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Writer's wednesday: swift, quality content creation immensely social
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Writer's wednesday: swift, quality content creation immensely social


To watch the videos, visit http://immenselysocial.com/quality-content-creation/ …

To watch the videos, visit http://immenselysocial.com/quality-content-creation/
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Published in Education , Business
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  • 1. Immensely Social Resources for Writers, Bloggers, Social Media Enthusiasts, and Lovers of Life, Art, & Fun Writer’s Wednesday: Swift, Quality Content Creation Posted on November 6, 2013 0 “I love deadlines. I love the whooshing noise they make as they go by.” That quote by Douglas Adams, always brings a smile to my face. Often, however, those deadlines have to be met. As writers and creators, we think and feel deep. We have many positive qualities and rich lives, but organization and swiftness is not always among those innate skills. This week, I have been absolutely swamped with clients wanting posts and content ASAP! While I am extremely grateful for the work and continue to receive positive reviews, keeping up with it all has been a challenge. I’ll finish a couple of jobs and I’ve got 5 more requests in my inbox! I’m committed to giving clients the best of me. I don’t want clients who are just satisfied with my work, but happy. In order to continue keeping all those clients happy, I have to be able to write high quality content rather quickly. And organization? Well, that is a must! My sleep is beginning to suffer, I’ll be honest. I’m up working early in the morning, I’m up working at midnight…It’s been crazy, Yo! Content, Content, and more Content… I need to tone it down too, so today I am sharing with you some of Marie’s videos, over at MarieForleo.com. Videos on writing, business, and handling stress!
  • 2. I hope you will find all these tips helpful in doing your best work, while keeping your sanity. Let’s jump right in… Writing a Book with No Writing Time Discipline is remembering what you want. ~David Campbell How to Grow Your Business Without Working More
  • 3. How to Immediately Stop Stressing Out Everything is figure-out-able! via Marie Forleo Along with Marie, I’m a fan of physical movement to beat stress. In fact, after being on the laptop all day, I’m about to take the hour and half walk home. Granted, when I get there, I typically go back to work, but I put my earphones in and
  • 4. it clears my head! Many tips & tricks for you to implement. If you found this post helpful please “like & share” it! And, if it’s social media that’s driving ya crazy, check out my video: Avoid Social Media Chaos ► Avoid Social Media Chaos lorihil 08:00 Avoid lorihil 08:00 Social Media Chaos I love you dearly, but gotta get my walk on and get back to work! Happy Writing! XOXO Hil <3 If you too want a constant flow of work and income, join me on Fiverr.com! You might like: Yu-mi’s Rest Play Cycle Fanship Friday: Vine- What is and How are Top Brands Using It? Tip #4 Get Over Yourself Writer’s Wednesday: The Dragon King Author Spotlight Recommended by This entry was posted in Writer's Wednesdays and tagged Blogging, content, content creation, mare tv, Marie Forleo, write fast, writing, writing tips by Lori Hil. Bookmark the permalink [http://immenselysocial.com/quality-content-creation/] .