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Emi­lie treats her pho­tog­ra­phy as an art form, some­thing that should be cher­ished and con­sis­tently appre­ci­ated.

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Bourdages Photography Blog

  1. 1. Photography ( Search Information ( Pricing ( Blog ( Contact ( Anniversary Next Move — December 3, 2013 ( Move, for​merly Sacra​mento Emer​gency Hous​ing Cen​ter, cel​e​brated their 21st year anniver​sary by hav​ing wine, good​ies and live music. The best of the local ven​dors from Sacra​mento and sur​round​ing areas where invited for an evening full of fun in that mag​i​cal place called Fairy Tale Town. Walk​ing Span​ish and the Putah Creek Craw​dads enhanced the night play​ing upbeat ser​e​nades, as guests com​pleted the wine walk, enjoyed savory bites from local restau​rants and bid on fab​u​lous prizes from the silent auction.
  2. 2. Strolling down the crooked mile brought back many mem​o​ries of long ago when my class​mates and I enjoyed a field trip to Fairy Tale Town. The ele​men​tary stu​dents loved the giant Mother Goose and it quickly became a tra​di​tion at our school to visit fairy​tale town once a year on the anniver​sary of the first field trip. See​ing her again after all these years was fun and she hasn’t really even aged, unlike some of us;-) What a plea​sure it was to be asked to pho​to​graph this anniver​sary event and an expe​ri​ence I hope every​one has the oppor​tu​nity to enjoy in years to come. Here’s a link for more infor​ma​tion on this orga​ni​za​tion and events they host. (
  3. 3. ( ( ( Here is a lit​tle infor​ma​tion from the web​site for Next Move: “Next Move, for​merly Sacra​mento Emer​gency Hous​ing Cen​ter, started in 1972 hous​ing just seven home​less fam​i​lies. We now serve an aver​age of 500 peo​ple each day. Click here to find out more about our services”.
  4. 4. “Next Move oper​ates The Fam​ily Shel​ter, 30-day shel​ter that serves fam​i​lies with chil​dren and sin​gle women. It’s one of only two shel​ters in Sacra​mento County that accepts two-parent fam​i​lies, sin​gle fathers, and sons over the age of 14. And it’s the only shel​ter with pri​vate rooms for families”. Food and bev​er​age con​trib​u​tors: Aioli Bodega Espanola, Bare​foot Wines, Black​bird Kitchen and Bar, Blue Prynt, Boeger Win​ery, Bogle Vine​yards Win​ery, Cap​i​tal Con​fec​tions, Car​valho Fam​ily Win​ery, Chicago Fire Pizza, Cup​cake Crav​ing, d’Art Wines, Dad’s Kitchen, deVere’s Irish Pub, Delta King’s Pilot​house Restau​rant, deVere’s Irish Pub, Dos Coy​otes Bor​der Cafe, Gor​don Bier​sch, Hook & Lad​der Man​u​fac​tur​ing Co., Hoppy Brew​ing Com​pany, Icing on the Cup​cake, M2 Wines, Michael-David Vine​yards, Mimi’s Cafe, Moniz Fam​ily Wines, New Hel​ve​tia, Noth​ing Bundt Cakes, Pedron​celli Win​ery, Peet’s Cof​fee & Tea, Pepsi Bev​er​ages Com​pany, Perry Creek Vine​yards, Ren​wood Win​ery, River City Brew​ing Com​pany, Rubio’s Fresh Mex​i​can Grill, Season’s 52, Shadow Creek Vine​yards, Sierra Nevada Brew​ing Com​pany, Tahoe Joe’s, Terra d’Oro, Thai Basil, Three Wine Com​pany, Trader Joe’s on Mar​coni, Two Rivers Cider, Van der Vijver Estate. Share on Facebook ( Next Move) Share on Twitter ( Next Move) 1st Birthday Party — September 4, 2013 ( turned one and wow is she ever one loved lit​tle girl! This is evi​dent in her pic​tures, she is such a spe​cial lit​tle girl. She is full of joy and shows every​body how much she loves them. I’ve never known a one-year-old with such affec​tion and kind​ness dis​played to oth​ers. It was like she was the host of the party mak​ing sure every​one felt the love.
  5. 5. ( When you meet Sienna you know she is aware of what’s going on around her. You see her eyes light up with excite​ment when her fam​ily mem​bers walk into a room. It’s really fun to watch! Every​body seems to fall in love with Sienna after only spend​ing a few moments with her. Sienna is loved so much that her par​ents went all out for her big first birth​day and they even had a very enter​tain​ing pro​fes​sional Faerie from Hap​pily Ever Laugh​ter named Miss Trin​ket to come and do magic tricks for the Birth​day girl and her friends. Miss Trin​ket kept the chil​dren very enter​tained with music, pup​pets, and games the entire time she was there.
  6. 6. ( ( wasn’t all, we had deli​cious treats from Maryanne Lopez Cater​ing who made not one, but two gor​geous lay​ered cakes and these great cup​cakes too!! Sienna loved her cake and wasn’t shy about sharing!!!
  7. 7. ( There were very cre​atively dis​played lovely accents of col​or​ful flow​ers all around. A few water​ing cans full of fresh cut flow​ers and vin​tage bird​cages were placed all around and at the entry to greet arriv​ing guests with a warm wel​come. Fab​u​lously done, and great idea of putting the beau​ti​ful arrange​ments in over​size water​ing cans, I’d never seen that done before. All the details made Sienna’s 1st birth​day party a hit.
  8. 8. ( Sienna’s per​son​al​ity really showed in the pic​tures that were dis​played by using clothes pins hang​ing on string draped across a tall stand​ing lad​der. At the top of the lad​der stood a water​ing can with another very nice arrange​ment of flow​ers that was done by In Full Bloom by MJL. Sienna’s pic​tures recounted the last year, show​ing the sea​sons and all the grow​ing she has been busy doing. What a fan​tas​tic way to show​case every month of the last year and high​light Sienna’s adorable personality.
  9. 9. Safari Power Saver Click to Start Flash Plug-in Here is a lit​tle video link if you’d like to watch CLICK HERE ( Here’s a link to see more from Maryanne Lopez Cater​ing on her Face​book page ( Click here to Book Miss Trin​ket for a party ( Here’s a link to see more of the won​der​ful styling and arrange​ments done by done by In Full Bloom By MJL ( Share on Facebook ( Birthday Party) Share on Twitter ( Birthday Party) Engagement — August 15, 2013
  10. 10. ( ( The long-awaited engage​ment party for Ten​ni​son and Mila is finally here on this very hot last day of June!! The party ele​gant and extrav​a​gant with all the lit​tle details taken care of, amaz​ing cater​ing for the food and beau​ti​ful arrange​ments to accent all the table​tops. After much plan​ning and antic​i​pa​tion the time is here to cel​e​brate their first step into becom​ing hus​band and wife. Ten​ni​son with his fun and witty per​son​al​ity made Mila laugh dur​ing our lit​tle sneak away while the sun​set over the city of Sacra​-
  11. 11. mento. There is a full bal​cony around to see the entire city, it has the beau​ti​ful Sacra​mento cap​i​tol build​ing right there as a neigh​bor​ing it too. It is incred​i​ble to be up that high and a won​der​ful view from way up there at the top of the tower. After sun​set, it made for a great spot to see the early 4th of July fire​works. A per​fect way to end a great engage​ment party!!! The food was pro​vided by Euro​pean Bak​ery and the amaz​ing flower arrange​ments were pro​vided by: Glam Petal Flo​ral Design (!bridal-designs/c1q4n) www.Glam Petal Flo​ral The Engage​ment party was held at the Elks Tower in mid​town Sacra​mento up in the pent​house where you could see the whole city of Sacra​mento. If you are inter​ested in find​ing out more infor​ma​tion about the Elks Tower or to book an event CLICK HERE (!
  12. 12. ( Share on Facebook ( u= Share on Twitter ( status=Currently Principal Marc Buljan — July 2, 2013 ( was really nice chat​ting with Prin​ci​pal Marc Bul​jan and get​ting to know a lit​tle more about IB schools and how they cater to the way are brains tend to oper​ate, focus​ing on stim​u​lat​ing both right and left brain activ​ity. My cousin is a brain sur​geon and his sto​ries about the brain have always been fas​ci​nat​ing to me. It was really inter​est​ing hear Marc’s insight dur​ing our photo shoot together. If you are inter​ested in learn​ing more about IB schools, and how they work, or the IB orga​ni​za​tion you can visit the web​site link here ( and also see a few high​lights in the infor​ma​tion that came directly from the organization’s web​site below: The Inter​na​tional Bac​calau​re​ate® (IB) does not own, oper​ate or man​age any schools. Instead, we work in part​ner​ship with 3,621 IB World Schools in 145 coun​tries who offer our pro​grammes ( These schools: share the mis​sion ( and com​mit​ment of the IB to qual​ity inter​na​tional education have been autho​rized by the IB to offer one or more of our three programmes
  13. 13. play an active and sup​port​ing role in the world​wide com​mu​nity of IB schools share their knowl​edge and expe​ri​ence in the devel​op​ment of the IB programmes are com​mit​ted to the pro​fes​sional devel​op​ment ( of teachers. Share on Facebook ( Marc Buljan) Share on Twitter ( Marc Buljan) Older posts → ( Copyright © 2014 Bourdages Photography ( (