Romancing the Apocalypse - Prelude


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Romancing the Apocalypse - Prelude

  1. 1. Romancing the Apocalypse – Prelude: Sim State U (Prelude to the Apocalypse. Thanks to Little Nemo for making Uni fun and to Darby for making the Uni chapter important.)Welcome to the beginning of a new Apocalypse Challenge. Im the founder, Eileen Jones. My situation is a little different thansome others, because I know exactly what Im getting into. My creator Lorin has been very upfront with me, and we have anagreement--she will be totally honest with me and do her best to meet my wants and needs, and I will do my best to tough it out inthe first generation of the Apocalypse.The rules for Pinstars amazing Apocalypse Challenge can be found at Or you can check outthe Apocalypse forums at for lots of info and stories by friendly Apocalypse fanatics (like me!). (12/26/2007)
  2. 2. Creators note:A big thanks to Little Nemo for inspiring me to break from my usual boring style of getting an Apocalypse founder through University.His stunning accomplishments in his Apocalegacy motivated me to step up my gameplay and at least achieve her LTW.Using his strategy of taking advantage, sucking up, stealing, and partying my sims way through uni, I produced by far my mostsuccessful uni graduate. And for the first time ever, I had fun playing University. And Outings rock!I also want to thank Darby, whose "An UnPleasant View" university chapters made me appreciate the pre-apocalypse universityexperience and inspired me to make mine matter.And a special thank you to MaxiBuckle, who is my Sim muse in so many ways.
  3. 3. Hi, Eileen here again. Im a random 5/6/7/2/5 Popularity sim with a LTW to have 20 Best Friends.
  4. 4. After staking claim to my room, I was greeted by one of my dorm mates."Hi, Im Katherine...youre Eileen, right?""Yeahhhhh, how did you know?""Oh, Lorin told me all about you.""Lorin! Did she put you up to something?"Katherine laughed. "Of course not! But it would be nice to be more than a nameless dormie. If you need a friend, Ill be around."
  5. 5. I couldnt resist Katherines good nature and openness. In no time at all we were best friends.
  6. 6. I wasted no time wooing my prof with an outing in front of the dorm after my first day of class.
  7. 7. Gossip was my favorite and most successful mode of conversation. I didnt meet one sim who didnt love it.
  8. 8. "Keith, may I call you that?, thanks so much for the awesome grade and two mechanical skill points! Wanna go downtown?""Id never pass up an opportunity to, uh, accommodate one of my students."
  9. 9. At the Crypt O Night Club, I had second thoughts. Keith wasnt too bad compared to the other sims at Uni, but the downtownieswere so much cuter, and now my prof seemed kinda icky.See the guy in the red shirt? His name is Sullivan Seavey, and we hung out, but Lorin forgot to take pictures.Creators note:As an Outings n00b, I was going bonkers trying to keep Eileens needs up for long periods of time during the first few outings she wenton, and I zoned out when it came to taking pictures of them.
  10. 10. This prof didnt share any of his skills on our outing, so I sucked some right out of him.
  11. 11. "Come back, Brian, may I call you that?, Im sure theres more you can teach me."
  12. 12. "Sorry, Colin, Im afraid youre going to have to give some logic to the cause.""Just...stay away...from""Deal."
  13. 13. I was surprised when Sullivan Seavey unexpectedly came by one day."I hope you dont mind that Ive been calling you so much to go on outings with me and my group.""Of course I dont mind! Im just glad I get to go out and meet so many people.""Yes...well, Lorin told me about your want to make twenty best friends."Lorin again! "Did she put you up to something?""No, no, its just that...well, I cant stop thinking about you and this Apocalypse. If theres anything I can do to help, or you want totalk about it, or if you ever want to go out..."I was happy there was someone else besides Katherine who got where I was coming from. "Maybe we can get together tonight atLuLus?""All right, Ill see you there!"
  14. 14. After some hot tubbing, Sullivan and I really started going to town! Hes even cuter without his green glasses, and our swimsuitseven match."So, what do you do for a living?"He hesitated. "Im a Home Video Editor.""Oh!" I tried to hide my disappointment."Thats not good, is it?"I couldnt bring myself to answer him. "I really like this song...youre a great dancer."
  15. 15. Toby Bruenig, an unemployed accidental crush I had from a previous outing, showed up at LuLus and flipped out when he saw meflirting innocently with Sullivan.
  16. 16. When Sullivan showed Toby the floor, I could feel myself becoming even more drawn to him despite his questionable careerprospects.It was difficult after that, but I tried my best to stop thinking about him.
  17. 17. Creators note:Me: "Hey Nemo, Im going crazy clicking the same 3-4 actions over and over again on outing after outing."Nemo: "But your sims like it, right?"Me: "How can they not be bored by the endless repetition?"Nemo: "Have you ever asked em what they think?"Me: "No."Nemo: "Why dont you ask?"
  18. 18. "Hey Eileen, do you and your friends like to repeat the same three actions over and over on your outings?""Uh yeah, of course we do, its the best! And remember our agreement?""Yeah, but I was hoping you wouldnt. Oookay, Ill keep doing it if it makes you happy."
  19. 19. I chose PoliSci for my major, then I influenced my dorm mates to write all my term papers for me.At first Lorin didnt like the idea since she would never do something like that in RL, but I told her to lighten up and convinced herthat sims really dont mind, and the profs never find out. And because getting me perma-plat was more important to her than herprinciples, she finally went along with it.Creators note:The Political Science major allows jobs in Law, Military, Politics, and Show Business to be selected even if not the first job listed in thenewspaper.
  20. 20. Im ashamed to admit I took advantage of my best friend Katherine too."I cant believe Eileen put me up to this. Shes so gonna make it up to me."
  21. 21. And I did. I almost always invited Katherine to join me downtown, and I could always count on having a great time with her. She wasmy outing booster extraordinaire.
  22. 22. The Lucky Shack was my favorite place to hang out. Can you tell I love Karaoke? My friend George heres a Home Video Editor justlike Sullivan. Wait...I wasnt going to think about Sullivan.
  23. 23. It took a while for Komei to warm up to me, but even he couldnt resist the lure of Karaoke. He was an Assistant Coach, one of themore successful guys I met.Lorin was seriously considering Komei as my spouse and I went along, knowing he was a logical choice.
  24. 24. While Komei and I got better acquainted, I had to laugh at the blonde poker tournament taking place across the room."Okay girls, our chips match our what?"
  25. 25. I thought Id finally hit the jackpot when I found Corey. He was the easiest of all to have a rockin outing with--he double-plussedwith five interactions, making it a snap. And hes a Flight Officer. He had it all!I had no idea why Lorin got upset when I autonomously kissed him...after all, Im not made of stone. I was surprised when shesmacked her forehead and mumbled something about Mitch belonging to her and Patti and why did he always have to be the besttownie in every way? Then she told me she didnt want Corey/Mitch to be the spouse of an Apocalypse founder again, and I had todrop it. Why did this have to be so difficult?My thoughts of a future with Corey were quickly replaced with thoughts of Sullivan.
  26. 26. Becoming best friends with Dorian was like pulling teeth, and it took him forever to tell me he was on the low end of the LawEnforcement career, something I had no use for.Id had enough. I was tired of trying to find the perfect spouse.
  27. 27. I was tired of fighting my feelings. I didnt care if he had to start at the bottom of the career ladder. I didnt care how much harderwed have to work to make it in the Apocalypse. All I cared about was him.
  28. 28. On our last outing, I rolled a want to woo-hoo with him. All I can say is college doesnt get any better than this!
  29. 29. I had pretty much ignored my dorm mates besides Katherine, except for influencing them to write my term papers. I finally becamefriends with Jacqueline, and I only had two more best friends to make to have twenty. But it was the second semester of my senioryear, and Id forgotten about getting into the Secret Society.
  30. 30. I bought a treadmill a while back so I could have fun while working out, but I got too hot using it so I finished maxing my body skillwith yoga instead. Ow-ow-ow my finger ow-ow!
  31. 31. Just a few hours before my finals, I had a surprise visitor. A couple of nights ago I became friends with two Secret Society membersat the library, but I wondered who was the mysterious third one?
  32. 32. After the limo dropped me off, I was greeted by this. No wonder they keep this place a secret!
  33. 33. I was impressed with Sim States Secret Society house. Ive heard the one at La Fiesta Tech is lame in comparison.More members finally came out of the woodwork, and I wasnt sure, but I thought I saw a familiar face.
  34. 34. "Jacqueline, I thought it might be you!""Lorin told me how much you wanted to move into one of Nemos safehouses. I couldnt believe how long it took for you to finallytalk to me. I was getting worried that youd run out of time."
  35. 35. We became best friends, now only one to go. There were some great skilling items here I couldve used, especially for charisma thatI had already maxed the hard way. I shouldve joined a lot sooner, I probably could have maxed all my skills here. As it was, I stayedand watched the Yummy Channel to beef up my culinary.
  36. 36. Back at the dorm, I caught Pao just in time to suck some more skills.
  37. 37. "Wait, Pao, theres something else I need to ask! You got any more cleaning on you?"
  38. 38. "Come on, Armando, how many backrubs before youll be my best friend?""That should just about do it."I have twenty best friends! Woo-hoo-oh-yeah-PERMA-PLAT!Alas, Armando was unemployed. Take my advice, dont count on an easy Apocalypse spouse career lift, at least from the guys in myneighborhood. Ive met a couple dozen, and have only met five that were at decent levels in their careers, and two of those wereHome Video Editors.Lorin smacked her forehead again when she missed taking a pic of my perma-plat moment.
  39. 39. Just for kicks, I decided to see if I could find any other good career prospects. Kennedy was an All Star, can you believe it?*snicker*snort*I also saw the townie who married Pinstar in MaxiBuckles story, but her name isnt Tara here.As much as I wanted to stay downtown and make as many friends as possible, there was something more important I needed to do.
  40. 40. I invited Sullivan over to the dorm and he arrived at the same time as this insane outing reward from a girl I dont even know thename of.
  41. 41. We ended up at the love maze."This place is beautiful, Eileen. Is it a special occasion?""I just wanted us to have a day well always remember."
  42. 42. "Will you marry me and become part of my life in a monumental but uncertain future?""But what about...?""It doesnt matter. You matter."
  43. 43. He didnt hesitate again. My rock, my best friend, my lover said "Yes!"
  44. 44. I love him so much!
  45. 45. "Ill follow you to the ends of the earth if thats what it takes to be with you."The reality of the impending Apocalypse loomed over me, but I forced it back.We were here and this was now. Our memory of this day would have to last us a lifetime.
  46. 46. Impulsively I plunged into the pool even though it was the beginning of winter.
  47. 47. It didnt take long to convince Sullivan that we should to go all out and enjoy everything the day had to offer.
  48. 48. I held nothing back, knowing these would probably be the happiest moments of my life.
  49. 49. It was like we were alone in our very own paradise...*clomp..clomp..clomp..clomp*I slowly turned around at the sound of sturdy heels on the tile...
  50. 50. Oh poop!"You dont intimidate me, old woman! I wont let you ruin my perfect day!"I was only half-listening while she lectured me on getting decent. Frantically I tried to scrounge up my joy buzzer to prank her, butcouldnt find it...figures. And wheres that card table or bar or bowling lane when you need em?I skirted a wide path around her to make my escape and narrowly missed getting WHAPPED with her purse. Yikes!
  51. 51. *pant*pant*"Yup, here she comes, shes following me. I cant believe shes so ticked over our swimsuits."
  52. 52. "Lets give her something to really get crumpled in a wad about, Ei."I had a giggle fit. "Oh baby, I like how your mind works!"
  53. 53. *Mmmm-mmm smoooch mmmmm smooch smooch mmmmm*
  54. 54. Double poop! "Toby Bruenig, what are you doing here, you moron?!"
  55. 55. This time I found the buzzer and let Toby have it. No way was he gonna spoil my special day with Sullivan.
  56. 56. Then I started laughing and couldnt stop, even though I saw Sullivan seemed really distressed.
  57. 57. "Toby, you goof, youre not supposed to like that. But I do like you, all right? L-I-K-E you. Now go!"
  58. 58. "Im sorry Toby always shows up to give you a hard time.""Toby who? Ooh, that feels good, Ei."
  59. 59. And for the icing on the cake...
  60. 60. I cant be sure what Sullivan was thinking, but I had a pretty good idea.*chants*Come on...Eileen too-loo-rye-aye, Come on...Eileen too-loo-rye-aye...toora..toora-too-loora, oh, oh Eileen...**Come On Eileen by Dexys Midnight Runners c 1982
  61. 61. Yup, I think hes forgotten all about Toby...his stroll down the ramp was priceless as I accepted the accolades from our observantfriends.
  62. 62. But all good things must come to an end, and our outing was no exception. Rockin didnt begin to describe it...spectacular was morelike it.
  63. 63. And for all you guys who wonder why womens restrooms get so jammed up, this is why.
  64. 64. Sullivan was like a little kid at that pool...he couldnt get enough.
  65. 65. "Cmon, Eileen..."*sings*at this mean everything..."hey, whered she go?"Again, **Come On Eileen by Dexys Midnight Runners c 1982
  66. 66. I knew our time together was coming to an end, and the most difficult thing Ive ever had to do was leave him to place the call thatwould finally bring an end to it.
  67. 67. But before I left, I had to give Sullivan the gift I had planned our whole day around.
  68. 68. "This is for me? But I dont have anything for you."
  69. 69. "I need you to keep this because I wont be able to take it with me.""Its us, isnt it?"I nodded, fighting back the tears.
  70. 70. "But I thought you werent allowed to give me anything to bring back.""Well well, Lorin has brought you up to snuff, hasnt she?" I could have kicked myself for my snide remark, but it was too late to takeit back."Dont take it out on me, Ei. I didnt make up the rules."
  71. 71. Desperately I grabbed hold of him...I was on the verge of losing it. ?Im so sorry! But this will give us no advantage as far as theapocalypse is concerned. This is just you and me, and its nobodys business but ours.?I added for good measure, ?That goes for you too, Lorin.?I?m not going to deny you this, Eileen. I totally agree with you.
  72. 72. With Lorins words, I was finally able to calm down a little."I love you, Sullivan. You keep us safe with you, and when you come back to me, you bring us with you." My voice broke. "You gotthat?"
  73. 73. "I love you, Eileen. I will keep us safe and I will bring us back to you."
  74. 74. "You take care of yourself, Ei, and you call me whenever you can, and Ill come see you whenever I can. Ill wait forever for you if Ihave to.""Bye, baby," I whispered.
  75. 75. I didnt let the tears fall until I was sure he could no longer see me. I never even had a chance to see the photos before I gave them tohim, so I just have my memories of my last beautiful day with my dearest Sullivan.
  76. 76. When I returned to the dorm, I felt a compulsive need to change something, an end to the old.
  77. 77. And the beginning of my future.
  78. 78. I apologized to Colin and wished I had kept that telescope to give to him. I would have liked giving back the logic I took from him.
  79. 79. He was gracious enough to accept my apology and even made me a special batch of his pancakes. I was so exhausted it was all Icould do to stay awake long enough to enjoy them.
  80. 80. After a good nights sleep, I lingered in my last shower.
  81. 81. And hugged Katherine as tight as I could.
  82. 82. Sweet Corey checked in with me. The truth is, the phone did not stop ringing for hours, and one of the last calls I received was froma little girl named Marsha, who had heard I was a great time and invited me on an outing. All I could think was where on earth wereher parents that their little girl was inviting adult strangers downtown? Then I realized if they were any relation to that doof Toby,anything was possible.
  83. 83. "Sullivan! No, I cant meet you, the cab is on its way. Ill call you on Tuesday, okay?"I was surprised when Lorin said she was actually going to miss the outings and was tempted to let me go on one more. I told her Icouldnt bear leaving Sullivan again and didnt want to prolong the inevitable any longer.
  84. 84. "This is it, Katherine. Im gonna miss you so much.""Youll be just fine, youre the strongest person I know. Remember, theres always Tuesdays, Ill call as much as I can from here,and...try to get a car."
  85. 85. It was fitting that I transitioned at the phone, my lifeline to my old way of life.
  86. 86. Despite my sadness at leaving the dorm and my carefree life at college, I had to laugh at my new clothes.
  87. 87. As I entered the cab, my memories came rushing in with me, protected and held dear in my heart.
  88. 88. Of outings with friends...
  89. 89. And of mysterious friends...
  90. 90. And of dear Katherine, my very best friend...
  91. 91. And my darling Sullivan, who has us safe in his keeping and will return with us to me...
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