Retire baby boomer style | how to have the best retirement ever


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Retire baby boomer style | how to have the best retirement ever

  1. 1. Retire Baby Boomer Style How to Have the Best Retirement Ever For many single baby boomers, getting back into the dating game, or finding a friend or mate can induce a bit of anxiety or fear. Having worked so many years and now being able to relax and enjoy your retirement, the last thing many men and women want to do is hit the dating scene again. At the same time, however, it is nice to be able to share the joys and days of your life with someone special. So, how are those ages 55 and over finding the right person to share their lives with? Modern technology has made it a lot easier for all age groups and demographics to date. Online dating, the process of posting a picture and profile of yourself and interacting with strangers in hopes of finding a compati- ble match, is commonplace these days. There are online dating sites specific to the baby boomer demographic, i.e., and even AARP has its own online dating site. So, if you are tech savvy or have grandchild or neighbor who is and you aren’t shy about sharing your face with the digital world, we recommend trying online dating sites to meet a partner with shared interests and goals. If computers aren’t your thing, or you are more of a private type, finding a potential partner means being find- able. It can be easy as a retiree to spend your days fixing up the house, playing with the grandkids, and catch- ing up on all the books and movies you missed out on while working. Before you know it, a week has gone by, and you haven’t interacted with anyone other than the people in your immediate circle. So, when you want a quiet place to read, instead of your den, hop in the car and read at a nearby coffee shop or the library. Be ap- proachable, look up from your book every now and then, make eye contact, and strike up conversations. You never know who is waiting to say hello to you. Any new place that has new people or a high volume of foot traf- fic is a great place to meet people you may hit it off with.
  2. 2. 3 TweetTweet 2 Getting back into dating can be a little intimidating for both men and women. The good thing is, by this stage of the game, you know yourself better than you ever have before in life, and you know what you want and don’t want of a partner. So, explore new places, get online, or ask around, your new love may be closer than you think. Share this: Email Print Facebook 5 LinkedIn 2 Twitter 2 Tumblr Pinterest How Single Baby Boomers Are Finding Partners June 23, 2014 [] Leave a reply Blog Just released on Amazon. REINVENTING RETIREMENT BABY BOOMER STYLE: THE ACTIVITIES PLAY BOOK Buy Now 5LikeLike       
  3. 3. 1TweetTweet 1 Share this: Email Print Facebook 3 LinkedIn Twitter 1 Tumblr Pinterest This entry was posted in Retire Baby Boomer Style on June 22, 2014 [] . 3LikeLike       