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NEC Blackboard Welcome

  1. 1. What does Blackboard Offer and How Can You Use for Your Course?
  2. 2.  The purpose of this self-study orientation is: ◦ To introduce you to the Blackboard “look and feel” ◦ Explain what tools are available and how to use them ◦ Explain how to add content and activities to a course ◦ Give you general guides for course organization and presentation
  3. 3. ◦ You will need a Username and Password to login to Blackboard. These are given to you during the contract process. By this point you know yours works.◦ Blackboard runs in a browser. Firefox is recommended, both on the Windows and Mac platform◦ You can access Blackboard any where you have an Internet connection @◦ You do not have to go through the NEC general website◦ Your e-mail in Blackboard is your NEC e-mail address and is not modifiable.
  4. 4. ◦ Content Area: A Blackboard area with a link on the course menu in which you can place content, assessments, and links to course tools.◦ Grade Center: A built-in spreadsheet in which grades are recorded. How to set this up is covered in another self-study.◦ Control Panel: Only visible by the instructor, this panel under the general course menu enables access to tools and settings for your course◦ Edit Mode: In Edit Mode “on” an instructor add and modify course materials and activities. The button is on by default for instructors and can be turned off to see the course from the “student view”
  5. 5. ◦ When you first login, you might have noticed that you landed on the My NEC Blackboard tab.◦ Modules: The “boxes” on the tabs are called Modules. Examples are “My Announcements”, My Courses”  All modules can be collapsed down to the top bar.  Some can be removed (and added back in if desired) .  Some can have their contents adjusted.  Modules can be “dragged” to different locations by clicking and holding the top bar.
  6. 6. ◦ Both the My NEC Blackboard and the Courses tab can be adjusted for the Modules they contain the colors displayed.◦ Clicking the “Personalize Page” button will allow you color and theme choices.
  7. 7. ◦ This link, at the top of Blackboard, allows you to set preferences for personal information and notifications of course activity. Change personal informationChange when you willreceive e-mailnotifications of eventsin Blackboard
  8. 8. ◦ Each user in Blackboard can determine what e-mail notifications to receive. These can be adjusted for each course. Go to “My Places” “Edit Notification Settings”.◦ Instructors are able to override user settings for Announcements
  9. 9. ◦ Complete the Activity in this Welcome area and begin working your way through the units via the links on the menu.◦ Note: not all units are show below, and may have different names