Niche Idea: Monopoly gameboards


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Niche market ideas free report for building and monetizing a website about Monopoly board games.

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Niche Idea: Monopoly gameboards

  1. 1. Niche Idea: MonopolyGame BoardsFrom Loretta Oliver at Niche Twitch
  2. 2. Disclaimers and blah, blah, blah:This is a FREE report and you mayshare it with a friend, forward it byemail, post it on your website, etc…However, you may not claimauthorship or edit the document inany way.There’s nothing for sale here. Thisreport is meant to inspire creativityand spark blogging ideas. Enjoy.
  3. 3. Welcome to Niche Notebook, where I share ideas for nichewebsites that I’ve scribbled out. The Niche Notebook is an actualphysical pen and paper notebook that I carry around with me allthe time for when inspiration strikes!I obviously can’t put together every idea I have, so I’m going toshare them with you for you to either use or maybe just for a bit ofinspiration to get your creative juices flowing on another idea.That’s the great thing about ideas, they create chain reactionsand little sparks of brilliance.Today’s niche idea is Monopoly – yes, the board game.This one wound up in the notebook last year around this timewhen I was putting together some Squidoo lenses for the specialholiday guide they have over there. We do a family game night inour house and when I was shopping for a new Monopoly board Inoticed there were several Christmas Monopoly boards, so Iended up compiling a Squidoo lens of those.
  4. 4. That led me to poke around and see what other themes therewere – and wow, was I surprised. I knew there were DisneyMonopoly boards and Star Wars Monopoly boards, but I didn’trealize there are literally hundreds of themed Monopoly boards.Many of them can be found on Amazon…
  5. 5. And as I dug deeper into the cracks and crevices of this niche Irealized there was a whole underground filled with collectors andMonopoly enthusiasts! Amazing. For the rare or out of printMonopoly boards it would probably come in handy to be an eBayaffiliate.These Monopoly board collectors go crazy for these themedgame boards… but that’s not all….
  6. 6. Like most collectors they very much enjoy related items frominexpensive items like keychains and coffee mugs to mediumprice options like holiday ornaments and home decor to highticket items like custom furniture. There’s a wide range ofproducts that can be added to something in this niche.I hope you enjoyed this edition of Niche Notebook! Happymarketing Visit Niche Twitch for more niche market ideas and reviews: