they have a commitment to producing excellent products, led by innovative, novel and even contrarian thinkers and designers, in line with being a sustainable force in the global packaging industry, where respect for staff welfare and development is a priority leading to an increased return for shareholders. Everyone a winner!
  • Now it was time to use the learning of the past years studying information in all its modern complexities in order to match the role of social media with the SK’s culture and message that I was beginning to understand. I drew on my personal experience as a long time user of social media and recent experience in pTools (which I leave next Friday) to outline a social media presence to match the culture of the organisation.
  • The focus given to me today is to look at FB and Linkedin specifically. My First question was who would be the target audiences engaging with this new media platforms? The possible communities identified were B2B communities,B2C andPotential Customers,Suppliers,Staff, the Mediaand perhaps the Government
  • Nowit was time to set benchmarks - for any FB page these include Visual Appeal, a platform that includes an invitation to social interaction, promotion, that seeks audience engagement in on-going conversations, where key information is given, and a call to action!Aesthetics are clearly a central part of product design in SK, so its FB profile and message needs a look consistent with the high standards set in product design and on its website.
  • How would I drive traffic to Smurfit Kappa Facebook? By creating an extra-ordinary visual and interesting experience that customers want to be a part of, by inviting customers to post photos and featuring them on facebook, by building momentum with events, encouraging interaction and real time comments, that how a FAcebook social space can attract attention ans spread the Smurfit Kappa message.
  • But hold on ! There is a danger here…..I have researched this vast international organisation for all of 2 days….what is needed is TIME…. More time to research all the messages that SK wants to send out to its current and its prospective customers…. A FB page is easy to do….getting it right takes time.In corporate land too it needs to be embedded in policy and supported by guidelines.
  • It requires more than two days research into this complex multinational organisation because it is more than designing a page, it is capturing a corporate culture.Look at what happened to WalMart, Dominoes, Dell, Loreal and others who made big mistakes playing the social media game.
  • Social media is about conversations, and getting people talking is the challenge… There is no doubt that Linkedin is a powerful business-oriented site. It is about the best address book or rolodex in the world.
  • An organisation such as Smurfit Kappa needs to be there on Linkedin and it is, but honestly – it needs a make-over…..With a brand as polished as Smurfit Kappa, its linkedin site needs a banner, more content for its current and potential staff, more effort to drive engagement and discussions with customers and a
  • Networking through social media requires on-going work to keep material up to date on a daily basis, to respond to queries, answer blogs? When it comes to social media, Sk will be taking on a new audience and to the already long list of clients that SK is committed to, it will now have to keep the user satisifed! Because in the future SK social media users matter!!
  • Social Media is not just another marketing channel and I‘ve learned that SMURFIT KAPPA is more than boxes. Its’ social media platforms need to encompass the vast range and reach of the organisation, capturing its Global reach. Sustaining it’s social media profile is a not a short term project. There is not a one-size-fits-all, on the shelf model available. Creating a social media platform is not an exact science…and the medium is constantly changing
  • Driving traffic to social media will depend on all the points made above – attractive, interesting conversations and brand-based material to draw in existing customers and importantly to provide an incentive for them to bring in their contacts
  • Sk final presentation

    1. 1. Smurfit Kappa Interview Lorcan McArdle Friday 23rd November 2012
    2. 2. When the call came…
    3. 3. Corporate vision…
    4. 4. Simply the best…‘Smurfit Kappa’s vision is to be recognised as the most successful paper-based packaging company in its chosen market sectors.’
    5. 5. Innovation culture
    6. 6. Sustainable
    7. 7. Learned about the community around the world…
    8. 8. Career Paths
    9. 9. Vision of Corporate Media Message Excellent product Innovation based Ultimately leading to increased return for Sustainable environment shareholders Staff welfare + respect for all people involved
    10. 10. Learning mixed with Experience…
    11. 11. Target Communities• B2B communities• B2C communities• Potential Customers• Suppliers• Staff• Media• Government
    12. 12. Set the benchmarks…• Visual Appeal• Social Interaction• Promoting Audience Engagement• Information Given• A Call to Action!
    13. 13. Smurfit Kappa Facebook Cover photo and top
    14. 14. Controlling the page:
    15. 15. Drive Traffic Like!
    16. 16. Danger!
    17. 17. OUCH!from epic social media fails PrintPosted 30 September 2011 13:13pm by Cleo Kirkland with 20 commentswhether you’re a small business with a solitary Twitter account, a mid sized agency using the latest monitoring tools, or a huge corporation with a multi-million dollar Facebook campaign, at some point, we all will make mistakes playing the social media game.
    18. 18. Smurfit Kappa LinkedIn vs KPMGSmurfit Kappa KPMG
    19. 19. Ongoing Process
    20. 20. Not a one size fits all - just like boxes!
    21. 21. New Audience
    22. 22. Conclusion