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  • 1. Learning @ Loreto Year 8Mrs Denise HillierDean of Learning Year 7 – 9Email:
  • 2. General Learning Skill Development Across theYear During Year 8 teachers will be developing our students’ skills in the following areas:  Note Taking  Collaboration  Critical Thinking/Analysis  Judicious use of the internet as a research tool  Scan and Skim Reading  Analysing Errors  Examining perspectives  Bibliography and Referencing  Deconstructing Questions/Problems
  • 3. The 4 C’s of 21st Century LearningCollaboration
  • 4. Communication, using 21st century tools
  • 5. Creativity
  • 6. Critical Thinking
  • 7. Some Key Terms your daughterwill encounter this yearCompare Show how things are similar or differentEvaluate Make a judgment based on criteria; determine the value ofInvestigate Plan, inquire into and draw conclusions aboutJustify Support an argument or conclusionThe full glossary appears on page 41 of the Student Handbook
  • 8. Homework 2 or 2½ hours a night, five times a week Develop a routine No such thing as “I don’t have any homework” Revising Memorising (still necessary) Preparing Summaries Reading different text types (not just novels) Mark and correct errors in Maths Watch the news Good thinking is not necessarily pretty – real learning is often messy
  • 9. Learning Tips for Students in Year 8  Ask thoughtful questions and listen to the answers  Read widely, including non-fiction (the news!)  Request help early, not last minute  In assignments and tests, keep checking that you are answering the question, not just filling space  Efficiently manage time – ask your Advisor for tips  Use the marking guideline, it works  Concentrate on the concept, not the marks  Get some good learning friends, who motivate one another
  • 10. How can a parent help ? Assist your daughter to organise herself to meet deadlines Model curiosity and a thirst for learning Encourage her to accept offers of help from her teacher Discourage plagiarism and procrastination Read drafts to help identify problems but don’t solve them Discuss world events, suggest alternate viewpoints Encourage your daughter to tell her teacher about difficulties Send her to bed if she is over-tired, write a note in her diary