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Ell content presentation


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Published in: Education

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  • 1. ELL Content Presentation
    Lori S. Crum
  • 2. Problem Statement
    Teachers face the challenge of a large population that does not speak English and have high transient rates. For this large population, becoming proficient in a new language is a very difficult transition. Students learning a new language need as much language support as possible.  English language learner (ELL) students need a variety of language experiences. They need to hear language, write language, speak language and read language.
  • 3. Strategy
    Computers can play an integral part in providing ELL students with valuable language experiences as they learn a new language. Computer-assisted instruction (CAI) can be a supplemental teaching tool for teaching English language learners.
  • 4. Hear It
    Odeo- A creative and free way to record and share audio. You can record audio and then share it with your Odeo contacts, by email, or by placing it in a Channel for all the world to hear.
    Pure Voice- Computer software for creating language sound files.
    Pratt- software program that uses phonetics to teach pronunciation
  • 5. Write It Grammar and vocabulary quizzes, tests, exercises and puzzles to help you learn English as a Second Language (ESL).
    The Center for Writing Studies- This easy to use site explains English grammar with examples to help your understand it better.
    English Grammar Online 4U- This site provides English grammar reference and exercises to help you limit your English grammar and writing mistakes.
  • 6. Speak It
    Conversation Questions- This site has an extensive list of conversation questions about almost any topic you can think of. Use the questions in conversation to learn about the other people.
    Telephoning English- The information found on this site provides speaking and conversation skills for Advanced level ESL students.
    ESL Students can form discussion groups for independent speaking practice.
The speaking activities are on everyday themes and other topics.
  • 7. Read It
    Awesome Stories- a collection of interesting articles with vocabulary words linked to images for easier comprehension
    Learn English Vocabulary- This site provided a collection of interactive visual activities for all levels of ESL students. Have fun matching the vocabulary words with pictures. This is a great way to remember the meaning of words. :: reading directory- Read and listen to paired stories and then answer multiple choice and vocabulary questions to check your understanding.
  • 8. Experience It Interesting things for ESL students.
  • 9. Plan It
  • 10. Resources