Niche Idea: Starbucks Collectibles


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Niche market ideas free report for building and monetizing a website about coffee collectibles.

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Niche Idea: Starbucks Collectibles

  1. 1. Niche Idea: Starbucks CollectiblesFrom Loretta Oliver at Niche Twitch
  2. 2. Disclaimers and blah, blah, blah:This is a FREE report and you mayshare it with a friend, forward it byemail, post it on your website, etc…However, you may not claimauthorship or edit the document inany way.There’s nothing for sale here. Thisreport is meant to inspire creativityand spark blogging ideas. Enjoy.
  3. 3. I’m cracking open the niche notebook again this morning to shareanother idea with you. Yes, you read that right – StarbucksCollectibles. It’s not just about coffee anymore.You would be surprised what people collect from the coffeepowerhouse franchise. Some people even collect the gift cardsthat are available, and will pay you quite a nice sum if you havethe hard-to-find design they’re seeking. I was really surprised tosee “empty” and “unused” Starbucks gift cards being sold oneBay during the holidays.But, when I scribbled this niche down in the notebook I wasthinking more about the coffee mugs. There are severaldifferent design sets, many with limited edition designs, thatcollectors strive to get in completeness. The Halloween mugs andthe different city mugs seem to be among the most popular.A few months ago I saw a full set of the city mugs sell on eBay forseveral thousand dollars. (Which is what led to this niche beingwritten in the notebook in the first place!) I did a quick search oneBay this morning to see if there were any more full sets andfound one, with a buy it now price of $10,000.
  4. 4. It’s not a huge niche, most of the keywords are less than 50searches per day according to Wordtracker.However, I think it would be a really fun niche for a side project.And it could easily be supplemented with additional offerings, likecoffee and all the other things that Starbucks offers. You couldeven add recipes for “make it at home” versions of your favoritedrinks.In fact, the recipes could be the niche and the collectibles couldbe the additional monetization method. If you do offer thecollectibles I think you’ll definitely want to be an eBay affiliate,because that’s where the retired coffee mug designs end up.
  5. 5. If you look at the screenshot above closely you’ll notice thatStarbucks even has its own category under collectibles on eBay.If you’re doing something in this little niche or you start somethingup I’d love to hear about your adventure and how things aregoing. I hope this Niche Notebook post has given you an idea orsparked up some sort of little tidbit in your mind today.Happy marketing Visit Niche Twitch for more niche market ideas and reviews: