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Thinking about the general culture.

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200 what is_art

  1. 1. What is Art?
  2. 2. Art defined in history
  3. 3. The Idea of Imitation - MEMESIS Socrates
  4. 4. But we are delighted with good imitation … makes us delight in learning itself. Aristotle
  5. 5. Is art art because it is a good imitation or representation of the world? Dutch Still Life
  6. 6. What if it does not look like the thing it claims to be? Brancusi’s Bird in Space
  7. 7. The argument in court was that the sculpture was art based on the idea of birdness The Resplendent Quetzal
  8. 8. Understanding history
  9. 9. Just because we call it art now does not mean that it was art as we define it in the 21c. Lascaux Caves
  10. 10. Magic Communication Ritual ???
  11. 11. “ Our assessment of the artist depends partly on our perception of what the notion of “art” represented to a particular society at a particular time.” What is art? p.4
  12. 12. Art has been art as we know it only for about 200 years…idea-based art less than 100.
  13. 13. It is difficult to tell, just by looking, how a piece of artwork was perceived in its original context. Greek sculpture with color and without.
  14. 14. What is particular about the human animal making art?
  15. 15. “ When we see, feel, touch, think, remember, invent, create, and dream, we must use our cultural symbols and languages” Staniszewski, M (1995). Seeing is believing: Creating the culture of art. New York: Penguin, p. 1
  16. 16. As opposed to a spider who cannot symbolize.
  17. 17. http://www.travel-tidbits.com/tidbits/images/fr/Chartres_Cathedral_Notre%20F.jpg Chartres cathedral
  18. 18. A cathedral floor plan is shaped by symbolism . The traditional cathedral floor plan is cross-shaped. The congregation faces east to the rising sun. The nave (Latin for "ship") is where the congregation sits. There may also be seating areas in the transepts. The choir is seated in the chancel. In Protestant churches, the pulpit and lectern are often transposed, or a single furnishing (sometimes placed in the middle) serves as a location for both reading and preaching.
  19. 19. Iconography is content with specific meanings…that are culturally bound.
  20. 21. Is art art just because someone calls it art?
  21. 22. Duchamp’s Fountain (1917)
  22. 23. Is art art because it is original?
  23. 24. Can anything be art? Why or why not?
  24. 25. Sherrie Levine’s Fountain (1991)
  25. 26. Mike Bidlo’s Urinal Drawings (1998)
  26. 27. Is art art because it is civilized? Beautiful? In good form?
  27. 28. Damian Hirst The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living
  28. 29. Is art art because someone says it is valuable?
  29. 30. Damian Hirst (2007) For the Love of God - $100 Million Dollars
  30. 31. David Hammons
  31. 32. Malevich Black Square (1923-29)
  32. 33. What are art’s boundaries?
  33. 42. Your thoughts…