How to Create Customers for Life by Phil the Mover 941 954-3838 phil the mover (941) 954-3838

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Create Customers for Life! …

Create Customers for Life!
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  • 1. Phil the MOVER (941) 954-3838 "We Raise the Standards for Moving" How to Create Customers for Life Posted on January 10, 2014 by Phil Frommholz Like 11 Whether you are in business, sell real estate, retired or a homebody, we all have something in common: we are attempting to create customers for life. Creating lasting customers is synonymous with building strong relationships. In our local moving business I try to build relationships with our customers to add value to their lives over a long period of time. I want them to know that I will be there for them, if they need me. It is no different than a marriage, raising children, or working with your next door neighbor. When we add value to another person’s life, in a selfless way, then we are creating lasting relationships. If you want to know how to create customers for life then just give of yourself with no expectation of receiving something in return. I didn’t just recently happen to adopt the phase, Customers for Life. I have friends I stay in touch with going back over 60 years and I talk to some of them frequently. When we add value to another person’s life we are creating customers for life. What would happen if we all “Created Friends for Life?”. ABOUT THE VIDEO This video was “an accident.” It wasn’t planned or scripted. We were just playing – testing some new equipment on the coldest, windiest day in Sarasota in a very long time. What resulted out of the magic of Brendan Fall, my video guru, was something I never expected. If I knew what he was going to do I would have waited for a beautiful day, dressed up, and been nervous all day long. Instead, the video shoot was spontaneous, unscripted, and extremely candid. Brendan captured the essence of what we believe at Phil the Mover and the principles we try to apply in our daily lives.
  • 2. A SPECIAL NOTE The scenes in the truck and the phone call were pure Candid Camera moments. The call was from Robin Bowman, a Sales Associate of Neal Communities. She referred a customer to us as a result of the fantastic job we did on her personal move a couple of months ago. She was returning my call from the day before. Neither of us knew the camera was rolling. When Brendan and I went to lunch he played the clip. For me, it was both embarrassing and brilliant. Brendan’s video was craftily created by splicing together the test footage in front of the truck with segments of the phone call. Phil the Mover is a local Sarasota Mover serving the entire State of Florida This entry was posted in Uncategorized. Bookmark the permalink. Comments are closed. Phil the MOVER (941) 954-3838 Proudly powered by WordPress.