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  • SMH “ When two worlds collide and the pupils leave the teachers behind” Oct 1 2005 When 1:1 introduced last year- I questioned my effectiveness as a teacher of the next Gen.
  • Dr Angela Wilson 25032011_ Understanding the curriculum.One point made at a recent PD day- I found very confronting….
  • Observation of typing as they complete the task.
  • Karen Bowden Loreto 5 2011

    1. 1. Year 7Integrated Learning Loreto 5 2011 Mrs Karen Bowden
    2. 2. The Aim: To investigate and create ICT pre-test activities which enable targeted and more effective student learning.
    3. 3. As part of the Next Gen…… “With the development of the Wants Internet and other sources of immediate instantaneous information, many gratification people strive to gain at least a working knowledge of many Experiential different subjects. So-called pancake people no longer concentrate their energies on one Optimistic area of interest, but instead choose to spread themselves thinly over a large area” Connected http://www.wisegeek.com/who-are-pancake-people.htm Likes technology SMH “ When two worlds collide and the pupils leave the teachers behind” Oct 1 2005
    4. 4. Preferred teaching/ learning style:- Emphasis on teaching by transmission - Emphasis on learning- Students are passive recipients - Students are active partners- Accent on repetition and memorisation - Teachers are facilitators and mentors- Individual learning - Accent on discovery learning- Teachers are commanders and controllers - Collaborative learning SMH “ When two worlds collide and the pupils leave the teachers behind” Oct 1 2005
    5. 5. In Year 7 Integrated Learning we needto quickly assess prior learning.A key factor is to ‘Know the students’The focus of my work has been to ‘diagnose’ eachstudent’s ICT ability in terms of: Typing Advanced PowerPoint WordWith the intention of developing systematic andindividualised instruction.
    6. 6. To facilitate 1:1 instruction• Why Typing was used as an indicator?- The aim was to discover the level of typing proficiency early so a more systematic approach to meeting learning needs could be developed.- Typing as an indicator is relatively easy to collect and allows the girls to take ownership of their progress.Findings:- The words per minute rate increased over time, but the number of characters typed also increased. Results revealed Typing inefficiency
    7. 7. Differentiating the CurriculumProfessional developmentWhen we teach the same thing to all the students at the same time. 1/3 will never get it 1/3 get it 1/3 already know itSo 2/3 of the students are wasting their time….. Dr Angela Wilson 25032011
    8. 8.  Typing- Regular assessment of Typing skill http://speedtest.10-fast-fingers.com/- Reinforces the idea that Mistakes are learning opportunities- Encouraging a ‘Personal Best’ approach to Typing proficiency
    9. 9. Student progress is monitored.. Number of characters
    10. 10. Typing skill progress over 2011.. Words per minute
    11. 11.  Advanced Power Point Pre-test activity.. A Fair Trade pre-test activity provided the studentswith an opportunity to demonstrate pre-existingPowerPoint skills. It also introduced the concept ofSocial Justice to the Year 7 group. Students were given a set time to complete the taskand individual Advisors assessed the efforts based onthe Feedback sheet. The data derived from the task proved invaluablefor Unit planning. It also provided a profile ofindividual student weaknesses and strengths.
    12. 12. Fair tradeCHOCOLATE What can YOU do in a PowerPoint ?? Your Task: You have been asked by the Social Justice captain to create 2 to 4 PowerPoint slides that could be presented to a Loreto assembly about choosing Fair Trade chocolate this Easter.
    13. 13. Advanced Power Point techniques Pre-test and Feedback sheetPowerPoint Pre-test name:  X NoneAppropriate Font colourAppropriate Font sizeAppropriate FormattingPixelated?Appropriate Image choiceAppropriate Slide layoutAppropriate amount ofInformation? Competent Incompetent NoneTransitionsAnimationsAudioEmbedded materialHyperlinksTimed displayOVERALL PESENTATION QUALITY EXCELLENT GOOD WEAK
    14. 14. Results: Overall presentation quality of Year group 60 50 40 Overall presentation 30 20 10 0 Excellent Good Weak
    15. 15. Profile of prior knowledge: Basic skills Advanced skills80 80 7070 6060 5050 4040 None 30 Incompetant30 None Competant 2020 No Yes 1010 0 0
    16. 16. Advisory Group data analysis Example..9876543 None2 N1 Y0
    17. 17. Targeted skill developmentCaptivate lessons were created and used effectively during History based unit‘Shapers and Shakers’. In the preparation of a timed Power Point presentation, thegirls could refer the following presentations to assist them: eg AnimationsThese 30 second presentations allowed girls to work independently on theproject, and allowed the staff to address the more content based inquiries.I believe these videos are highly effective in allowing less able girls to experiencethe skill so they can reproduce it for themselves. Delivery of this content wasmore directly linked to our theme of ‘Discovery’.The videos are accessible to all students for future reference on the Year 7Portal site.
    18. 18.  Word Task designed to establish pre-existing skill setsTask 1: O Create Heading 3: The type of music I enjoy. TYPING TEST (Click this link to open the test.) The heading is to be Bold and left justified.Record your score for the typing test in the table printout found on Prepare a Statement that identifies the type of music that you enjoy.your desk. Elaborate on this topic Locate and paste in an appropriate image.Task 2: O Create heading 4: My friends would describe me as...O Open a new blank Word document. Prepare a SEXY paragraph response.All typing in this document is to be Arial size 12 font.It is to be left justified. Task 3:O Save this document in your Year 7 Integrated Folder as: Using the same document as Task 2 Your initial_yoursurname_ICT1_7Integrated_290311 Create a heading: Task 3- The opening hours of the LRC at Loreto. E.g.. K_Bowden¬_ICT1_7Integrated_290311 The heading is to be UPPERCASE and to be BOLD and UNDERLINED.O Enter into the header of the document: Year 7 ICT Skills Review 1 The heading is to be centered.Return to the main part of the document O Open the LRC page on the Loreto Normanhurst portal and copy andO Create Heading 1: About Me. paste the opening times of the LRC under the heading.The heading is to be Bold and UnderlinedThis heading is to be centered. Enter your name and the date into the FooterO Create Heading 2: Save your documentThings I wish someone had told me before starting at Loreto.This heading is to be Bold and left justified.Prepare one statement sentenceCreate a list of five bullet points
    19. 19. Feedback and assessment- aimed at encouraging skill mastery.Skills Competent Not Competent Not Completed MarksSaves Document /1Header/Footer /1Font size /1Font Style /1Headings /1Justification /1Image /1Bullet Points /1Submit to Drop Box /1Total /9
    20. 20. Skill Excellent High Substantial Satisfactory ElementaryTyping Has made at least 20% Has made at least Has made at least 10% Has made at least 5% Has made at least noProficiency improvement in scores 15% improvement improvement in scores improvement in scores improvement in scores in scores 5 4 3 2 1Formatting - Clear - Concise - Uncluttered - Consistent 5 4 3 2 1Follows Document accurately -Instructions demonstrates that: - Instructions are followed - Instructions are applied correctly 5 4 3 2 1Takes Student efficiently:Appropriate - Problem Solving Skills - Student explores aInitiative/Risk range of solutions - Student only seeks guidance when all resources are exhausted 5 4 3 2 1Time Student is efficient inManagement ensuring they are: - On Task - Completes the document in an appropriate time frame 5 4 3 2 1Total
    21. 21. Analysis- based on amount of improvement. 350 Sample Advisory Group 2011 300 250Number of Characters 200 ICT 1 ICT 2 150 100 50 0 Student
    22. 22.  Development of digital resources to challenge students
    23. 23. 2011 focus..• New ICT skills were introduced and opportunities for mastery provided. An Activity Grid format allowed student choice within the content framework.• Students developed confidence in ICT vocabulary and School Portal language.
    24. 24. Reflections..• A Unit called ‘Coasts’ was developed to primarily address Geography, Science, English and Visual Arts outcomes.• Further work is needed on the Coastal Unit to create a more systematic and individualised delivery of content.• ICT skills were challenged using Unit themes and revisited and built on throughout the Year. This allowed Integrated Learning to develop a ‘mastery’ approach to skill development.
    25. 25. Google Earth tour- application of ICT skills.
    26. 26. Excel
    27. 27. Future plans…• This project is sustainable into future years. - 2011 results provide a valuable planning tool. The statistics collected this year will establish a benchmark for comparison and assist in the timing of tasks. - Future Integrated activities can be conceptually and ICT graded. Tasks will be fine tuned to cater to individual skill levels. - Profiles of student ICT ability will be refined in 2012 and shared with the rest of Year 7 staff.- Promotion of the concept of ‘ICT Angels’. Students with superior ICT ability that would be recognised in a more formal way for their skill set.
    28. 28. Thank YouI would like to take the opportunity to thank the many people that havesupported my Loreto 5 project.Thank you to Denise Hillier for supporting my application and guiding methrough the year. I have learnt so much from the experience. To the LeadershipTeam, Martin Pluss, Graeme Kachel, Ken McMurtrie and Catherine Reynoldsthanks for providing me with the opportunity to become more confident usingICT.Thanks also to Bernadette O’Dwyer for your expertise and to the Year 7 Team.You have encouraged me to develop new ideas and resources for Year 7Integrated Learning.I have enjoyed sharing resources and expertise with the Loreto 5 group.We have shaped each others project indirectly through our various discussionsand ideas. As a result, the experience has allowed me to grow professionally.Thank YouKaren Bowden