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Technology Illustration Research

Technology Illustration Research

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  • Jerico is a freelance art director and photo illustrator based in Lanzarote, Spain. He became interested in art at a very early age, but it wasn't until 1998 when he discovered Photoshop; his new paper and colourpencils.He started working in a small creative agency 'Atutiplen'. There he started to develop his technique and aesthetics as an illustrator.Colors, balance and big doses of surrealism are the keystone that sustain Jerico’s compositions. Photography, 3D graphics and digital painting are always meticulously mixed in order to explore his very own vision of art.
  • Tim Walker graduated in 1994 and became Richard Avedon.s full time assitant.  Upon returning from New York to his home in London he concentrated on portrait and documentary photography, but soon shot his first fashion story for Vogue, and continued to photograph for the iconic fashion magazine since.His style is influenced by fashion and fairytales, his photographic manipulations encompass the surreal and sometimes real.
  • Fatukur Rokhim -A freelance 27 year old graphic design artist from Indonesia – strong colours, light and dissentigration elements
  • Ben Goossens is a retired Art Director, influenced by surrealist art - he has been referred to as the Dali/Rene Magritte of the photography world.Many of his artworks focus on landscape and human interaction within.


  • 2. Jerico Santander
  • 3. Tim Walker
  • 4. FatukurRokhim
  • 5. Ben Goossens
  • 6. Ben Goossens“The Dali of Photography”
  • 7. Artist’s Background Ben Goossens worked for 35 years in Belgium as an ad agency art director Upon retirement, Goossen started creating photo montages influenced by surrealism and reminiscent of artists such as Dali and Magritte His composite work is seamless and of a dreamscape nature His work is recognised in prestigious international photography circuits Goossen’s work is widely published and highly respected.
  • 8. Techniques & Tools Composite images Masking techniques Healing, cloning and cleanup Adding textures, natural elements Dodging & Burning Gradients Painting with light Tone and density Blending modes Hue & Saturation Shadows and highlights Brushes
  • 9. Asthetics His work is immaculate – attention to detail Adds lighting to give a realistic view to a surrealist image Careful choice of tones complimenting Composition The small details add value to the finished image.