Romancing the Apocalypse - Chapter 8


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Romancing the Apocalypse - Chapter 8

  1. 1. Romancing the Apocalypse Chapter 8 - Uni Daze (University and 50 Dream Dates team up to drive the creator: a) insane, b) to Guitar Hero, c) both. ;) )Welcome back to Romancing the Apocalypse! Episode 6* left off as Gen 3s youngest, Ciel and Jake, arrived at La Fiesta Tech.After D- grades in high school, will they shine academically? Will they be able to avoid killing each other? Will Ciel get her 50 DreamDates? Will Jake even get played? Lets find out these answers and more as the creator goes into a uni daze...*Chapter 7 was an interlude only to fix the slow dance in Chapter 6.Pinstars Apocalypse Challenge can be found at More Apoca-fun can be found on the forumsat (06/07/2008)
  2. 2. My brother Jake and I were able afford this little house with our $8250 in scholarship money, with a few thou leftover to spend. I hadvisions of throwing the best bash ever so I could get to know some guys to date. But no, Tightwad here insisted we stash our extramoney in the bank. Party pooper.
  3. 3. I brought a recliner, phone, and grill that Jake had given me as my going away present. For a few blissful days I thought I was goingto be spared the pleasure of his company, but sadly, he followed me to college and brought his own recliner, a good sink, and Haleysbookcase. Hah! As if I was going to spend my free time studying. There were dream dates to be had, many many dream dates...
  4. 4. "Hey Dummy, not bad, huh?""Thats Mr. Dummy to you. Cmon, lets get this stuff arranged.""Make you a deal... you arrange and Ill go buy the other stuff we need.""All right, you can have a thousand. Thatll leave us over $2000 for bills and protection payments at the end of the semester.""A thousand! We can only buy crappy stuff for a thousand.""Then Ill go buy the crappy stuff and you can shift this stuff around.""No thanks... *mutter* Tightwad.""Thats Mr. Tightwad to you."
  5. 5. I found the stuff we needed for the kitchen and a decent toilet. Really, whoever heard of a house, even in the Apocalypse, comingwithout a toilet? My best buys were the carpet remnants I was able to piece together for a festive rug in the main room and two freepillows. Which left me with five simoleans to spare.
  6. 6. "Cmon, hand it over. Wheres my change?""Are you insane?""Heheh, just kidding. You did pretty good, youre a lot smarter than you look."The sooner I got away from this bozo, the better. "Im going out...dont bother waiting up for me.""Whatever you say, Miss Universe."
  7. 7. So I started my quest for dream dates, and Jake began his quest for...I had no clue and couldnt care less.
  8. 8. For dating, I figured LuLus was a good place to start.“Hey, babe, do you know who I am?”“No.”“Ratna Miguel? Celebrity Chef? Number one show on the Yummy Channel?”“I have no idea what youre talking about.”“You havent seen me on TV?”“Ive never seen anything on TV. So many televisions, only none of em work.”“Yours or the whole neighborhoods?”“The whole neighborhood.”“Later, babe.”
  9. 9. "Dad!""Hey, Ciel. Hows college treating my sky girl?""So far so good. Um, I wasnt expecting to see you.""We just found someone in Science wed like you to meet. Hes an Inventor.""Is he cute?""How would I know? Why dont you come with me and see for yourself...hes at the house right now."
  10. 10. "There he is, Ciel, the Inventor.""Hes kinda cute. I totally could date him.""Hes all yours."
  11. 11. "Kennedy, Id like you to meet my daughter Haley. Haley, this is my new friend, Kennedy Custer. Hes an Inventor.""Yeah, Mom, we all know hes an Inventor.""Dont be rude...""But I told you about me and Blue. I dont wanna see anyone else.""Haley! Not in front of..."
  12. 12. "La-la-la. Not Blue, not interested."
  13. 13. "Im Ciel. Dont mind my sister, Kennedy...she has only one nice point.""I take it youre nicer?""I was thinking we could go on a date. Is that nice enough for you?""Very nice."
  14. 14. "Blue, you came over!""I always come over."
  15. 15. "Youve gotta help me my familys in matchmaking mode theyre finding all these scientists thank goodness for Ciel and her dream-date want Ive been let off the hook so far I dont think I can take anymore I told them Im not interested in being heir I want to bewith you but they...""Wait a minute...did you say you want to be with me?""Didnt I just make that clear?""But what happened on our date was an accident. Youre not supposed to get involved with Simselves, remember?""Ive been thinking about that. If Im not heir, I dont see why we cant."
  16. 16. "Do you know who the heir is yet?""No, not yet.""Then how do you know it wont be you?""I have my ways...Ill make sure of it."
  17. 17. Kennedy and I started dating. I decided to get as many of my dream dates as possible with him to avoid public slap fests.
  18. 18. Five dates...
  19. 19. Ten dates...
  20. 20. “Remember when you mentioned that girl you might be engaged to when we tried to break up the nice way?”“Shelby? Yeah?”“Ive been thinking... How do you know she even exists in our neighborhood?”“She must...she exists in all downtown neighborhoods.”“Have you been looking for her?”“Of course I have, Im so done with being in limbo like this.”“Now that the kids are in college weve been going downtown at night looking for future spouses. What does she look like? Maybe Ican help you find her.”“Blonde hair, kind of a black beret...”“Omigosh, the downtown hottie?”“Thats her.”“Ive seen her! Just a minute, let me check my friends, sorry, I havent met her, but I know exactly who youre talkingabout.”“Then there is hope I can find her. Thanks, Kate.”
  21. 21. Fifteen dates...
  22. 22. "Dad, whos your friend?""This is Melissa Fancey. Shes a Mad Scientist.""Eeee! Dad! Oh my... Sorry Melissa, I didnt mean to sound must think Im a loon.""Sullivan has told me all about your situation. Im looking forward to getting to know all of you and meeting...Jake."
  23. 23. Lorin here:I wondered if getting Sullivan vamped was a good move, aside from wanting him to bring back Eileen and his friend count being so high.When he found Melissa, I felt every minute of his miserable existence (Knowledge Sim with skills all maxed) after Eileens death wasworth it.
  24. 24. "I hope youll like it here.""I hope so too. The prospect of spending all my days and nights holed up in my lab was becoming a depressing reality for me. Canyou tell me a little about...Jake?""Hes a good kid, but hes no pushover. You wouldnt want to get on his wrong side.""Ill keep that in mind."
  25. 25. Twenty dates...I was thrilled with the progress I was making, but of course, others thought differently...
  26. 26. “Have I told you before how glad I am you became a vampire?”“No, you havent.”“Well, I just wanted to say...good job.”“Youve had a want for me to be cured from the beginning. Youre trying to butter me up for something, arent you?”“Well...dont get upset, but its about Nemo.”“I shouldve known. Kate, I dont want...”“But this is good news for you as well... See, I found out who the girl is that hes involved with in Riverblossom Hills. If we could helphim find her, maybe they could get together here too.”“You mean someone else to take his mind off of you? I could go for that.”“So youll help?”“As long as I dont have to deal with him directly, sure.”
  27. 27. Downtown Hotties - Female. Aha, I bet thats the one. Now well just arrange for them to meet...
  28. 28. “Is Punch You Punch Me helping you at all, Nemo? Im finding it kinda therapeutic.”“Too early for me to tell yet.”“I have good news...I think we found your downtown hottie.”“But how?”“Thats the other good news...we moved in a Mad Scientist! The computers are working now.”“Thats great! Where can I find her?”“Corey found out she hangs around LuLus mainly.”“Ugh, LuLus?”“I know...”“It cant be helped, I suppose. LuLus it is.”
  29. 29. "Kathi, uh, nice to see you.""What dyou want?""...Sorry for being so rude the other day. Nothing against you personally, I just wasnt myself.""Oh yeah?""Hey, I was wondering, could you tell me how to make those eggs again? They did sound rather yummy.""Darn right theyre yummy. You know, youve really got some nerve. First you get me in trouble with Pinstar, then you ignore me inpublic. So I dont think I will tell you how to make those eggs, but Ill tell you where you can put em...""I...I cant believe it. Its her!""What on earth...?""Sorry, Kathi, gotta go...”
  30. 30. “Ah...hello.”“Hello.”“Your name wouldnt happen to be...Shelby, would it?”“No, its Erin.”“Im Nemo.”“Nemo.”“This is gonna sound crazy, but do you...know me, know about me, remember me...anything like that?”“Ive never seen you before, I have no clue who you are.”“Youre sure? Im not familiar to you at all?”“Look, bub, if this is some kind of pickup line, its not working.”“Cats? Dog? Helmet? Any of those ring a bell?”“Get lost.”
  31. 31. Erin: Psycho.Nemo: I...didnt cheat. here:The plumbbob isnt Nemos, its Jakes. Nemo and his Riverblossom Hills sweetheart just happened to talk all on their own. Hehe! DaBomb.
  32. 32. I shouldve known...hes never gonna be out of our lives. Oh no! Not...
  33. 33. "Nemo! This is a nice surprise.""Wow, Ciel, I cant believe youre already in college. How dyou like it?""Its really hectic, but good. Especially the know...besides the school part?""Im glad youre...enjoying yourself.""Im glad I ran into you, Nemo. I better run, Im meeting someone in a few minutes. Say hi to Mom for me."
  34. 34. “Nemo, I heard it didnt work out with Shelby.”“Erin.”“You must be so disappointed.”“Well, its not great news, but I was kind of expecting it. Im thinking this is a turning point for least theres nothing holdingme back now.”“So youre really okay?”“Yeah, Im really okay. By the way, I saw Ciel that night too.”“Really? What did she say? I havent heard from her for a while.”“Just that her life was hectic and she was enjoying herself. We didnt talk for very long, she was on her way to meet someone.”“So she seemed all right?”“She seemed fine. A little more interested in having fun than in her studies...”“She is a Pleasure Sim.”“That makes sense then. She seems to have a good head on her shoulders, though.”“I know she doesnt want me checking up on her, but would you mind...sometime, for my peace of mind, maybe paying her a visit?”“In a couple of days?”“Thank you, Nemo. And thank you for the lovely piano.”
  35. 35. Twenty-five dates later, the roses were really getting out of control.I invited Alvin to the house to give most of them away.
  36. 36. Then one day, Nemo paid me a surprise visit."My mom put you up to this, didnt she? I cant believe she sent you over to check up on me!""Shes just worried because you go out a lot.""So what if I do? Its with the guy she set me up with. Im not missing any classes, Im doing all my assignments, Ive got a 4.0. Whatmore does she want?""Have you maxed all your skills yet? Maybe thatd make her feel better."If they wanted to play their little games, Id play along.
  37. 37. "Maybe you could help me with that?""Sure, what do you need to work on?""Just one itty-bitty logic point and Im done.""Reeeally, youre that far along?""Im a very fast skiller.""How about a game of chess, then Ill be on my way?"
  38. 38. "Whoa, we just sat down. I hate to waste a trip... shall we play a game for fun anyway?""You know, Nemo, theres something else you could help me with.""Whats that?"
  39. 39. "You know...dream date?""Dream date?"
  40. 40. "Ive got fifty of em to get, and twenty-three left.""Your mom didnt send me over to date you.""Forget about her. In case you forgot, Im all grown up. And one of the classes I took here was on those little Sim absurdities...I figureyoure not that much older than me. Besides, no woo-hoo, no problems, right?""I think I forgot to feed Sake...""So youre not gonna help me achieve my Lifetime Want? I thought you had this reputation for getting your Sims to achieve amazingthings.""Thats true..."
  41. 41. "How about this? If I ask and you dont want to, just say no... I wont ask again. So tell me, Nemo, do you wanna, you know, go on adate?""N...yes!"Heheh, too easy...
  42. 42. Only the date didnt turn out the way I expected."Wow, Nemo, Im...surprised.""I didnt expect this either.""Only twenty-two left. Oops, I didnt mean that the way it sounded.""Its kind of exciting when you get past the half-way point, isnt it?""Hehe, yeah it is."
  43. 43. "But you are more than just a date count to me now. Can we go on another one?"
  44. 44. “Twenty-one. Oops, I did it again.”“Dont worry about it. It kind of reminds me”
  45. 45. Twenty...and every date just got better and better.
  46. 46. "Lemme guess...roses.""Our roses, Nemo.""Hm..."
  47. 47. "I think we should keep us a secret for a while.""Fine by me.""Really? Why so fine by you?""First theres your mom. You know about the...incident she and I had?""Not the details, but yeah, I have a general idea."
  48. 48. "After the slow dance, something happened that never should have. And the breakup was rather...awful. She is my best friend again,but once in a while I get this irresistible urge to kick her trashcan. I guess the memories will never go away completely."
  49. 49. "And then theres your dad. Lets just say well never be the best of buddies.""What is it between you and my dad? I mean, besides my mom.""He has a...distant twin brother whos in my Apocalypse and I think, no Im certain, he considers me a...lets be kind and call it atyrant. But its really just my style of playing...I mean, going for all those points doesnt make it easy on me either. So anyway, thatswhy Im not too eager for your parents to know Im seeing you right now.""Nemo?""Too complicated for you? I wouldnt blame you if it was."
  50. 50. "Does this answer your question?"
  51. 51. "Dad! What are you doing here?""I want to talk to you about the other night.""What other night?""I think you know...the night when you were out with him.""Who him?""Dont play dumb, Ciel. You know very well which him Im talking about.""H-how do you know?"
  52. 52. "I saw you two together. Nemo certainly gets around with his slow dance, doesnt he?"
  53. 53. "You were there that night too? You and Mom are a piece of work! First she sends him over to...practically spy on me. Like he had tohold my hand to make sure I was doing what I was supposed to!""But you are out all the time.""Dates, Dad, remember those? I can keep going practically forever with them. 4.0, never late for class once either. And just so youknow, he spent less than a minute at the chess table with me before I had maxed all my skills, so get off my back!""Dont you talk to me like that.""Ha! You treat me like a child and look what happened! And get this, now I really like him. Dont you love the irony? Thanks forsending him over! And now youre giving me grief over it?""You come inside with me."
  54. 54. "It wasnt my idea to send him over. And get this straight, Ciel. him. Its bad enough that your mom and he are suchgood friends. But I draw the line at you getting involved with him.""Then why dont you draw the line at Mom being friends with him, too?""Your mom isnt perfect, but I trust her. I would never tell her who she can or cannot see.""Wake up, Dad! Im an adult now, you cant tell me who I can see anymore either! Its not just Mom and I, but Haley too. We all reallylike him. Do you think were all a bunch of gullible fools? Well, I wont bother telling you about all of his good qualities because youreblind to them anyway. Just what is your problem with him?""All of you think hes so flipping nice, but he can be ruthless. He stops at nothing, and I mean nothing, for his precious legacy points."
  55. 55. "Is he doing that to us, to you?""No, of course not. You dont understand, I dont understand it. Oh, never mind, I cant explain it...I just get this very strong gutreaction at the idea of you with him...I cant help it. And Im not telling you but asking you to stop seeing him. For me.""If youre worried about Kennedy, he doesnt know.""This has nothing to do with Kennedy.""Of course it does, you dont want me to blow our chances now that weve got someone who can lift Science for us...""Hes not going to lift Science for us.""What? Did he find out?" I felt my stomach clench. "Oh Dad, Im sorry...""Will you stop talking and listen to me? Your Vampa found someone else, a Mad Scientist."
  56. 56. “A Mad Scientist? Dad, this is incredible! He or she?”“...She...”I felt light-headed, giddy. I liked Kennedy, but for the first time in my life, my future was wide open with possibilities. I was able toconsider being with someone totally of my own choosing.“...but I wish it was a he.”I chose to ignore his last comment. “Im so excited...for all of us.”“......”“Dad? You dont look very happy about it.”“Of course Im happy about it.”“Whats wrong then?”“Youve very neatly managed to get the subject changed, Ciel, but were not finished with the real reason I came here.”All my life my dad had been so understanding and supportive of all of us, especially when it came to our happiness. The possibility ofan arranged marriage that came with heirship was a natural part of our upbringing in the Apocalypse, and we accepted it. But I hadnever seen this stubborn streak before...there was not one bit of understanding or support for me in his eyes. I felt...lost somehow.
  57. 57. “But what if I really want to keep seeing him?”“Youre not going to make this easy for me, are you?”“I dont mean to be difficult, but *sniff* I think it might be too late already...”“From the moment I had to kick you out of my coffin I knew you could someday be the death of me...”“Dad! How can you say that?”“Im...sorry, I didnt mean death literally. That was just my stupid way of saying that youre...very special to me, and acomplete loss right now.”“Im sorry for how I sounded earlier.”“You were are an adult now, and its about time I accept that.”“Dad... *sniff* ”“Ill...let you be for a while, and Ill see you after you graduate. In the meantime, take care of my...take care of yourself for me.”“Please dont go. Cant we talk about it some more?”“Goodbye, Ciel.”
  58. 58. Knowing of my dads strong disapproval didnt stop from wanting to see Nemo more than ever.
  59. 59. Was I ever going to be able to go somewhere without running into my parents?"Ciel, what a surprise! Shouldnt you be in class or studying or something?""Dont worry, Mom, Ive got it handled. I have a question for you, though.""Yes?""Where do you get off sending Nemo over""See how youre doing?""I dont need that, Mom! How could you...embarrass me like that? What did I do to deserve that?"
  60. 60. “Well, it wouldve been nice for you to keep in touch with us. We havent heard from you since you met Kennedy, but your dad suresees you out and about at all hours. We were worried about you.”“Ive been busy...”“Obviously.”“Mom, please listen... Im not gonna blow all of Haleys hard work and not do well in college, okay? Actually, schools the easypart...but getting fifty dream dates is hard work.”“Fifty is an awful lot." Thank heaven for Medical! "How are you doing it all?”“Like I said, Mom, Im very busy! But you know how it dont really need to sleep after dating all night.”“Thats true. Do you think youll make your goal?”“Of course. I can get five to ten a night before Lorin goes crazy or Crumpy-butt puts the kibash on things.”“Oh, I hate Crumpy-butt too.”
  61. 61. "Actually, Mom, theres something I want to tell you. I think Ive met someone...""Not Kennedy?""I like Kennedy, but no...not Kennedy. Promise you wont get upset?""Should I be upset?""I...Im not sure. Its...""Come on, Ciel, now youve really got me curious.""Its...............Nemo."
  62. 62. “Nemo?!?”“Are you...youre not upset?”“Nemo. You really like each other?”“Weve only been on a few dates, but yeah, I really like him, I think I more than like him. And he likes me too.”“I...dont think I am upset, Ciel. I think maybe I like the idea.”“He told me about know...the...”“Slow dance?”“Yeah. really dont think youd mind?”“To be honest, the slow dance did mess us up a little, but nothing we cant deal with. Ill tell you exactly how it is with me and Nemo.Weve been best friends for a very long time, and only your dad and you kids are more important to me than him. I wish him everyhappiness, and if youre happy with each other, I couldnt be more happy...for both of you.”“Mom, Im so relieved! But what about...Dad?”“Your going to be a problem. I cant guarantee anything, but...let me see what I can do.”“Thanks, Mom, youre the best!”
  63. 63. “Dont waste your time, Kate, youre not going to change my mind.”“But if you just saw how she was when she talked about him...”“I dont want her seeing him. You have no idea how strongly I feel about this.”“Oh, I do have an idea, Corey. Ive never known you to be so unreasonable before...just like when I was being the exact same waywith a certain vampire in this room.”“This is different...”“Of course it choose to place more importance on sticking to your guns than on our daughters happiness. Why dont you tellme the difference?”“.......”“Well?”“I...cant.”“Believe me when I say its not worth it, Corey.”“.....I will...give it more thought.”
  64. 64. A few days later I decided to go home and see how the family was doing... Oh, who was I kidding, I couldnt stand not seeing Dad, Ihad to find out if he had softened, even if it was just a little.“I miss you, Dad.”“I...miss you, too.”“Wheres Mom?”“Shes downtown with your Vampa.”“I ran into her the other day.”“She told me. So youre still seeing him.”“Have you thought anymore about it?”“Is that what you came here for?”“Dad, please...have you?”“Of course Ive thought about it. Its all I can think about.”
  65. 65. "And...?""Ive tried, Im trying, but I just...cant, Ciel, not yet.""Well, I cant stop seeing him either. Why do you have to be this way with the only guy Ive ever really wanted?!""Just a minute, for years youve all known how I felt about him. Of all the choices out there, why did you have to go and choose him?!The only one you knew would drive me crazy!"
  66. 66. "Stop it, Dad, just stop it!"I could hear the anger growing in our voices, felt it like it was a living thing, and for the first time in my life I was afraid...afraid that if Istayed any longer we both might say things we would never be able to take back.It was so unfair...all I ever wanted was to enjoy life, I never wanted to hurt anyone. But all I could feel at that moment was hurt, all Icould see in his eyes was hurt. Blinking back my tears, I started to leave, a complete meltdown a near certainty if I didnt get away.When I felt his hand touch my shoulder I bolted, not caring that he could hear me sobbing my heart out. I wanted him to know justhow much he was hurting me.
  67. 67. I walked a good part of the way, and I had calmed down a little by the time I got home, but I couldnt believe my eyes when Jake wasoutside, could it be waiting up for me?“Jakey! I mean...Dummy. Whatre you do... OMIGOSH, your hair! You look so different.”“You dont know the half of it.”“What?”“I decided to change my...outlook on things. Wanting to buy all that material stuff and trying to watch our finances was wearing medown...I was having no fun at all. So I decided to choose Knowledge aspiration like Vampa.”“You couldve handed the money over to me, I would let you buy whatever you wanted.”“Eh, I dont care about that stuff anymore. You wanna know the best part?”“I can call you Nerd?”“Go ahead, call me what you want. Cuz Im perma-plat, baby! Oh yeah, beatcha!”“NOOOOOOOOOOOO!”“Heheheh.”“But how?” I stomped my foot. “You werent even supposed to get perma-plat, let alone beat me to it!”
  68. 68. "Remember that time when you were home and you ignored me? Oh wait, when youre home you always ignore me. Which Imgrateful for, by the way."
  69. 69. “You really could use some freshening up, sis.”“Why are you being so nice to me?”“Dad called...”“He did? Whatd he say?”“He said you might want someone to talk to when you got home tonight. And he wants me to call so he knows you got home safe.”*sniff*“So do you? Wanna talk?”“Not really. I just wanna forget about me for a while. *sniff* ”“Okay.”“So...youre perma-plat. Can you...tell me what else youve been doing?”“Its probably boring compared to you.”“Can you tell me anyway?”
  70. 70. "I invited Kelly over to give her some of your roses and the stuff I dug up in back of the house.""Did you find anything good?""Tons of bones and rocks, then I found three treasure maps...""Thats pretty cool.""...and a couple of small statues...a frog and a horse.""That is cool. Why did you stop digging?""This place is too small, and I didnt feel like digging up stuff Id just have to give away later.""What else happened?"
  71. 71. "You know the cheerleader who kept barging in all the time?""The redhead?""Yeah, Ivy. She and I hit it off.""You and a cheerleader?!"".......""Ahem. Anything else good?"
  72. 72. "Then I met Mel. She wants to be a Celebrity Chef."
  73. 73. "Then I was seeing more and more of Ivy..."
  74. 74. "...and more and more of Mel.""Jake! Youre worse than I am."
  75. 75. "And get this... I met Jaqueline, who was one of Gramma Eis best friends from the Secret Society.""That is so weird!""It gets weirder. She just couldnt get over how Eileens grandson was going to college with her. And then..."
  76. 76. "She kissed me goodbye. And not a little peck either.""Ewww! Shes gotta be ancient!""No, shes our age...thats the strangest part of all.""This keeps getting better and better...what else?"
  77. 77. "Nothing else, except I felt a real passion for learning. I didnt stop until I learned everything I could from Haleys bookcase. Andthats when I became perma-plat.""I still cant believe you beat me.""Heheh, me either. So anyway, thats my story.""Its a lot better than I thought it would be."
  78. 78. "Thats better. Oh yeah, theres one more thing I did while you were gone.""Yeah?""Look over there. Im gonna call Dad."
  79. 79. "Hey, it works!""I know.""So you must know about the Mad Scientist?""Yeah.""Whatre you gonna do about your girlfriends?""Im not thinking about that right now. Im gonna have fun here as long as I can."Jake had to go to class, so I watched TV for a few hours and even saw Ratna Miguels show on the Yummy Channel. The food lookedgood, but since I probably would not cook or eat anything I saw on his show, I lost interest and got antsy.
  80. 80. It wasnt until I saw him again that I knew how much I missed him."Oh Nemo, I needed this hug.""Are you all right?""I am now."
  81. 81. "I could use a little cheering up, though.""Can I help?""Definitely. I want to get the rest of my dream dates.""Now?""Now, today, tonight, tomorrow, as long as it takes.""Sixteen left.""Sixteen? Youre keeping count?""Of course I am. Sixteen dream dates...Im game. Are you?""Of course I am."
  82. 82. We always started off with a slow dance.
  83. 83. By the time we finished our make-out wants, our dates were always just shy of dreamy. *Sigh* if only we could woo-hoo, it would beso much easier...
  84. 84. Sometimes wed get so close to but not quite a dream date, and then the only thing I could do was prank him, then Nemo wouldprank back and then...
  85. 85. Dream Date!
  86. 86. On some of our dates, all we wanted to do was woo-hoo. Since that was out of the question, I called for the taxi to take ussomewhere else...maybe we just needed a little change of scene. Voila! We rolled new wants and we got our dream date.“Willow, why so glum?”“Aside from you gagging when you passed by me inside a minute ago?”“I never...I didnt...”“It gets worse.”“Worse?”“Im just not myself around here. Lorin didnt know what aspiration I was when she put me in the neighborhood, so she made me aPleasure Sim because, get this, she thinks my story and posts are funny. But Im supposed to be Knowledge.”“Sorry to hear that, Willow.”“Please keep that in mind if you see me around making a fool of myself.”
  87. 87. After several more dates, I was caught completely by surprise, although I shouldve known it would happen at LuLus...
  88. 88. I had forgotten all about Kennedy.
  89. 89. "Kennedy, Im sorry. Our dream dates were wonderful, but Ive found somebody else. Can you forgive me?""Does it look like I forgive you?""Not really.""I think you can forget about recycling your newspapers from now on.""If itll make you feel better, go right ahead."
  90. 90. For a little variety, I tried all sorts of options from the Ask menu. Here I invited Nemo home with me.
  91. 91. "What now? You hungry? Want a hot dog?""No, do you?""No.""Lets keep going then."
  92. 92. "After all the date-y stuff weve been doing, I know now my favorite thing to do with you.""So do I.""Hehe! Besides the kissing, I mean.""Oh. What do you like the best?"
  93. 93. "Slowwwww dance."
  94. 94. "Nemo, youre...really good. Weve never danced like this before."
  95. 95. I knew it would happen, I wanted it to happen way more than getting my fifty."I love you, Nemo. I knew it from the moment you counted my dates with me.""I...didnt expect this to happen, Ciel. Im having the time of my life with you right now, but...Ive never considered myself to be a guyfor romantic relationships. Well, the helmet may be part of it."I felt a lump in my throat at his reaction, but it didnt really surprise me. I had made the first move, had made every move. I wasimpetuous, I was moving too fast, but I didnt care. I knew he felt the same way, he just needed the chance to come around in hisown time.
  96. 96. "You dont know how wrong you are, Nemo."
  97. 97. "Ciel, wait! you too."
  98. 98. "Better watch out, Nemo, you were awfully romantic back there."Needless to say, this was our dreamiest date yet.
  99. 99. "Hurry, we need a taxi right away."..."Yes its an emergency!"
  100. 100. Finally, I had my fifty dream dates!
  101. 101. "This was the best night, day, whatever of my life, Ciel.""Romantic, Nemo. Will you come home with me? Theres something Ive wanted to do ever since I got into college."
  102. 102. I was perma-plat! I loved Nemo! He loved me back!I was...freezing my a-- off!"Ciel, I cant believe the time. Gotta go."
  103. 103. Had I gone too far? Nemo didnt seem uptight, but that had been crazy even for me. I would have to call him in the morning and findout.
  104. 104. But the next morning roses started to appear. I could only watch in giddy delight as Nemo dropped off bouquet after bouquet afterbouquet...sixteen in all, including two he left on the front porch.
  105. 105. "Nemo, how can you say youre not the guy for romantic relationships? This is the most romantic thing Ive ever seen.""In this neighborhood, with you, its almost impossible not to be.""Ill see you when we get back to the neighborhood, okay?""Call me if you need anything.""I always do."
  106. 106. With our Liftetime Wants achieved and our skills maxed, all we had to do in our last semester was keep our 4.0 GPA.After that awful night with Dad, things were different between Jake and me."You changed your hair back.""I guess I have more of Dad in me than I thought."At the mention of him, I felt a knot in my stomach. "Im nervous about going home.""At least you know who youre going to end up with. I cant even imagine what a Mad Scientist is like.""I think Vampa knows what hes doing. And nobodys called us complaining about her, so shes probably a nice normal person,right?""I sure hope so."
  107. 107. After I finished my final exams, I was ready to go home. There was nothing to hang around here for.My new clothes were slightly outrageous, but they suited me.
  108. 108. Hehe! Jakes clothes couldve been worse, but all that green!
  109. 109. The trip home was a blur, both of us lost in our thoughts, wondering what the future held...
  110. 110. ...for me and my dad. How afraid I was to see him again, how much I longed for him to call me his sky girl again.And Jake with his Mad Scientist...
  111. 111. "It...cant be. Mel?""Im Melissa, Melissa Fancey. Mad Scientist, aspiring Celebrity Chef. Hello, Jake."