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Loreto 5 2011   using interactive resources to enhance student learning in PDHPE by Danielle McManus
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Loreto 5 2011 using interactive resources to enhance student learning in PDHPE by Danielle McManus


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Published in: Education, Technology

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  • 1. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Australia License. “Using interactiveresources to enhance student learning in PDHPE” LORETO 5 2011 PDHPE – Danielle McManus
  • 2. Project Outline Project:- Development and implementation of a range of interactive resources to enhance student learning in PDHPE Aims:- Increase student engagement- Provide learning activities that differentiate for the wide range of students who study PDHPE- Improve students understanding of health and physical activity concepts.- Contribute to the professional learning of the PDHPE faculty
  • 3. Overview1. Interactive Whiteboard Resources2. Dartfish3. SharePoint4. Mobile Technology
  • 4. Interactive WhiteboardResourcesGoals Achievements Challenges Future Directions• Create a range • Development • Software • Continue to of interactive of a range of limitations for explore resources for student and video analysis Dartfish use in Year 7- teacher • Absence of software for 12 PDHPE directed IWB IWB in Room video analysis• Provide resources 99 • Install an IWB differentiated • Development • Lack of in Room 99. learning of a appropriate • Minimise file experiences differentiated external PD size by using• Enhance unit for Year 8 courses hyperlinks student “Understanding • File sizes rather than engagement Drugs” sometimes embedding • Development made a whole video. of staff class • Develop a tutorials. simultaneously similar downloading differentiated
  • 5. Interactive Whiteboard  Year 12 RevisionActivities Benefits to student learningSyllabus revision - Improves students’ recollection of syllabus points - Allows syllabus revision to be done in a time efficient manner - Increased student engagement and focus through healthy team competitionDeconstructing - Assists students to identify BOS keywords and relevant syllabusquestions content - Helps students plan their responsesSEXY paragraph - Models responses for studentsstructure - Students are able to highlight sentences where they can observe SEXY paragraph structure - Highlights how to use examples effectively - Reminds students to make sure that they establish a link between the syllabus content and the questionJeopardy Labs - Game centered revision
  • 6. Interactive Whiteboard Year 8 “Understanding Drugs” differentiated unit - A series of IWB lessons that provide core activities as well as three differentiated options based on Blooms Taxonomy - Benefits to student learning: • Teachers can direct students at the appropriated time to either the structured, core or extension activity • Students can work independently through the IWB once they are downloaded from the intranet or teachers can choose to do some activities as a whole class and then allow students to work independently once they reach the differentiated activities • Students complete tasks which are most suited to their ability level and therefore increase their engagement. • Lesson resources such as video, worksheets, websites are centralised in one file with the use of hyperlinks.
  • 7. Structured Activity
  • 8. Core Activity
  • 9. Extension Activity
  • 10. DartfishGoals Achievements Challenges Future Directions• Implement Dartfish • Developed and • Learning how to • Continue to software for video implemented in use software implement the use analysis in Year 7- term 3 a video • Students can only of Dartfish software 12 PDHPE analysis task for access software at in the following• Enhance students Year 10 PASS school due to areas: understanding of “Technology and licensing - Year 11 movement Sport” Unit agreements Biomechanics concepts • Students • Time constraints - Year 10 successfully due to the length of Investigating completed a video time it took to trial, Performance analysis for the purchase and - Year 9 Composition tennis serve install software and Performance • Students were able - Year 9 PASS to export images - Year 7-10 PE into MS Word • Dedicate ½ a • Developed staff faculty day to PD tutorials. by an external • Delivered PD to the provider. faculty on the • Explore the October Faculty possibility of off site Day access through the school’s server.
  • 11. Dartfish Year 10 PASS “Technology and Sport” Task Task Outline: • In groups of 4, students filmed from a back perspective each person performing a tennis serve. • Students uploaded their clip and a clip of Roger Federer into Dartfish software • Students then used the software to isolate key positions in the serve and compare their technique to Federer • Students Completed a written analysis for each step of the tennis serve, comparing their technique to that of Roger Federer’s.
  • 12. Dartfish Benefits to student learning: - Increased students understanding of how technology can be used to enhance technique and inform athlete/coaching decisions - Improved students skills of analysis - Students enjoyed using the technology
  • 13. Dartfish
  • 14. Dartfish
  • 15. SharePointGoals Achievements Challenges Future Directions• Use • Development • Navigating site • Publicise SharePoint of the PDHPE actions PDHPE software to Learning • Time Learning share Technologies constraints Technologies resources with site with Year 12 site and colleagues and • Development encourage students of the Year 12 other faculty PDHPE members to Revision site contribute ideas • Continue to develop resources to upload to the site • Implement a
  • 16. SharePoint
  • 17. SharePoint
  • 18. Mobile TechnologyGoals Achievements Challenges Future Directions• Explore the • Use of Google • Limited • Develop similar use of iPhones Earth to numbers of activities for for teaching develop a GPS iPhones in the use in PASS and learning based revision class and Year 7-10 activities activity for Year PE• Enhance 12 FAP • Explore the student • Development use of iPads engagement in of QR codes revision for a team activities based revision activity for Year 12 SPAAS
  • 19. Mobile TechnologyActivities Benefits to student learningGPS “Factors Affecting - When students located the marker using GPSPerformance Scavenger coordinates and their iPhone they had to thenHunt” using Google answer a question which required them to recallEarth syllabus content. - Actively engaged students in revision - Promoted health team based competition - Kept students motivated during the final weeks of year 12.QR codes - QR codes could be used to direct students to a question or resources such as a website/YouTube clip. - Actively engaged students in revision - Promoted health team based competition - Kept students motivated during the final weeks of year 12.
  • 20. Mobile Technology
  • 21. QR Codes