Mindful monday: what to do when you want to punch pollyanna in the face immensely social


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There may be a few of you out there floating through the sky on unicorns that need to stop whatever you’re smoking, but for the rest of us, we have days where things just don’t go as planned.
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Mindful monday: what to do when you want to punch pollyanna in the face immensely social

  1. 1. Mindful Monday: What to Do When You Want to Punch Pollyanna in the Face Posted on August 19, 2013 0 Monday has arrived again! Amazing how quickly it comes around isn’t it? We’re all about Positive Psychology here at IS, but let’s get real for a minute… There may be a few of you out there floating through the sky on unicorns that need to stop whatever you’re smoking, but for the rest of us, we have days where things just don’t go as planned. The kind of day that bites more than a snapping turtle without a minnow! (Don’t ask me where that analogy came from, because I have no idea, odd I know) Those are the kind of days where the bubbly people around you who bounce out of bed at dawn (what is up with that!) and glide through life like fairy dust, just plain get on your nerves. Now, if you have read any of my stuff you know I’m a believer in “Change Your Thoughts Change Your Life”! Positive thinking will not shelter you from all harm, but your attitude and reaction to what Immensely Social Resources for Writers, Social Media Enthusiasts, and Lovers of Life, Art, & Fun
  2. 2. happens is a big deal! However, some days (Monday specifically) you need some extra support to keep from, well, punching the Pollyannas in your life in the face. And, since we don’t encourage violence here at Immensely Social, below are some alternatives… Monday Alternatives to Violence Talk a Walk This is when of my personal favs! Not only is walking good for your waistline, taking it outdoors gives your brain and emotions a boost, as well. Walking briskly, releases tension and helps you calm the heck down! Even a short walk around the block can have tremendous benefits. Got kids or a pup? Take them with you for extra happiness! Deep Breathing You may be thinking, “Oh My Word, now she is going to tell me to stop and meditate, the last thing I want to do right now!” You don’t have to be a yogi or sit on the floor to get the benefits of deep breathing. Just take a few minutes at your desk or wherever you are. Inhale deeply through the nose and release slowly through your mouth. Make sure it comes from deep in your belly and not your chest. Focus on the circular motion for just a few breaths and see how you feel. Better right?! Listen to a song or two, or three… I have a private playlist, yes just for me, on my YouTube channel called Mood Boost. It’s my go to when I need some “pick me up” music in my life. Whatever your favorite music channel is, make use of it on days when you need a boost. Also, try sites like Musicovery or Stereomood, turning your mood into music. I checked out Stereomood for you this morning. I put in “I feel Fluffy” and sure enough, they had a solution providing me with “Little Fluffy Clouds by The Orb”, who knew! They even had a playlist for feeling “wonky”, I checked. And, yes I’m weird like that. Dance, Skip, Jump, Do Something Childlike This has similar benefits to walking, but ups the intensity. Just plain move! Act like a kid and throw caution to the wind. Just make sure what you decide to do for this one is legal and low on the “crazy factor”, K! Running naked through your neighbor’s sprinkler system, for instance, may not be the best idea. Eat Your Way to A Better Mood I’m not talking 5 pints of Ben & Jerry’s here! Ice Cream comas are not going to help in the long run.
  3. 3. There are, however, foods that can help you feel better rather quickly. Here are just a few to get you started…. Brazil nuts- These little guys are not my favorite, but as one of the best sources of selenium, they can be great for your mood. Just 3 at a time, a couple of times a week, makes a difference. Sardines- Omega 3 is the key here, so if you are not a fish eater, just find another excellent source of this wonderful fat. In the typical modern diet, we tend to get way too much omega 6 and 9. We need to up the omega 3s to balance out. Omega 3 keeps brain cells more flexible, helping neurotransmitters work more effectively. Depression be gone! Bananas- Here, we are embracing vitamins and the oh so essential amino acid, tryptophan. The B6 in bananas help to convert the tryptophan into serotonin. This tones down anxiety and insomnia if you’re having sleep problems. This can be an immense help as we all know lack of sleep increase irritability by the boatload! Lentils- These have been on my list lately as they are filling and packed with nutrients. Plus they taste delicious with quinoa! Lentils are high in folate and tend to stabilize blood sugar levels. Fermented Foods- A happy digestive system, often leads to a happy body. Fermented food and drink, such as kombucha, yogurt, and kefir improve immune system function and help your body absorb nutrients from other food. Benefits of fermented foods with Dr. David Williams here: Digestive Health Fermented Recipes with Sharon Glasgow: Recipes for Your Health Laugh You may not feel like laughing when you are in the midst of a Monday Morning breakdown, but it’s a great way to snap out of it. Starting your day by recalling a funny memory or watching a comedy clip can set you up for a better mood all day long! Try an App There are now many mood boosting apps out there now, so visit iTunes and check out a few. You can download them to your phone or ipod and get your happy on throughout the day. You could also check out one of my favorite products Mind Movies. With Mind Movies, you can create your own moving vision board in a few simple steps to watch throughout the day on your computer or portable device. You can also do this for free with video creation software, like iMovie. As a bonus, check out the Inspiration Show This morning, I woke up to a cloudy day, feeling a bit queasy, and my internet has already been in and out, slowing down my progress. Still, with a glass of Kombucha already in my belly, I’m determined to have a fabulous Mindful Monday! I hope you will do the same!
  4. 4. Rise and Shine My Friend! If you found any of these tips helpful, let me know in the comments below and share with me your favorite mood boosting activities! Don’t forget to “Like & Share” this page with all your peeps! Get your happy on and we’ll talk soon XOXO, Hil <3 <——Even Yu-mi is afraid of Monday Disclaimer: Even though I do have training and education in these areas, I am not a doctor, nutritionist, or psychologist. Take responsibility for your own health and wellness. Live a Life you Love!
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