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Romancing the Apocalypse - Chapter 5 Romancing the Apocalypse - Chapter 5 Presentation Transcript

  • Romancing the Apocalypse Chapter 5 - Kates Take (Kate and Corey welcome new Gen 3 arrivals, Haley grows up, and more simselves are revealed.)Welcome back to Romancing the Apocalypse! Episode 4 ended with Kate finally beginning to accept her husband Corey as a vampire. But where did theirdaughter Haley fit in Kates drive to top Adventure and her quest for some peace of mind? Lets find out what Kates take is in all of this...You can find Pinstars Apocalypse Challenge at If youre interested in learning even more about the challenge, go to theforums at (03/15/2008)
  • The night I asked Corey for roses, we kissed for the first time since he became a vampire. It was one of the things I had been most nervous about, but he wasso gentle. It wasnt long before I wanted to kiss him just like our very first kiss, and that was the moment I found out I still felt three bolts for my vampirehusband.
  • For the first time ever, it was hard for me to keep focused on my skilling. I had never looked forward to one of our dates like I did this one.
  • I was settling back into the security and comfort of being with him, and it felt so good.Mom had started haunting on a nightly basis, but we decided to date outside on the lot anyway rather than go downtown where both of us had been on thewrong end of Mrs. Cs disapproval.
  • I kept half an eye on Mom, not sure if we would get interrupted in a different way for our PDA. She watched us for a while, then wandered off. Finally I closedmy eyes and forgot about everything but Corey.
  • I had no problem getting promoted after my first day as Hostage Negotiator.
  • "Just one promotion left, Corey. I cant believe Im not getting any chance cards.""Sshhh! Dont jinx yourself.""Oops, yeah...forget I said anything."
  • "Hey, Dad. Whats going on?""Just been many days do you think before you get the elixir?""At least four, why?""Thats what I thought.""Why...oh no, its not going to be soon enough, is it?""Afraid not.""Oh, Dad! I cant bear to lose you like Mom...""Thats why I wanted to talk to you. I could get vamped, but I wouldnt do it if you didnt want me to.""Dad, please! I have no right to have your life in my hands like that. If its the only way we can keep you with us, of course Id rather have you become a vampire.""Wow, Kate, I wasnt expecting this to be so easy. I made a promise to your mom, and this is the only way I can keep it.""I know, and all I care about is that you get to stay with us. Im going to talk to Corey."
  • "Dad and I talked earlier today. Im not going to be able to bring back the elixir before he...oh, I cant even bring myself to say it! He told me he wants tobecome a vampire. Has he said anything to you?""No, but Im not surprised.""You had this in mind all along, didnt you?""Well, I knew it was a possibility.""I cant bear to lose him and I know this is the only way, but Id feel better if you answered some questions for me.""Fire away.""Can you tell me what its like?""Hmm...well, its different but not bad, although I do have a permanent want to be cured.""So you dont like it?""I cant say that. Theres really nothing wrong with it except I miss enjoying the daylight hours. Wanting to be cured has nothing to do with how being avampire feels, its just that my Fortune nature would rather not be one. But your Dad will like being one and wont necessarily want to be cured.""Do you want to bite people?"
  • "Only you, my love, in a most definite non-vampire way.""Hehe! Corey, Im being serious!"
  • "Sorry, I couldnt resist. Seriously though, Ive never rolled the want to bite. But your dad might.""Will you talk to him? Im getting better but Im still not totally comfortable with the whole idea of vampires, and I just dont want to be surprised.""Never fear, Kate, Ill make sure he knows everything I know. Even with Knowledge sims, most of the high is becoming one in the first place.""Thats a relief. Does that creepy Count have to be involved?""No, I can do it myself.... Is that it?""I think so.""Feel better?""Yeah, actually I do."
  • "Good. Now how about that other kind of bite..."
  • "Are you ready?""Definitely. You sure Kates okay with it?""Compared to the alternative? Yeah, shes okay with it.""Lets do it, then."
  • "*IRRK!*good!"
  • "Lets hear it.""BLEHH!!!""Bleh! I think youre a natural."
  • "I feel incredible, Kate. Got anything you want to say?""Oh, I have no doubt Ill get used to it. But Im just so glad youre not leaving us.""Thanks, honey."
  • "Cmon Haley, you ready for some payback for your cheatin ways at chess?""Bring it on, Vampa.""Hehe, Vampa."
  • "What the...?"
  • "Careful! Youre supposed to be stronger, not slippin and fallin."
  • "Not bad, eh?""Ha! Its been a looong time since Ive seen you Bust a Move."
  • "Im Haley.""Im Randy.""You wanna come up?""Sure.""Im warnin ya, its a little different up there."
  • "Randy, Id like you to meet Haleys Vampa.""Vampa? She wasnt kidding, it is different up here."
  • "I hate this part.""Me too."
  • "Sorry you missed your promotion, Kate.""Dont be...I just need a couple more friends and a dream date for tomorrow.""So you want to go downtown tonight?""Can you and Dad go? Id rather stay home with Haley, I havent been spending any time with her.""All right. Im sure your dad would like to get an Outing Group going again."
  • Dads new Outing Group had the friends hed made at LuLus Blues all those years ago. Andrea, Kari, and Marylena were surprised to see how much hedchanged, but they were so glad to have their phones back, they became best friends with him all over again.
  • "Hey, youre Corey, right?""Yeah, and youre...?""Darby...Im one of Lorins simself friends. Coincidentally, one of your bros, Scott, was in my Disaster Apocalypse attempt. Looks like youve had a littleexcitement, too...youre vamped and Scott was abducted.""Abducted? Wow, we really do get around. Hows he doing?""Oh, hes great. Ive got tons of pictures of him and his wife and kids. Thats how Lorin and I met...she really liked my pictures.""Nice. Tell me, Darby, do you like cats?""I love em!""Maybe one of these days...uh-oh, looks like I better go. Id love to talk to you some more, but the suns almost up.""Yeah, I understand. Ill give you a call some time.""Sounds good!"
  • "Just one thing before I go, Darby...did Scott ever tickle like this?"
  • "All right, Kate. Friends...check. Dream date...""Check."
  • Our dream date was the only preparation I needed for my second day as an International Sim of Mystery.
  • "Hey kittykitty, you wanna be a star for our family?"
  • "Come on, pretty girl, I think you almost wanna move in with us now...Hey Gramma Ei, the beds still there, but go ahead and check anyway."
  • It was like Christmas with a smidge of Halloween when I returned home as a Space Pirate. I brought the Jumbok statue, the ability to use career rewards, andof course I selected the Elixir of Life. Haleys friend Randy had somehow managed to drop off this humongous fountain, and I had my roses for Corey."Thats a snazzy hat, Haley. Ooh, a kitty! Hows it going?""Fine.""I see your grammas out tonight...maybe we should go inside.""Im fine. Shes been out for a while and hasnt scared me yet.""Then Ill wait for you, but please hurry. Ill be a popsicle without a coat before too long.""I dont need you to wait for me, besides thisll probably take a while.""Youve had enough to eat?""Yes Ive had enough to eat! Will you just go? Youre distracting me.""Okay, Ill go, but call me if you need me.""Sure, right.""What was that?""Nothing."
  • "AHHHH!!! Gramma-a! Youre ruining it for me...I almost had the kitty!"
  • "Aww, you gotta go? I hope you come back real soon."
  • Man, I wish I could remember coming here now is just a waste of time.
  • "Geez, Eileen! Kate and I were hoping to make another grandkid for you tonight...and youre not exactly helping the mood, if you catch my drift."
  • "AHHHH!!! Gramma-a! Look, Grampa told me how cool you were before you became, you know, a ghost? But this is so not cool...AHHHH!!! Im outtahere."
  • "Dad! Dont go down there...Gramma just freaked me out big time.""She just freaked me out upstairs, too. Maybe we should just hang here for a while."" what did you do today?""Very funny. But your mom made this a very exciting day for all of us.""Yeah, it was real exciting for me...she actually spoke to me.""I know she hasnt had a chance to spend much time with you...""Much time? Thats funny, bout no time.""Things arent always as they should be in the Apocalypse, Haley. Getting to the top of your job is one of the things you pretty much have to do. And dontforget, she lost the mom she knew when she was very young herself.""And mine I hardly know at all except that shes good at her job.""I think in the next few of days youll see a whole new side of her.""Whatever.""Haley, dont...""*Yawn* Im gonna see if the coast is clear, then Im goin to bed, all right? Love you, Dad.""Love you too, sweetheart."
  • Thankfully Mom didnt scare me that night, but it took a lot of back rubs to get Corey to relax."How do you like my bite, Corey?""Ooooh...ow! Upstairs now, Kate!"
  • "Be sure to thank the powers that be at your job for me...that is one hot little number youre wearing.""But after tonight, I probably wont be going back to work.""Ive can only quit your job if they let you keep the dress.""Corey...""You do get to keep it, right?""Yes, yes, I get to keep it! Now will you shut up? I want a baby!""I guess youll just have to shut me up..."
  • "Happy now?""Happy now."
  • The days passed so fast in the Apocalypse, and I was six days from elderfying when I brought back the elixir. It came too late for the two men in my life, but itwould be there for the rest of us. A vat-and-a-half later, and I was ready to live another lifetime with Corey.
  • "Hi, Haley.""Mom.""I thought we could start to get to know each other again. Maybe go on an outing?"
  • "An outing? Real convenient, Mom! Now that youre home all day and Dad and Vampa are sleeping, you wanna spend time with me on an outing. I can seehow tired and hungry you just wanna use me to keep your needs up.""Im so sorry, Haley. I didnt mean it like that, honest.""How did you mean it then?""Well, outings will help us get to know each other know, find out which things we like to do best, our favorite things to talk about...""Dont forget the motive boosts.""No, I didnt forget."
  • "What do you think I did all day when Dad and Vampa were sleeping and you were working? There wasnt anyone around then to keep my needs up. Andwhat about the evenings? After you and Dad made up, you were always hugging on him and joking and tickling. You never did any of that with me. Tell youwhat, as soon as you have the baby, go back to work. Then you can use me to babysit, too.""Haley, youre breaking my heart. Im so sorry you feel this way. I would rather die than have you think Id use you like that.""Youre so dramatic, Mother."
  • "Can I tell you a little of what was going on in my mind while you were growing up after your dad became a vampire?""Whats the big deal about Dad being a vampire anyway?""I know Im weird that way. I know most sims dont seem to react at all around vampires. My best friend Nemo swears by them in his Apocalypse. But theyused to make me really nervous. And the night your dad came home as one, I kind of had a breakdown.""You did?""Yeah, I did."
  • "You see, the world that I knew crashed around me the night your dad became a vampire. He was the person who was always there for me, the person Icould always count on, and he had always been so generous and kind and honest and fun and sweet to me and my parents.One night your dad and I went downtown, and I got very scared when the Count kept staring at me. I told your dad how creeped out I felt, and he hadpromised me he wasnt interested in them. The night he became a vampire, I felt everything I had believed in was an illusion, and I lost faith in him andmyself, in my judgment. I was being pulled down by self-doubt and hurt and fear...I had to find something that would help me take my mind off the unbearable sense of insecurity and betrayal I felt. And that thing turned out to be a goal toreach the top of Adventure. It was something that took all of my time and energy, which was just what I needed to avoid thinking about your dad and whathe had done to me."
  • "Thats pretty heavy.""I wasnt in my right mind then, Haley. Turns out it worked great for my career, but I was having nightmares, snapping at my best friend, being ridiculousabout avoiding your dad, and worst of all, ignoring you. *sniff*""Youre not gonna cry are ya? Its okay.""*sniff* No it isnt. Youre the one who paid most dearly. I didnt bother giving you the time of day, and you must have been thinking that you werentimportant to me, that I didnt love you. And I am so, so sorry for that.""Mom, I mean it, its...well, at least its a little more okay than it was before...but I think this is all the mush I can stand for one day.""Just a little more mush...I do love you, Haley, and Im sorry I missed out on so much of your...""Mo-om!""Okay, no more mush. Im going to go grill some hot dogs if you want one."
  • "Maybe later."
  • After our little talk, Haley hung around on our outings, but she preferred the mirror again to her old mom.
  • "I broke the ice a little with Haley.""How did it go?""It was heartbreaking at first...beneath the flip and tough was so much hurt, hurt that I had caused.""How did you do it then?""Shes tough, Corey, but shes not too stubborn to listen, unlike someone I know.""Well, thats in the past, right?""Right. Im so excited to see what our next one will be like.""Dont take this as a slight against you because I know you and I were a totally different situation. Haley may be tough, but shes a family girl through andthrough, and believe me, I found that out first hand when she accepted me without one bit of fear or hesitation. The only thing that mattered to her was thatI was her daddy. And did you notice she was the exact same way with your dad? Just unconditional love and acceptance for her Vampa. I cant wait to see herwith the baby.""Corey, I love you so much and...""Yes, yes, theres more?"My eyes filled with tears as Dads word godsend came to me. "I am so glad youre in our corner."
  • "Nemo! I had the most awful nightmare about you..."..."No, you didnt go bankrupt. You were one of your vampires, and you scared the you-know-what out of me."..."No, no, dont be sorry, you actually helped me face my fears. And you were right about talking to Corey. Were better than ever now, and were havinganother baby!"..."Thanks, were happy about it, too. Where have you been lately, anyway?"..."Subplots? Its that serious? Oh Nemo, dont let them get you down. Im sure if you have anything to do with them, theyre wonderful."..."Okay, Ill let you go. Call me if you need anything...hope I see you soon."
  • "Hello-o-o dream baby. Shes got your Dads eyes, Kate.""I know, arent they beautiful?""I love them. We should name her Ciel.""Ciel?""Yes. Because now I can look at the sky again as long as I want."
  • Haley all but lost interest in the mirror after her baby sister was born.
  • When Haley wasnt holding and playing with her, Corey was.
  • Corey was absolutely right about Haley with the baby. Ciel brought out a tenderness in her none of us had ever seen before.
  • "Im ready for another baby, Corey. What do you think?""Its awfully soon...I think Id feel guilty about it. You and Haley get stuck with all the work during the day, and it wont be long before shell be out working,then youll have to do it all on your own. Two little ones at once would be way too difficult.""Oh really.""You asked. Im just telling you its how I feel, Kate.""And I feel like I really want to woo-hoo, but if you dont think I can handle it...""Im only thinking of you.""I know what Im doing. Now I just need to convince you.""Convince me? Sounds like fun, Id like to hear you try.""Sounds like too much talking to me. Or maybe not. Maybe..."
  • "Like this..."
  • "You bewitched me the other night, Kate.""I did?""Yeah you did, and now Im feeling guilty about the extra work youll be taking on. Ive been coasting, getting into the coffin before I really needto. I can stay out longer during the day to help you.""Im sure Ill be fine. Besides, Id feel bad making you come out.""Thats the whole point, you dont need to feel bad. Promise youll come get me if you need me?""Okay, I promise."
  • "Youre such a big girl, Ciel! Your stinky big sis loves you!""Tinky!"
  • With the Jumbok statue around, our motives stayed high while we slept, giving us a break from constant outings.
  • Haleys birthday finally arrived. I could only hope hers wouldnt be a repeat of my disasterous one."Dad, you and I hugging looks real funky in the mirror. Lorin thinks I look like Baby practicing in Dirty Dancing, whatever that means."
  • Thank goodness Haley grew up well. I asked her how she did it, and this was how...
  • "Vampires? No! Your dad and grampa both?""Vampa, and yeah, theyre both pretty cool. If you stay for a while, youll get to see em later.""They wont bite me will they? My mom would kill me."" Course not, silly. So you wanna stay?""Nothin like this has ever happened to me before. Oh yeah, I wanna stay."
  • "Sierra. Thats a pretty name.""I like Haley, too.""Thats a nice school uniform. Sometimes I wish I could go to school.""Youre so lucky. Sometimes I wish I didnt have to go to school. And I like your outfit better.""Yeah, its a real good one, specially since I didnt get to pick it out. It took me hours to pick out the hat though.""Your hats the best."
  • "Sierra. I like you so much better than that silly old Randy.""You do?""Oh yeah. Do you wanna...?"
  • And on the day before her birthday, Haley made herself platinum.
  • "Its not fair. Ill never get into school and Sierra will never get out.""Haley?"
  • "Mom! You surprised me.""Speaking of surprises...Im not quite sure about that dress. I mean, you do have the bod for it, and compared to the one I grew up in its a dream,but...maybe if there was just a little more of it in the front?"
  • "So you think its a little too risque?""Just a little.""Thanks, Mom, you just convinced me...I like it."
  • "You look beautiful, honey. Very grown up.""Thanks, Vampa."
  • "You look um, well, I guess Im just speechless.""Da-ad!""Dont worry, Ill get used to it. You be sure to let me know if anyone gives you any trouble.""Oh please! I can take care of myself.""Im just saying.""Ill be fine, Dad."
  • "Aw you came back...I love you too, Kobe girl."
  • "Come on, Show Biz...shoot, Service again."
  • "Athletics? Durn, I know its a good one, but we really need Science. Oh well, at least itll get me outta the house."
  • "Owwwww, the babyyyy! Corey, I need youuuu...""Owww, the sun!""Mine hurts more. You made me promise, so get over here already! OWWWWWW!!!!!""Mom, dont talk to Dad like that! If its so bad, just adopt next time."" wish I...could!!!"
  • And thats how baby Jake arrived...the first boy born into our family, and he had his dads green eyes (which you cant see here because Lorin slacked off ontaking his baby pictures).
  • *fffssssssssst*
  • Even kitties like Kobe went on the defensive when Pinstar showed up.
  • "Were honored to have you visit our humble little Apocalypse abode, oh Challenging One. Uh, why are you here?"
  • "Sometimes I like to stop by and see how you sims are coping with all the restrictions.""Aww, thats so thoughtful of you!"
  • "Actually, Pinstar, were doing pretty well, thanks mainly to Show Business. Who wouldve thunk, huh? I grew up into the most horrid H&M sack andridiculous Converse sneakers that came with it, and Ive been itching to go shopping for a decent outfit and some shoes. But were taking the mostconservative view and not going clothes shopping before we top Business. What do you think?"
  • "Youre holding off on the shoe shopping for now? I havent made an official ruling about clothes shopping other than in Show Biz and Military. Still, youreopting to keep things ugly for a while longer, huh?...I like it!""Thank you so much!"
  • "Ive noticed you guys are sometimes slack in paying your protection money on Monday."
  • "You got us there...sometimes we lose track of time, what with outings keeping us so busy. Sometimes we pay a day or two late, especially since we dontuse the fridge too much so we dont have that to remind us..."
  • "Criminal has little enough bite left as it is without you blowing it off. Im going to have to insist that you make your payments on time.""Okay okay!"
  • "What were really excited about is taking a vacation someday."
  • "Ahhh, a vacation, yes...Im about ready for one myself...""Would you like to come upstairs and see the inside?""Sure, why not?"
  • "Im still having a hard time figuring out how to make the Criminal restriction have more of a financial bite while avoiding complicated formulas.""Yes, please avoid complicated formulas...I dont know much math, thanks to you."
  • "Im really glad there arent rats around here, or Im sure some of us would have the plague by now.""You think I would do that to you?""Hello, no bug spray for cockroaches? Yes, I do.""Youre probably right."
  • "Oooh, its getting a little ripe in here, isnt it, Pinstar?""*cough* *gag* Why no, what makes you say that?"
  • Time to have some fun...
  • "The more stinkier the merrier, thats what we say."Lorin here. I just noticed that Haley, exhausted and stinky from work, autonomously took care of both Ciel and Jake at Pinstars little soire. One nice point, hah!
  • "Itd smell a lot better in here if you werent dragging the outing score down."
  • "How rude! Now its even lower."
  • "Ooh, Corey baby, all this stink really turns me on...more more more!"
  • "I just remembered...I really do have a plane to catch..."
  • "Aww, leaving so soon? Were not even friends yet...was it something we said?""I think Ill just check in over the phone from now on.""Come back anytime..."
  • Would you believe it? Kobe was a genius just like Sake. It only took Haley three days to find her a job in Show Biz, and she got promoted on her first day witha chance card.I was about to get another surprise visitor, at least part of him was a surprise...
  • "Im so excited you finally showed up without the helmet, Nemo, but what made you do it?""I felt pretty bad about your nightmare, and I thought the big mystery of what I looked like wasnt helping, so why not? But I gotta warn ya, Kate, Im kindaself conscious without it, so dont be surprised if you still see me around with it.""I like how you look either way, helmet or no helmet. *Yawn* You know, taking care of a baby and a toddler with only one crib is exhausting. Haleys at workand your wonderful vampires are dead to the world right now. Would you mind if I took a little nap?""Sure, Ill get going...""Wait! Theres someone I want you to meet first."
  • "Aw man, no wonder I cant finish my story...its not just the subplots, its all these freaking nice points. Could I just say no? Of course not. *grmbl* "burp"Good one, Jake."
  • "Whew! Haley, right? I cant believe youre grown up already, I hardly recognize you.""Who are...? Wait, youre Moms friend.""Nemo.""Yeah, Nemo. I hardly recognize you either. What happened to the helmet?""Its a long story, but you probably havent seen the last of it.""Howd you get stuck babysitting?""Your mom got tired and decided to take a little nap, and before I knew it I was holding your little brother and, well, here I am, still holding your little brother.""Aw, you really are very nice.""Tell me about it."
  • "Hi, Jakey! You want me to take him?""I thought youd never ask.""Thanks for taking care of him. Theres something upstairs you might like if you wanna go take a look."
  • *kaching kaching kaching*"Hmmm, I babysit for free, but get paid to play pinball. Absurdities everywhere..."
  • "I might as well carry on the tradition, Nemo.""So your mom and dad are at it again, huh?""Oh yeah, but theyre done having kids for a while, at least until we can start moving people out."
  • "I probably better get back home to Sake. My subplots arent writing themselves, you know.""Moms sure right about one thing, are fun to hang out with.""You too, Haley. See ya, Kate.""See ya, Nemo. Better pass on the hug...I wouldnt dream of letting you near me tonight without your helmet."
  • On that same night, without any of us knowing, poor Ciel grew up alone and very, very stinky."Heyyyyy! Where is everyone? Oooh, dont even think of asking me on an outing, cuz I DONT WANNA!"
  • "Sorry, sky girl. I promise well make it up to you."
  • And later that night, Haley (surprise!) was there to help Jake have a little more fun on his birthday.Were running out of room, so well end this chapter right here...
  • Wait a minute, wait a minute...Maxi! Hey, stop! What are you...oh no, no, no.
  • "Maxi.""Lorin.""I just saw something very disturbing on my Apoca-lot.""Whatd you see?"
  • "I hate to bring it up because I just didnt think you were capable of something like this, but...youre the one whos been kicking Eileens tombstone, arentyou?"
  • "Lighten up, Lor, it was just a little harmless fun."
  • "But why would you do that? When I asked you to come out and play a few weeks ago, I meant walk by the lot and be friendly like Nemo, or show up at acommunity lot like Darby or Kathi. Do you know the other two Nemos from Kates dream have come by and made friends with her?"
  • "Oh sure, lets all give Nemo a pat on the back. Its easy for him when he has all those nice points.""Youre the one who wanted your simself to be mean. But thats nothing like how youve been to me on Sims2 and Boolprop for going on a year now.""You made my simself personality the way I wanted, so I guess youre stuck with it.""Well, kicking tombstones is going too far, Maxi. I wanted my simself friends to add a little fun to my story, not prank my family in sick ways. Couldnt youjust go downtown or something?"
  • "Yeah, Maxi, you should go downtown some time instead. Im already best friends with Corey.""Et tu, Darby?"".....""Darby?""....."*snap snap* "DARBY!!""Huh, wha? Where was I?...Oh yeah, it was fun! And I think Coreys going to give me a cat one of these days.""I like cats, too.""Theres only one way to get a cat around here, Maxi, and kicking tombstones aint it."
  • "See ya, Maxi...I hope next time will be under better circumstances."Will my talk with Maxi do any good? Well just have to wait and see.See you all in Chapter 6, and thanks for reading!